Spider-Man Villain Theme Songs!

(with samples from the animated series)

The following tunes were created with Impulse Tracker and can be played using WinAmp or any mp3 player.

If you need software to unzip the files, you can download WinZip.

Click on the title of the song to download the mp3!

"Kraven the Hunter" 3:52
"Venom" 4:47
"Carnage" 3:38
"The Spot" 3:15
"The Green Goblin" 5:04
"The Hobgoblin" 6:13

All songs on this page were written and produced by Todd Madere (c) 1999, 2000

Characters are property of Marvel Comics Inc. and images are property of Fox Entertainment Group Inc.

(Note: Not all titles necessarily available at this site! Check out this mp3.com link!!)


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