Photo Gallery Fourteen
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This is part two of the "Chloe pose party" slide show. As with part one on Photo Gallery 13, you should see a white rectangle on your screen. That means a Java Applet is loading, and that controls the slide show. It should take about a minute and a half to view the pictures in succession. If you see a white bottom on some of the photos, I had to put that there to make each picture the same size. The slide show won't work if photos are different sizes.

These are shots of Chloe I took one day as I was testing out my new camera. I needed a willing subject, and she snapped instantly into "ham" mode. Starting with simple little girl grins, she quickly went from grinning to making weird Chloe faces and doing a little dance for me. There are 10 pictures in all, with two more still shots on Photo Gallery 15.