Gloucester, Mass. 1991
Port City
Crow's Nest
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Green Tavern
Bill's Bar
Irish Mariner
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The real Crow's Nest.
The Crow's Nest is bartened by Ethel Shatford, the mother of Bobby Shatfiord.  Bobby was one of the men who died on the Andrea Gail.  The windows face towards the comming day, and by that time of morning many fishermen are already there to get the first round of the day.  "The plate-glass window is said to be the biggest in town.  That's quite a distinction in a town where barroom windows are made small so patrons don't get thrown through them."
       Back in 1991 Budwiser cost a fellow $1.75 and room rates were $27.40 for fishermen, truckers and friends.  It cost $32.50 for anyone else.  Once a man stayed there for five years and even painted his room.  The payphone in the corner has the same number as the bar phone.  Ethel takes messages for many a fisherman and they can use the bar address as their own.  This gives them an advantage over the IRS and anyone else including ex-wives.   
Rose Marine
What hollywood made of the Crow's Nest. Don't believe everything you see in the movies.  Its very different from the real Nest at the top of the page.
A view of the town.
Ethel's bar The Crow's Nest