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Welcome to the unofficial independent
Yamaha QS300 Resources Site !

This web site is dedicated to the amazing little great synthesizer and music workstation Yamaha QS300, a.k.a. "The Ravers' Babe". Yes it's true. We are in 2004, 9 years after the first appearance on the market of the QS300 and probably somebody will say that the QS300 is now obsolete, so many newer keyboards are filled up with gadgets and all kind of tricks. But try to play it and you will feel the magic the QS300 can still create !

On the Downloads Pages you will find a lot of stuff regarding the Yamaha QS300: from voice files to patterns and styles; from programs and utilities to links to other Sites regarding this beautiful synth. By the way, the Links Pages have been re-designed and now we have a new QS300 Software Page fully dedicated to the computer programs you can use with the QS300, including comments, size, O.S. and price (if requested).

The Yamaha QS300 Resources Site would be the compendium of what is actually available (on the Net) for the Ravers' Babe. Of course, the stuff posted here must be strictly freeware or shareware.

And now the QS300 Resources Site is the host for your creativity and your music: publish here your own compositions, whatever format you use !  The Composition Pages are dedicated to the music composed and sequenced on the QS300 (in the proprietary format) of course, but we have as well  sections for MIDI songs and for mp3 songs, original or covers, that you are willing  to publish and share with other Users.

And if you are a musician using the QS300 for your music and like to see your name/website listed here as a musician producing music with the Raver's Babe, we just opened a new Musician Page !

To sell and buy items related (or not) to the Yamaha QS300 and in general advertise whatever you like, go to the Classified Page. It's free !!!

For the advanced users, there is the Technical Info Page, divided into three different areas of interests (Techniques, Tips & Tricks and the complete QS300 Guide). Here you will find a collection of information aimed to give you the power and the knowledge to master the QS300 !

And if you lost the User's Manuals, go to the QS300 Utilities Page. We have them (two different volumes) in digital format ready for a free download !

We are doing our best to update the Yamaha QS300 Resources Site as much as possible, to give all the musicians using this beautiful synth the best service. Check on the News Page what's going on !

We have still a lot of ideas to be realized, also thanks to your suggestions and comments. But still we would like to post some original remarks and tips, even submitted by you. We would like to add a discussion group or a bulletin board, where everybody will be free to chat and discuss matters and topics related to the QS300, the XG standard and the music in general. We are studying: be patient and you will not regret !!!

Who are the editors and the contributors of our QS300 Resources Site ? Check the Who we are Page and the Acknowledgment Page. And if you like to cooperate with us, let us know ! Everybody and everybody's contribution is welcome !

Have a tour and see you soon !

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The amazing QS300


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