I am Debra. I live in Georgia. My hobbies include genealogy, raiseing dogs, travel, watching tv and hanging out with friends. I enjoy meeting new people to become friends with. I listen to country and oldies music most of the time. Like action, historical sagas and sci-fi movies, books and tv shows. Some of my favorite tv shows are X Files, Lexx, Star Trek, Lucy, Miami Vice, The Simpsons and other shows like those. My favorite actors include Richard Gere, Robing Williams, Don Johnson, Tom Selleck, Sylvester Stallone, Goldie Hawn, Bernadette Peters, Bette Midler, Tommy Lee Jones and a million others. LOL. My son cuts trees for Asplundh Tree Company. He is 21 and single, likes heavy metal and classic rock. (I begged for a pic of him in a cowboy hat)
      My favorite hobby is family research. This is a link to some of it. FAMILY