The Link
Book One of _The Link_ trilogy is out! 

Warlocks and witches who time travel face an unfortunate obstacle.  Their powers become unreliable.  The only remedy is to acquire the rare power from a unique individual called a link.  When New Mexico State University College student, Alyssa Whitman, has an electrical accident, she becomes able to connect telepathically to a past life -- to a woman named Katrine Farmer.  Katrine becomes capable of powerful magic, but only when Alyssa is thinking of her...linked to her. 

To Katrine, her new powers are nothing but trouble.  The very hour she becomes linked, she is kidnapped by a warlock called Zor.  To Alyssa, Katrine is nothing more than a daydream - a character in a story that she's writing for a Creative Writing class.  A new love interest in Alyssa's life, however, changes her fantasy world into reality when he reveals that he is Katrine's warlock captor.

Join Alyssa Whitman from the year 1998 and Katrine Farmer from the year 1693 as they fight for survival against the evil Master Rattimor, one of the most powerful warlocks to ever exist.
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Author C.R. Kwiat
Name: Catherine  Ross Kwiatkowski