Pulaski County, Kentucky
This one hour video documentary is a study of a 33 sq.mile karst drainage basin, focusing on the ecological and cultural importance of a complex cave system, and potential dangers of building the proposed highway
I-66 through the drainage basin.

The documentary represents the volunteer efforts of dozens, including  scientists, cavers and the local community, and details the results of 30 years of scientific study of the Sinking Valley Cave system.

The documentary has been broadcast locally on cable TV in Somerset, KY and presented at several regional venues. The Pulaski County Public Library has archived several copies for public use. Future statewide presentations/broadcasts are scheduled.

The video was featured in the 2005 National Speleological Society (NSS) annual convention and received an honorable mention in the video competition.

Acclaimed NSS judges/critics wrote:

"This video is representative of what we as cave videographers should be doing: documenting cave and karst areas so that they can be protected."

"This video is example of why we should encourage people to go pick up a camera...A Herculean effort...a comprehensive look at the Sinking Valley drainage."

"It was a fascinating journey."
For more information contact:

P.O. BOX 3774
An "Outdoor Arts" documentary,
Produced by Christopher Johns
Written & Narrated by Larry C. Simpson
Original Music by Gary Woster
To order a copy of "The Caves of Sinking Valley" send a $20.00 check or money order to the address above. Please specify DVD or VHS. KY residents add $1.20 Sales Tax. If tax exempt, please include your permit #.
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