1992 Sight and Sound Poll

In 1992, the Sight and Sound, a film magazine published by the British Film Institute, conducted a survey of 113 critics worldwide asking them to name the ten best movies ever made. The following lists are based on the results publisehd in Dec. 1992 issue of the Sight and Sound. (These "games" have been played every decade since 1952, the next survey will take place in 2002 and probably will be published in Dec. 2002 issue) There may be some arithmetic mistakes in the compilation of the following lists.
Moreover, the ranking of films is nonsensical and degrading to the art of cinema. As a hobby, I made a little study of Sight and Sound votes from 1952 to 1992. The most fascinating aspect of this game played by the film academia and critics is tht it shows how fashions come and go. And it is generally explainable in less than aesthetic reasons. Having said this disclaimer, I nevertheless post the list because it serves as a good, introductory selection of great movies, which some of the film critics considered as some of the best.
In a word, it is silly fun.

131 films are ranked by the number of votes they received in the survey.

The directors are ranked by number of votes their movies received in the survey.

Find out your favorite director's 10 favorite movies. The Sight and Sound conducted a separate survey asking 101 directors worldwide to choose ten best films ever made. This page includes some of directors who participated and their choices.

Do you have a favorite critic whose top ten list you want to know? This page includes the individual top ten lists of some of 113 critics or film academics who participated in the 1992 Sight and Sound survey. Sorry, there's no Roger Ebert in this list.

1982 S&S POLL
Want More Ranking? You're in a Luck. Here comes another list, this one compiled from the 1982 poll of the same magazine; so you can see for yourself what (little) a difference a decade makes.

Miscellaneous Top Ten
Top ten choices of directors and critics from sources other than Sight and Sound.