... and many more






Universal Series timpani with fiberglass bowl. Also features silent

pedal action, adjustable support legs,Renaissance timpani heads

with insert rings, and tuning gauge. Includes a cover.






Xylophone and vibraphone

musical instruments consisting of a row of wooden

bars of differentlengths that are laid out like a keyboard

and produce a tone when struck with a mallet





Gongs and Drums¡¡

Like many other oriental musical ensembles, the classic Chinese orchestra uses a wide variety of percussion. Some examples are the Paigu, which is a set of seven, small, tuned drums, together with drums of all pitches and sizes. Used are the yunlo (tuned gongs), quings (tuned bronze bowls), and the jingluo, a small gong used in Beijing opera. This last is recognisable for its characteristic rising tone. Also used are cymbals, gongs, bells and hand bells, wooden bells and hand clappers, claves and temple blocks.




Snare drum
Temple block set


Chinese cymbals¡¡


Double bells






Jing Gu