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Shannon Baksa is no stranger to working with the public. After receiving her B.S. in Public Relations from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Shannon was successful as a print model, and was selected for ad campaigns for Azure Jeans, Bogner Skiwear, Cigaurdians and Avalon Water.

She has always been an avid Star Wars fan and saw the original Star Wars trilogy many times as a child. Shannon was Princess Leia for Halloween, couldn't get enough of the toys and by the time Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back came out, she was Han Solo's biggest fan.

After she was cast for the part of Decipher's Mara Jade, Shannon plunged into researching the character, devouring books, comics and other sources to get to the heart of the character.

As Mara Jade, Shannon Baksa has appeared on the cover of Star Wars Insider #47. Her first public appearance was in November of 1999 at Decipher's own fan convention, DecipherCon, in Virginia Beach, VA. Currently, Mara Jade can be seen at conventions across the US, having a great time meeting her fans and promoting the Star Wars Customizable Card Game.

Shannon is delighted to have been cast as the embodiment of one of the Star Wars universe's most intriguing characters.
She says of Mara Jade: "She's strong, she's beautiful, and even though she has a rough exterior, she has a good heart. Becoming Mara Jade for the day is the greatest fun. I love it!" --Shannon Baska
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