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Shooting with Multi-X Reticle

I am trying to explain how I use the Norconia 3-9x32 scope to have better precision at greater distance.
To calculate the trajectory I changed the Excel document from, here you can find this doc: calculator.xls.

The next picture shows the trajectory of the ProMagnum pellets:

The scope3x,scope6x,scope9x lines shows the begining of the thick line in the scope, I use this lines as target when I shoot beyond 35m:

With this method I can shoot very accurately up to 60m, this means that I can easily hit a can(diameter = 6,5cm) at 60metre, because I must not guess the deviation at that distance. When I want to shoot at 35-60metre, I change the zoom acording to the farness. Unfortunately I can't shoot accurately with this scope beyond 60m.


- capacity 80 pellets
- less then a minute to load the pelletholder
- don't need to touch the pellet to load in the barrel
- I used Bic Medium Stic Pen to make the pelletholder, was made for 5.5mm but working for 4.5mm pellets too