Haskins Family
Creed HASKINS (1750-1809) in Virginia. He married Sarah HOBSON (1755-1809) in 1779. They had a son (the only child that I have) named Aaron HASKINS.

Aaron HASKINS (abt.1780-?) in Cumberland County, Virginia. He married Ann BRACKETT (1780-?) in 1801. They had a son (the only child that I have) James Vaughn HASKINS.

James Vaughn HASKINS (Dec. 8,1795- June 9,1869) Born in Powhatan County, Virginia. Married Mary "Polly" BAGBY (1801-?) on Feb. 28,1821. They moved to Madison County, Tennessee in 1837 and were among the founding families of the Madison Hall Community. They had 4 sons and 1 other child (that I can account for).
1. Creed B. HASKINS (1824-?)
2. Robert Vaughn HASKINS (May 25,1828- July 7, 1897)
3. Aaron Wharton HASKINS (1830- 1897)
4. John H. HASKINS (July 21, 1832- June 25, 1853)

I come from Aaron's family so I will finish with them. If you need more info on the others, I will see if I can help with what little info I have.

Aaron Wharton HASKINS (1830-1897) He married Mary LEWIS(1846-1879) in ?. They had 6 children.
1. George Franklin HASKINS (March 8,1879- Sept. 23, 1959
2. Willie Creed HASKINS (1875-1945)
3. Ella Lee HASKINS (1869-1960)
4. Mattie E. HASKINS (1873-1923)
5. J. Robert HASKINS (1877-1933)
6. Unknown Daughter

George Franklin HASKINS married Daisy CHRISTENBERRY (1879-1960) in Madison County Tennessee. They bought the original 109 acres in 1908 that we Haskins still live on today. They had 2 children.
1.Nell HASKINS (1904-1987)
2. Leonard Robert HASKINS (1913-1977)

Leonard Robert HASKINS married Etta Kate DELOACH (1913-2000)
They had 2 sons. Both still living.

As mentioned before I have information on the other siblings, and I also have information on the following that are either married in or are on the other side of my family.
Also I will so be adding tombstone pictures of the HASKINS family, spouses and children.