These photos are from Christmas, our new home, and our trip back to the OC for my Mom's memorial.  We got the digital camera for Christmas, amd as you can see we are making good use of it!
Quinn and Titi Go!Go!Go!
Titi and Quinn at Christmas at Gaga's house. Me and Zoe at Christmas- the shirt (Gaga's favorite team) was a gift from my Uncle Geoff and Aunt Sarah. My mother (Gaga) had a matching sweatshirt.
Thank heaven for little girls!
Zoe in her first big snow in Oregon!
Dada and his girls (minus mama, of course!)
The best part is dropping the pick into the guitar!
Big sissy and little sissy at Gaga's house.
Papa and Zoe playing the guitar- she's not half bad but you should hear her on the drums!
Look out Circus town!
We named the dog Indy!
Dada and Zoe as Jojo the clown. To get the make-up on Zoe, Sterling had to put it on his nose and rub it on her!
The girls! (Poor Sterling!) Look at Quinn's Harrison Ford smile!