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Who should play Dr. Octopus in "Spider-Man 2"?
Sam Neill ("Jurassic Park")
Elton John
Philip Seymour Hoffman ("Red Dragon")
Laurence Fishburne ("The Matrix")
Mark Addy ("A Knights Tale")

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FAQ Page Added:
Answering your Spider-Man queries
(November 11th)

A Frequently Asked Questions page has been added to the Spider's Web, so revel in my boundless knowledge, as I answer all of your questions pertaining to our favorite webheaded hero. I was kind of exaggerating when I said boundless, though.

Upcoming Issue Previews:
What's coming up for Spider-Man
(November 10th)

The information for this and next month's Spidey books is up in the previews section, including a few cover images.

MTV News:
See Spidey, Peter and MJ from the new series
(November 9th)

Head on over to the news section for an update on the upcoming Spider-Man series coming to MTV.



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