Various analogies on the current situation and strength of the PCP
Keep in mind these are nothing more than analogies, and many come from reaction, none come from the PCP.  They all have one thing in common; they can't phuck with Sendero!
There are several different ideas as to the strength, leadership, strategy, and capability of PCP. 

Some claim Gonzalo is in complete control of the PCP, and is controlling every armed action by the Party.  This would indicate a brillant system of communication within the Party.  He is generally believed to have a vast network of agents, every where in the country.  They are infiltrating everything, and as the PCP takes more and more power, the more of these come up.

Some claim he declared a fake cease fire in order to re-infiltrate every institution in Peruvian society.  These theorists believe he may or may not be in control of the Party still.  The claim the "cease fire" was declared for reorganization, and possibly even the military plan he spoke of in his speech from the cage wage part of this same plan; that the party go completely underground, and the resurge.  Those that believe he is not in control of the EPL in the selva claim he is the threat, not the guerrillas.

Some claim he's a traitor to the Revolution.

Some claim (MIM) he was executed in 1993, or at least they did at one point, then they claimed there was a surrender call from him, and ceased work in Peru.  These weak kneed mother fuckers bounce the first time difficulty comes up and run like a scrared dog.

Those are the main ideas.

The actual strength of Sendero Luminoso is a complete mystery.

There is known to be columns operating in the following areas, contuingarmed struggle:
La Libertad
San Martin
They occasionally appear and disappear in other part of the country.

There are thought to be hundreds, if not thousands of agents within Lima.

Those that believe the surrender call was for real are the most scared of all.  They think that PCP pretended to be defeated, and all agents went underground to wait to reorganize and pop up at any moment.  There have been many universities with PCP propaganda discovered.  The level of this subversion is entirely unknown.   

The US gov estimates there were 1500-2500 armed combatants in 2002.  The numbers could only have increased since then.

There are a good number of factory like production units in PCP zones.  They have 70+/- in most of them.  Possibly 10 of these known.