Our guild was founded July 26th, 2004.  It was created so that lovers of LotR could get together.  If you are a fan of Tolkien's books and/or Peter Jackson's movies than this is the guild for you.  If you have questions please neomail one of the council/second council members, we'd be glad to help.  You can also email the council at thefellowship_guild@yahoo.com. The only reqirements to be in our guild are that you're active (try to post every day) and that you like LotR!
15+ active members
original layouts that change
newbie packs
monthly bio
avatar lendings
monthly giveaway
lots of activities/contests
more to come
We're currently working on a gallery if you have any of your own orignial artwork, any pictures of LotR cast members or pictures of LotR characters please email them to the guild
Site last updated: Week of 3.6.06
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UPDATES: Please join all of our contests!  We need entries for March's POTM and we also need entries for our caption contest!  PLEASE, PLEASE, ENTER!  Remember... If you win you get a prize!