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  • Sunday 16th September: update by Mel
    Firstly, I'd like to offer my condolences to all those involved in last Tuesdays (11th) tragedy and their families!

    OK, I know its been a while since i updated but i hope its worth it :) Firsty Atlantis High is now on Air and is on Saturdays, Channel 5 (UK) at 2:15 PM! Episodes 1 and 2 have already been shown. If, however, you missed them, post in the club as im sure somebody will lend u their tapes of it. Below is some pictures from Episode 1 and 2.

    Images 1 ~ Images 2 ~ Images 3 ~ Images 4 ~ Images 5 ~ Images 6 ~ Images 7 ~ Images 8 ~ Images 9

    Also featured below are some pictures from 'A Date with The Tribe', that aired some months ago. These pictures will be under the "Misc" section in the picture section of the page.

    Images 1 ~ Images 2 ~ Images 3 ~ Images 4 ~

    I recieved an e-mail from Mike the other day informing me that there is a person posting in the guestbook as him when it isnt really him. The fake posts have now been removed and only the genuine posts by Mike will remain :) Sorry for any confusion!

    Thats all Folks!

    Tuesday 31th July: update by Mel
    As many of you may know the 'Atlantis High' official webpage is now up. You can visit it at www.atlantishigh.com. Take a look around, there loads of Media and Info up there for you to sift through. Below are some pics from 'Atlantis High' that i have gathered together for you:

    Image 1 ~ Image 2 ~ Image 3 ~ Image 4 ~ Image 5

    There are still no official air dates for 'Atlantis High' for any country!

    Michael (Jack) has now been confirmed as being in 'The Tribe' next season, which starts shoiting in 2 weeks time :) Check out www.tribeworld.com.

    Thursday 24th May: update by Mel
    OK, OK i know its been a month, but come on guys gimme a break, ive had coursework and now i have exams :-(

    Well first some info for ya! The Tribe has now finished series 3 in the UK as most of you will have known. Atlantis High is due to start THIS SATURDAY but dont quote me on that one coz u know what channel 5's like.

    AND series 4 is definately happening. Whether mikes in it or not has not been released yet :-( Lets hope hey?

    OK now some pictures for you. They're from the last few episodes of the tribe :-)

    Image 1 ~ Image 2 ~ Image 3 ~ Image 4 ~ Image 5 ~ Image 6 ~ Image 7 ~ Image 8 ~

    Thursday 26th April: update by Mel
    Due to Michael abscense in the tribe there are no pics of him recently to put up! However i have some news about Atlantis High and The Tribe.

    The Tribe finished in the next few weeks as well all know, however, Michael (Jack) is due to return a week on saturday and save chloe. Their is also a tribe documentary on the 19th May.

    Atlantis High is due to start on May 26th. Members of the club will already know this. Thats all for now!

    Monday 9th April: update by Mel
    Today we have some new pics from the last 2 episodes of the tribe. You can view them by clicking below or going to 'Picture Galleries-season 3'.

    Image 1 ~ Image 2 ~ Image 3 ~ Image 4 ~ Image 5 ~ Image 6 ~ Image 7 ~ Image 8 ~ Image 9 ~ Image 10 ~ Image 11 ~ Image 12 ~ Image 13 ~ Image 14 ~

    And thats not the last of our pictures today. If your from the UK you'll know a few weeks ago Channel 5 screened some of the music video 'Abe Messiah'. Well below are pictures from Mikes appearance in the video. You know the drill, you can view them here or under 'Picture Galleries-Music'.

    Image 1 ~ Image 2 ~ Image 3 ~ Image 4 ~

    More updates coming soon! Keep 'em pealed!

    Sunday 25th March: update by Mel
    Have some pictures for you from last weeks episode of the tribe. You can view them by click below or going to 'picture galleries-season 3'.

    Image 1 ~ Image 2 ~ Image 3 ~ Image 4 ~ Image 5 ~ Image 6 ~ Image 7 ~ Image 8 ~ Image 9 ~ Image 10 ~

    Enjoy them! :) I have also added some new links in the "links and affilaites" section. Go check them out. If you want yours adding then just mail me (address is on your right).

    Sunday 18th March: update by Mel
    Well, its been a while, huh? Anyway, first and foremost, i must appologise for the severe lack of updates, i think the last was around May-ish! Jees Mel get your act together *slaps herself on wrist*.

    Anyway, i'm back now-for good, with, as you may have noticed if you were a regular visitor, a new look! :) Now i'm still undecided as to whether I like the new design or not, so let me know what you think. Post a message in my guestbook or drop us an email at: sk8r_toadie@yahoo.com.

    Right you may be wondering what things are new here after my long absence. Well I do have goodies for you and good ones at that.

    There are LOADS of new pics under the pics section. There are new pics from the tribe-season 3 (and 2), Atlantis High, Miscellanous, and more, so surf around there.

    Theres updated info, with new facts and updated birthday and stuff. 'The Tribe' section has been updated also with new information.

    An 'Atlantis High' section for Mikes new show 'Atlantis High' due to air mid-2001 I hear.

    A transcript of Mikes new audio interview at Tribeworld is coming soon, however its 10 minutes long so its taking me a while k? :)

    Theres going to be a club chat within the next week or two to celebrate the re-launch so if you arent already a member click on "club" to your left to join. The dates and times will be posted when I find them out.

    All there is left to say is I am sorry for the lack of updates and I hope to make it up with continued updates in the future. Keep Visiting!!!

    Webmaster News

    Ahhhh, my 3rd entry in this little box! cool :)

    Theres not much to report on me right now. Ive just finished exams and am back in school for another 3 weeks and then its summer vacation, thank god!

    Im thinking of maybe doing a re-design of the site, let me know what ya'll think about it. Im thinking it can be a kind of summer project for me!

    I guess seen and so my life is so boring thats it for this time :)



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