Vampyres have not existed merely in the minds of the English for the last few centuries, but in many cultures around the world for the last few milleniums. And they are not just in the forms we think them to be in today, they came in snake like demons, and sexual monsters.
     Superstitions may be stupid sometimes and most of the people do not believe in them, but they do add a flury of colour and emotion to our lives. We can all recall when we were young the "mosters in the closet" or killer splorg that would come out of the bathroom sink and eat us if we didn't wash our hands before dinner and bed properly. Vampyres are much the same but on a higher level of complexity and sophistication.
     Nosferatu, Verdilak, and Lamia are commonly known names for the vampyre. they also takeon a relatively similar form as the ones we know today.
    However, whn considering various forms I meant things like Yama, the Tibetan Lord of Death. I am not sure if this is related to one of their Buddhist beliefs. Then we move on to the Goddess Kali. I really like Kali, so I will explain about this Goddess also known as Durga. Kali means "the Black One". She is associated with disease, death, and destruction, She is often portrayed in violent and startling pictures with swords and skulls and much blood. Blood is a key link to the vampyre world. Many of her characteristics represent those of the vampyre. I am pretty sure that in Queen of The Damned by Anne Rice, Akasha was referred to as "The Divine Mother", so is Kali.
The Egyptian God Osiris is also related to vampyres in one way or another. Mostly he is known as the first King of Egypt and the God of grain, also at times closely linked with representing fertility. However, he is also known to be The God of the Dead. It is said at one time he had a human form and taught the unruly and uncivilized cannible Egyptians of that time how to cultivate the land for agriculture, how and what to eat, how to make laws and worship Gods. He is greatly respected.
       Moving away from Gods and such, there are more human explanations for the vampyre. I will state the supernatural first. This one goes back a long way, it goes back to pre-monotheistic religions when people believed the body had more than one soul, when they did not know yet that the mind and body could be seperate. They believed that when a person's body died the higher and better soul went to some kind of Heaven, while the lower soul reenters the body before it starts to rot  and reanimates it. The reentered soul is not balanced and is most likely evil with no consciencs, so the body and lower sould are now free to pursue whatever evil actions they want. 
     Dr. Polidori had written The Vampyre, it illustrated another wonderful theory about the vampyre. it was the story of Lord Ruthven. Lord Ruthven was an aristocrat that lived in some far off unknown region. His body had been invaded by an evil spirit. it is similar with the movie make of Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula where Count Dracula (late 1400's)  was saddened by the suicide of his wife, so he thrust a sword into a cross, out came blood and an evil spirit I guess and it possessed him until his death in 1897.
      And the last theory I find worthy of mentioning, concerns a group of Turkish theves. Muslim Turks, one small group of them went around villages and small towns looting and killing and raping everything. They were extremely warlike. One of their killing rituals were to slice open the neck f their victims, or slash at it with something. I do not know the approximate time of these theves.