Where should I start? Most people want to know the methods of killing a vampyre. What can I say?
1. If a vampyre has supernatural healing ablilities then I do not think a steak in the heart would kill them. Injure them terribly yes, but not kill them. One of my own personal beliefs is that one of the body's two souls, or a part of the joint soul is in the heart. Driving a big steak through the heart is one way to kill a person, and possibly a vampyre, but since vampyres have superior healing abilities then I think it wouldn't harm them for long. But need i remind and emphasize that I believe part of the soul or one of the sould is in the heart, so if you drive something through it then you would injust the vampyre considerably and most likely for quite some time. Personally I think the only way to kill a vampyre via the heart is if you remove the heart and burn it into a cinder.