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Teaism--Washington D.C. teahouse with three locations. Great food too!
Tea Links
The Republic of Tea--A solid tea catalogue...but relatively overpriced and a bit too chic for my tastes.
Tealuxe--Quality tea available to order off their website. Good stuff!
Tea Hyakka- Tea in Japan
The Health Benefits of Tea (click here)
Welcome to this resource. I hope this information concerning tea can be helpful to you--whether for research purposes or any other. I gathered most of the information contained in this site from books I've read, experiments concerning tea that I've conducted, and general knowledge I've dug up in my search for a decent cuppa. Any comments concerning the site are appreciated and can be listed through the message board at the bottom of this page or by emailing Thank you very much for visiting my site...tea enthusiasts can get very lonely sometimes....
Tea 101- A Background of Tea (click here)
The Ultimate Location for Tea Information
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New!  Tea Review of the Month (click here)
The Imperial Tea Court of San Fransisco
Tea and
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