People Involved
Just a few people involved in this teriffic story. 
Bobby Shatford
Bobby Shatford
* His mother owns The Crows Nest
*He has two children, and hasn't paid child support in a long time, which is one of the reasons to become a fishermen. 
*His physical description includes:
      *flax brown hair
      *hollow cheeks
      *sinewy build that was used to working
*He is an okay looking fellow, as a child he was pretty weak and would be sick often.  That was when he was a child, things change.  Now he was ready to go on the
Andrea Gail.  He owed money and this would be a way to pay it off.  After a few months at sea he hoped to be able to send Christina Cotter, his girlfriend, to buy a house for them.  They were in love and nothing was going to stand in their way.  They met in The Crows Nest and they went and did their thing.  It had been a long night of drinking so they weren't totaly aware of what they were doing.  Chirstina still remembers waking up and wondering how she sould have done such a thing to a nice man. 
Christina Cotter
Charlie Reed
Ethel Shatford
Dale Murphy
Bugsy Moran
Billy Tyne
Billy's girlfriend
Linda Greenlaw
Mary Anne Shatford
Christina Cotter
* Christina has three children from a previous marriage.     

Christina Cotter had become friends with Mary Anne Shatford and one day she was dragged into The Crows Nest.  She had sworn she would never set foot in a place like that, she thought that it was "To far down a road in life"  that she didn't want to walk on.  That night she realized how nice it was and that was when she started to become a regular.  She hadn't planned on it, it just kind of happened.  Then she had met Bobby and things just happened from there.  It is hard to believe they had never met, considering that Mary Anne is Bobby's sister. 
Charlie Reed
Charlie Reed was one man who truely loved to be out in the ocean in the solitude and the ocean air.  He had been the former captain of the Andrea Gail. He quit because he believed that the money was running out.  The boat was still one of the best in the area, second only to one, and it was still a close call.  Charlie sent his kids on to private colleges with the money he made.  He admits how dangereous it is out there.  He has seen his fair share of mistakes that cost limbs, and sometimes lives.  In Charlie's opinion most of the guys are young and trying to get some money (who isn't?) and when they come back they are on top of the world till the money is gone.  All of this comes from a man who dropped out of tenth grade to work on a fishing boat.  He was young and ready for money.
Ethel Shatford
Ethel Shatford is the owner of The Crow's Nest and the mother of Bobby.  Ethel grew up in the small town of Gloucester.  No one would argue with you about how nice she is.  She takes phone messages, mail, and even gives a gift to a man down on his luck.  She has always been known to be giving.  Ethel has lived most of her life less than a mile from her bar.  Many people in town have never even been to Boston, some have seen the Grand Banks more than the town down the coast.  Most of her children are involved with fishing in some way.  That doesn't mean she likes it, but there's not much you can do about a child's chossen line of work. 
* He's from Bradenton Beach, Florida.
*Shaggy black hair, and a thin beard.
* He also has a three year old baby boy.
*His wife Debra was three-time florida boxing champ.
Visit the stories page to learn some about him.  He had been very lucky up till The Perfect Storm that took his life. 
Bugsy Moran
Don't get him confused with any famous gangsters or anything.  His real name is Michael.  He has long hair, a crazy reputation and everyone adores him.  .