History of the Band
Back in the olden days of 1998, Jason and Joe met in the lunch room at Johnsburg High School and decided that they would not rest until they started a Rock and Roll band.  They often practiced but with out a drummer they could not get too much accomplished.  So their Second Goal in life was to find a drummer.  As many of you know drummers are extremly hard to come by.  They found a few but nothing ever seemed to work out, but in the Fall of 99 they found a drummer and they created the band Shadowfax.  Shadowfax Made some good songs and played a few shows but ran into some problems in the fall of 2000.  The drummer had some problems with the Singer and left the band.  This kind of put a damper on the dream, but it also opened a new door.  Not long after the departure of their drummer Jason quickly found a new one (Nick).  Since Nick joined the band, and spiced up some of the old beats Shadowfax decided to change their name,(and the fact that there already is a band called Shadowfax).  So from then on the band has been knowen as
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