Photo Gallery Ten
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That's me there, holding Bethany as an infant (see the diaper??) and Chloe is in her cute sailor dress next to us.
Chloe looks like she's doing some kind of late 1970-ish Elvis stage move impersonation.
Chloe was just starting to crawl around in this picture. In the photo below, Chloe has an adorable little girl grin as she holds her baby sister Bethany.
These are two of my favorite pictures of  Chloe. She looks so angelic in that pink clothes basket. God I miss my girls so much...
Me and Chloe are in the driver's seat of a 1975 Pontiac Lemans. It was a butt ugly baby blue gas guzzler, but it was a good car. In the right photo, Chloe was having a quiet, solo bath, splashing and getting clean, when we heard this blood curdling scream. Bethany, all dressed for bed in her PJs and diaper, plopped herself down in the tub with Chloe, and I snapped a priceless picture.
Bethany loves her doll houses and baby dolls. If I remember right, that was her Christmas dress and this was taken Christmas morning at our house. In the right photo, that is me holding Bethany up. She was the cutest baby, and had a round chubby angel face.