Internet Affairs
Have you ever fallen in love with someone through the internet?  Or has your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse?
Maybe you know a friend who has found love over the net.

We often here tales of secret affairs people have via internet chat rooms. The internet lover often leads a double life thinking they'll never be caught. Addicted, they race to their computers and log into their private mailbox hoping their net lover has has left them a message.

The internet has been blamed for breaking up marriages and other relationships. It has allowed many to have secret affairs. For some, it has allowed them to leave unhappy relationships and start new ones.

Now we would like to hear your stories on this subject. We ask you email us anonymously with your experiences. The best stories will be put together and published in a book later this year.

This is one of the greatest untold stories of our time. By sharing these real stories, we hope to bring a better understanding of the effect of this high tech revolution in love.
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