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News and Platter Reviews! Enter and read about whats happening in Todays Garage Punk scene! Reviews about the new albums / 45s / compilations by Fumestones, the Satelliters, the Rippers, the Mothballs, the Frantic V, South American Teenage Garage Punk Volume Two, the Sunday Sinners, the Milky Ways, the Nederbietels, the Maggots, the Four Shames, the Micragirls, the Urges, the Madd, the Crucials, the Lobsters, Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!, the Maggots, the Cavemen, the Miracle Men, the Movements, the Booby Traps, the Omens, Los Peyotes, the Hangee V, the Montesas, Dee-Rangers, the Flakes, Dollsquad, the Royal Purple, the Staggers, the Wildebeests, Les Machabees, the Woolly Bandits, the Barbary Coasters, the Lords Of Altamont, the Riviera Playboys, the Grains, the Rookies, McFaddens Parachute, Dom Mariani, the Backdoor Men, the Marshmallow Overcoat, the Purple Merkins, the Higher State, the Canary Sect

and many more garage punk / beat / surf madness!

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Garage Links & Info.

The Bands, The Labels, The Record-Stores And Much More Pleasure!


New Entries by the Beat Set, the Cavegirls, the Acid Flowers, Agentes Secretos, the Furtivos, the Screamin Pijas, the Beeville Hive V, the X-Men, the Birminghams, the Event, thee Headhunters, the Mad Violets, the Marshmallow Overcoat, the Prime Movers, the Ravens, the Shout, the Suburban Nightmare AND NINE pages dedicated to the FUZZTONES!!!.

Pictures, Info, Interviews & Full Discographies From The 80s Era Till Today.


Interviews with Timothy Gassen of the Marshmallow Overcoat and the Knights Of Fuzz book/CD-ROM/DVD edition! | The Maggots leader, Mans P. Mansson | Bob Urh of the Ultra 5 | Jon Mojo Mills of The Nuthins | Stefan Kery about the Stomachmouths | Jens Lindberg about the Crimson Shadows, The Worst & Fiends leader, Greg Johnson | Mathias Lilja of the Strollers and the Maharajas!

All you wanna know, Caveman!!!


THEE CAVE COMES ALIVE! Songs From The Lost What Wave Tapes

Action Records, GR


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Artwork by Darren Merinuk 1994



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