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Hi and welcome to The Unofficial Sailor Moon Funny Site! A one of a kind site on the net, this is probably the only site that you'll find with a combination of funny pictures, stories, backgrounds, and more. Plus info on the scouts that you probably never knew! Have fun!

Picture Gallery Updates
Animated GIFS - 41 new animated .gifs added
*Whew!* Those animated GIFS were hard to find! Expect periodical updates throughout the rest of today and possibly tomorrow.

Picture Gallery Updates
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I sincerely apologise for not having updated sooner. I know I'm throwing around excuses, but I just got a job, I'm graduating in a week, I'm making a commencement speech at graduation, school newspaper just finished its last issue, and I'm overrun with homework. I promise, however, to be more attentive to updates from now on.

Four lyrics pages have been re-linked.
Due to the storage limit on Geocities, I have been shifting around various parts of the site to other sources of online storage. As a result, expect many different sections and fanworks to be re-linked over the course of the next month or two.

Picture Gallery Updates
Group Photos - 27 new pictures added
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I'm sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend. My senior Prom was on Saturday, and I held an all-night After-Prom party in my basement, so you can imagine how busy I was.

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