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It is recommended that all members use free trade amongst each other. The point of this clan is to help others in the clan level up and become better characters. Members who charge for items or work only demean the clan and use resourses that could be used easily to make items and collect clan money.
We're not a scamming clan, so it is advised against scamming for any reason whether that be for gold and items, and especially for passwords or accounts. Any member found scamming will be reported to the administration of Runescape.
It is encouraged that all members work together, whether that is for fighting, or gathering resources. If one person enjoys mining, while the other enjoys smithing, why not team the both up to make awesome weapons and armor for the entire clan.
Gold can be a valuable commodity, newbies beg for it, while others sell a few items and double their vlue. All clan members arent required to pool gold together, but it would make everything much more easier. Even NiceanArcher (head of the clan) donates gold at his own expense.