The Andrea Gail
The Andrea Gail has a 365 horsepower, turbo charged deisel engine.   The engine had last been majorly reparied in 1989. 
While out on a boat in the Grand Banks there isn't much to do other than your job.  The fishermen work twenty hour days, and try to sleep the other four, not to mention eat.  While on the way to the  Grand Banks there isn't much to do though.  It is a long ride, and high school drop-outs have been known to read stacks of books while on the trip there.  Most of fishermen are high school drop-outs.  Many started fishing before they could drive, some owned their own boats by the time they were 19 years old.
The tools in the engine room don't consist of more than normal tools.
*vise grips
*pry bar
*crescent wrenches
*ball peen hammer
*pipe wrenches
*socket wrenches
*bolt cutters
*Allen wrenches
*channel-lock pliers
*Many parts are stacked on shelves or in cardboard boxes. including:
*starter motor
*jumper wires
*hose clamps
*gasket material
*cooling pump
*nuts and bolts
*duct tape (it can fix anything)
*lube oil
*silicone rubber
*transmission oil
*fuel filters
*sheet metal
At all costs they avoid having a accident at sea.  If they must head to a port to fix something, they can be charged an arm and a leg.
The only man on board who gets to shower every day is the butcher.  He is messy from cleaning fish guts all day, so he is given the privilage.  Everyone else can get a shower every few days. 
The deck is to remain as clear as possible to avoid things being swept overboard or getting in the way.