Hey, I'm Lelly Kelly.  I play the guitar (badly) and I like listening to Savage Garden, the Manic Street Preachers, and lots of other people but I have no idea who they are right now.
So... I isn't goon go on about me no longer, coz to be perfectly honest with you, I don't give a spelunking buttfuck who you are, so you probably feel the same about me.
I would put a picture on my page but I tend to look drunk in all the pictures ever taken of me and I can tell you it ain't a pretty sight.  So for everyones sanitys sake lets pretend the picture below is of me and never speak of this day again.
Terms Of Agreement For Viewing My Site
I advise you read this
1. I agree that if I am reading this then I have way too much spare time, and I should have been shot at birth.
2. I agree that Lelly is the queen of jupiter and all lesser beings must bow before her, this means me.
3. I agree to give Lelly all my money and possessions.
4. I agree with Lelly's views in that I also think traffic cones are evil, and that all people should be shot on the day they reach 65 (apart from Lelly because she came up with the rule, and is therefore exempt)
5. I agree that mrs. Smith is NOT foreign.
6. I agree that the Tweenies are way better than the Tellytubbies even though Bella is an evil buttfuck
7. I agree that Giles from Buffy is sexy, even though he's old.

I understand that this contract is in no way binding at all (apart from points 1-7).

Mail me here buttfuck
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I go to St. Columba's High School in Clydebank and there's a pretty damn good poem about it on the poems page.
On the guitar stuff page there's chords and tabs to some of my favourite songs
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