Where Have I Heard That Voice Before?

Dedicated to comparing the voices of the various character roles of English voice actors among the shows they partake in.
Please don't expect these lists to be all-encompassing. This page is centered around SOUND CLIPS, in wav format, categorized in a way I see fit. This limits what I can list here.
Choose your destination. Shows covered are listed below each location.

::peeks out from under a rock:: ... Boo! New stuff added today, for the first time since... well... the last update. It's not much, but it IS proof that I'm still alive! The laziness bug strikes quickly and completely when in college. Zzzzz....

After, like, a year's hiatus, look who's pulled herself out from under a rock! Ah, what college does with one's schedule... Anyway, I've put up a new listing to the side. Don't know what to call it yet, since I'm not terribly sure where these people are located. All I know is that the credits for these shows typically list "Animaze" or "ZRO Productions" in the credits. And the shows listed are the ones that I could think of off the top of my head that share voices. Once an actual list is made up, shows could be added or dissapear, depending on how many characters and actors I can find. I also tweaked a couple of oopses that I either discovered or was notified about in the Vancouver section. In case you're wondering about the additional DBZ voices from the new seasons, yes, Ocean Group is doing the dubbing of those episodes. In Europe. Why someone deemed it necessary to have another English dub of DBZ with the exact same script but different voices is beyond me. And how 'bout those new ReBoot episodes? Spiffy coolness, all the way. And now Cowboy Bebop has finished its initial run on Adult Swim, and went into repeats this past Sunday and coming Thursday. I hope the reruns see the return of the episode "Cowboy Funk", although it is a tad heavy on the exploding buildings. Wow, I've been out of the loop for a while. So much to say, and so little new content to back it up with. I'll have to get working on that again. Someday. After I finish my Systems homework.

Iyaa, with my Esca site going, I haven't had a whole lot of time to work with this one. I just added a couple new characters to the Vancouver listing. Profiles forthcoming (I really need to work on those ^_^*).

Beast Wars/Beast Machines
Dragonball Z
Gundam Wing
Please Save My Earth
Ranma 1/2
Ronin Warriors
New York
Big O
Cowboy Bebop
El Hazard
Gundam 0080
Outlaw Star
Arigato! I finally found out who does Trowa (er, and it wasn't Hajime ^_^*), so I don't need any help with that anymore. However, the need for help will probably arise again soon, so I'll be looking for opinions.

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