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This page is largely regarding Mega Man MUSH (M3):

Okay. Very simply: The index.

Data of Various Sorts; Semi-Useful, Semi-Updated

HEY. As a note, this is all from ... a looong time ago, when I was like in high school. My pride compels me to mention this. Looking back, it's a combination of amusement and wincing. Like, wow.

The Codex: Repliforce main page.
Or jump to the ratified version.

United Nations Data

The cover page of the "Deathknell for Catalonia" simulation. Under construction. (Actually, kinda abandoned)

NB: These rosters are not updated to reflect the restat, etc. Actually, until there's a(nother) PC in these squads, I don't think these lists are really very ... useful. Although they did help me flesh out the NPCs' personalities and so forth, for when I use them in scenes.
The roster for Templar's squad, the 16th Marines.

The roster for another squad, the 9th Marines.

The (IC) Post in Reponse to Ganeda

HeroMachine Picture Gallery

Movement Calculator Utility

GNN Report: Sanctus Unveiling

More Entertaining Funny Stuff FOR YUO MISTAR CAT!1

Templar Pics. ... sort of.

Epsiode 1 of "M3 Celebrity Jeopardy", featuring Alex Trebek, Doctor Wily, Doctor Light, and Doctor DeVry.

Bedtime Stories (Factional)

Repliforce versus Sesame Street

One of my Responses to Tess of the DurbervillesWatch me make a fool of myself by mocking great literature! This was the second of ten journal entries I wrote as an assignment for one of my Summer Reading books. I dunno, I guess it's kind of cute.

Book of Quotes (Indefinitely 'in progress')

'IC' Message Explaining MU*-based Tactics

My Assorted Articles (Sometimes Rants)

Concerns about the War "TP"
Also see: Suggestions for the War "TP"

Serious versus Silly Roleplay: A somewhat rambling discussion about these two components of RP, and my idea of the ideal balance.

You probably all know that I rather like Greek mythology. Hence, here is an image which portrays the great saga of Talos in a modern day context. Courtesy of Fury/Nightingale/Ex-Roll/Blaze Petunia/Psyche/etc.

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