Photo Gallery Eleven
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I guess you could call this Bethany's page. There she is in our backyard in her Minnie Mouse nightgown, and that's her wallowing in the balls at the McDonald's playground. She was an odd little girl at times - she liked to ride our vacuum cleaner, and I got a picture of that one day. Check out the round cheeks in her towel picture on the bottom right photo!!
As you know if you've ever had a child, kids can be messy eaters. In the top left photo, we were tempted to call the fire department over to hose Bethany off. Bethany has a chocolate moustache - that picture is from Larry's French Market in Groves, Texas. That is BJ with her mom at the Heritage Festival Parade in Nederland when BJ was about two years old - notice her ever present doll! And there's Bethany, about 15 seconds old, the day she was born.
That is a pair of Winnie the Pooh pajamas Bethany is wearing as she sits in my lap - can you see Chloe showing her undies next to us? The top right photo, well, that is just the most stunningly beautiful picture I've ever taken. She looked so happy and peaceful as we sat down for our McDonald's meals, and I took a quick picture. This is now one of my most treasured photos I own. She's a beautiful girl.