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Tank Tracks 9th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment at War 1940 - 45 Peter beale

Peter Beale served with the 9th Battalion Royal Tank regiment and was wounded twice.

Overture I    Death At Maltot, 10 JULY 1944, Overture II Honour At Moreuil, Chapter 1. UK: Rebirth and Adolescence, Rebirth at Gateshead, 1940, Otley and the First Churchill Tanks, Camps, Chapter 2. Prelude To Manhood, Charing: Gearing Up for War, Food, Fitness and Folly, Embark: Preparation and Reality, Chapter 3. The Scottish Corridor, Operation 'Epsom': Forming Up, 'Epsom': Day One, 26 June 1944, 'Epsom': Consolidation and Close Down, Chapter 4. HILL 112, 'Jupiter', 10 July 1944, After 'Jupiter', 11-25 July 1944, Chapter 5. Break-Out, Break-out from the Bridgehead, With the Canadians to Falaise, The Battles of the Bridges, 17-26 August 1944, Chapter 6.  The Capture of Le Havre, Chapter 7. Interlude Rest and Travel, Surge to Antwerp, Failure at Arnhem, Wounds, Sickness, and their Aftermath, Chapter 8 Access To Antwerp, Aftermath of Arnhem, Release of Antwerp, Enlarging the Nijmegen Salient, Operations 'Rebound' and 'Thruster': the Capture of Roosendaal, Chapter 9 Waiting for Hiltler, After Arnhem and Antwerp, Roosendaal, December Nomads: Geilenkirchen, To the Ardennes and Back, 17 December 1944-25 January 1945, Chapter 10 Fighting In The Forests, The Reichswald: Training with 53rd Division,  The Broedersbosch and Beyond, Chapter 11 Wind Down, The Anti-climax Across the Rhine, Casualties, Honours and awards, Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross, Military Medal, Mentioned in Despatches, Commander-in-Chief's Certificate, Croix de Guerre, British Empire Medal, Citations for Decorations, 9 RTR Tank Names, RHQ, index.

Photographs Ray Gordon, Jack Hutchinson, Bill Morris, Jock Smith, Dickie Knight, Tommy Wolf, Doug David, Jim Hutton, Tony Lyall, Kit Harlow, George Garnsey, Tiny Booth, Ron Bradley, Dickie Hall, Ted Pestell, Dave Sherman, Jock Pearson, Tom Tomney, Cryil Handley, Bernie Kirkpatrick, Don Foster, Bill Pinkney, Frank Risbridger, Alf Beale, Norman Hopkins, Doug Ashworth, Ginger Kirk, Laurie Le Brun, Harold Brook, Cyril Rees Vic Crowe, Frank Whitehead, Mattie Grey, Bill Holyoake, Tommy Thompson, George Rawe, Bobbie Stewart, Harry Wall, Roy Barber, Jimmy Aldcroft, Jack Wakeford, Dennis Fitzgerald, Reg Terrington, Sammy Dangerfield, Clem O'Connor, Norman Fraser, Ronnie Larner, John Humphreys, Peter Beale, Johnnie Walker, Charley Mansell, Percy O'Bourn, Bob Taylor, Wilf Wagstaffe, Ginger Elliott, Ben Willoughby, Nobby Clarke, Sid Haddricks, Victor Mills, Johnnie Walker, Roy Hughes, Harry Hurt, Jim Armstrong, Tony Griffiths, Gerry Wells, Albert Johnson, Bob Gadd, Reg Southern, Tom Bollard, John Powell, Stan Hinsley, Tosh Morris, Smudger Smith, Sammy Joule, Bill Minton, Bert Walkling, Gordon Dobinson, Freddie Smart, Cpl James, Charlie Horner, Bob Ungless, Alan Chapman, John Stone, John Brecknell, Seymour Francis, Geoff Brewer, Shep Douglas, Dusty Miller, Bertie Cross, Arthur Moore, Peter Myatt, Neville Lord, Pat Patrick, Mac Lister, Peter Boden, George Erskine, Les Wintle, Laurie Reynolds. Ronnie Kirby, Alan Morgan, Frank Drew, Peter Beale, Gerry McMahon, Teddie Mott, Jimmy Cargill, Ken Kidd, Jim Pickin. Sidney Link, Ronnie Holden, Duggie Ballantine, Berry Veale, Sir Nugent Everard, John Hodges, Bob Warren, George Eaton, Bert Mockford, Roger Long, Roger Brooke, Paddy Knox, Frank Haydon, Dickie Wolskel, Laurie Branson, Sir Richard Trevor Greenwood, Peter Boden, Frank Drew, Seymour Francis, Alan Chapman, Laurie Le Brun, Sidney Link, Ronnie Holden, Ken Kidd, Ted Costin, Jim Hudson, John Samuels, Jock Pettigrew, Tpr Woods, Sandy Sanderson, Bill Dawkins, Bert Munns, Nobby Norman, Dave MacIntosh, Jimmy Bennell, Kit Harlow, Jim Hutton, George Hendrie, Buster Cliff, Jack Woods, Cyril Smith, Bob Hay, David Scott, Len Lennard, Dennis Fitzgerald, Norman Hughes, Reg Ward, Reg Gander, Ken Ellis, Kipper Kent, George Horsfield, Jim Proctor, Reg Mead, Bill Thompson, Reg Terrington, Norman Fraser, Fred Critchley, Bert Sutcliffe, Jeep Greet, Jack Pearson, Bernie Kirkpatrick, Ginger Kirk, Snuffy Lewis, Jack Richardson, John Wright, Jim Lewis, Bill Minton, George Rathke, Taffy Jones, Jim Lewis, Ron Maddick, Gordon Dobson, Jack Woods, Peter Bracewell, Gerry McMahon, Fred Critchley, John Stone, David Scott, John Brecknell, Michael Reynell, Roger Long, Peter Beale, Peter Boden, Geoff Bound, Bob Tyler, Denys Gradden, Charlie Mansell, Bob Mann, George Bone, Bob Young, Desmond Lilly, Peter Boden, Alan Morgan, Jack Southall, Johnnie Towelson, Arthur Vardy, Geoff Bound, Bob Tyler, Berry Veale.

There are many photographs of tanks and jeeps etc.  

Honours and Awards  - We Salute You

James Aldcroft, Mentioned In Dispatches, Robert Arlett, Mentioned In Dispatches, R A Armstrong, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Thomas Atkinson, Military Medal, James Douglas Ballantine, Mentioned In Dispatches, Frederick Berry, Mentioned In Dispatches, Arthur P Boden, Silver Star Croix De Guerre, Arthur Peter Boden, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Ernest Lionel Bottoms, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, John G Brecknell, Mentioned In Dispatches, Henry Brook, Military Medal, R C Brook, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Harold Brook, Citation for Decoration, L Brown, Mentioned In Dispatches, W Carter, Mentioned In Dispatches, Frederick Aloysius Critchley, Military Cross, Frederick Aloysius Critchley, Citation for Decoration, Douglas David, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Arthur Dyson, Mentioned In Dispatches, P T Edwards, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Thomas Cyril Fawcett, Military Cross, Thomas Cyril Fawcett, Citation for Decoration, Ernest Gordon Findlay, Mentioned In Dispatches, Seymour W Francis, Mentioned In Dispatches, Seymour W Francis, Mentioned In Dispatches, R L Gresham, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Richard S Hall, Mentioned In Dispatches, W E Hands, Mentioned In Dispatches, A E W Hodges, Mentioned In Dispatches, Ronald Edwin Holden, Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross, Ronald Edwin Holden, Citation for Decoration, Norman Hopkins, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Frederick, Horner Mentioned In Dispatches, Frederick D Horner, Bronze Star Croix De Guerre, Oswald D Joyce, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Kenneth Aurius Kidd, Military Cross, Kenneth Aurius Kidd, Citation for Decoration, J W Kirk, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Ernest Leatham, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, James H Lewis, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, F Sidney, Link, Mentioned In Dispatches, Thomas C Lister, Mentioned In Dispatches, Roger Ernest Long, Mentioned In Dispatches, Roger Ernest Long, Mentioned In Dispatches, John Christopher Cecil Lowe, Military Medal, John Christopher Cecil Lowe, Citation for Decoration, Anthony Lyall, Mentioned In Dispatches, H P Massy, Mentioned In Dispatches, Victor B Maston, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, N McLeish, Mentioned In Dispatches, N McLeish, British Empire Medal, Patrick J McMahon, Mentioned In Dispatches, William H Minton, Mentioned In Dispatches, Herbert G Mockford, Mentioned In Dispatches, Max Moss, Mentioned In Dispatches, E J Moulding, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, H Nunn, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, R C Patchett, Mentioned In Dispatches, B Pearson, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, George Rathke, Mentioned In Dispatches, George Ray, Mentioned In Dispatches, Cyril Anthony Rees, Military Medal, Cyril Anthony Rees, Citation for Decoration, Michael John Reynell, Mentioned In Dispatches, W Reynolds, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, W Reynolds, British Empire Medal, G N P Searle, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, James David Smith, Mentioned In Dispatches, James William Stalley, Military Medal, James William Stalley, Mentioned In Dispatches, James William Stalley, Citation for Decoration, John Alan Castleman Stone, Military Cross, John Alan Castleman Stone, Citation for Decoration, Samuel Stubbs, Mentioned In Dispatches, Thomas, Thomney, Citation for Decoration, Thomas Tomney, Military Medal, Albert John Towlson, Military Medal, Albert John Towlson, Citation for Decoration, Arthur Vardy, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Peter Norman Veale, Distinguished Service Order, Peter Norman Veale, Citation for Decoration, Kenneth George Virgo, Military Medal, Kenneth George Virgo, Citation for Decoration, William John Walters, Military Cross, William John Walters, Citation for Decoration, Percy Herbert Warren, Mentioned In Dispatches, Gerald D Wells, Mentioned In Dispatches, Granville Richard Wilding, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, J Williams, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Leslie Herbert Wintle, Mentioned In Dispatches.

Casualties We Thank You

R Abbott, Stanley Masters Agar, D Akass, James Alcroft, James Anderson, Robert Anderson, Robert Charles Arlett, Fred Armstrong, Leslie John Arnold, W Ashworth, Charles Abbott Ball, James Douglas Haddow Ballantine, Roy Barber, H Barker, Frederick Barker, R Barnatt, William Basham, E Bates, Anthony Peter Beale, M Bell, Arthur James Bennell, Alan Blanchard, J Blatt, J Board, Arthur peter Boden, John Boland, Ernest Lionel Bottoms, W Bowen, C Bradley, Geoffrey W Brewer, Roger Bridgeman, L G Brown, N Bunch, B Burden, Daniel  Butterfield, , E Button, Kenneth James Button, James Cargill, William Mark  Carter, Alan H Chapman, Sydney James  Chapman, C Clark, Ernest Roy Clarkson, J Coolin, P  Cope, Edward Alfred  Costin, D Cove, Alfred Samuel Cowton, Michael Crawley, Edward  Crouch, E Croucher, J Cunningham, Herbert Cutler, Samuel Dangerfield, R Dargue, A Davies, John William George  Davis, M Dawkins, James  Deem, G Dobinson, Michael Shepherd Douglas, Frank  Drew, Frank Drew, Claude Ernest Eames, R Edgar, A Edmunds, R. Ellis, E Ellis, Robert Evans, Sir Nugent H Everard, J Farrell, K Ferrier, R E  Ficken, J Fisher, Dennis Fitzgerald, John Charles Foden, A Fraser, John Gallagher, A Garforth, H Gauld, William Geary, C Gilmore, Raymond  Gordon, G Gordon, David Anger Gotobed, A Gray, L Grey, Richard  Hall, A Hall, John Redman Hamill, W Hands, K Harlow, Frank O Haydon, Sydney Hazel, George Watt Hendrie, Victor  Hewitt, N Hill, Edward Hinson, Ronald Edwin Holden, Frank Holding, M Honan, Norman Hopkins, Patrick Howard, Thomas James  Howells, George Ellis Hubbard, Jack Hudson, E Hudson, Roy Stafford Hughes,  Humphrey, A Humphreys, N Hunn, Jack Hutchinson, James Hutton, Frederick Jackson, A Jameson, J H  Jebb, E Jones, A Jones, J Keay, Edward Joseph Keeble, Kenneth Aurius Kidd, Edward  Killeen, Harold Godfrey Killick, E Kirbie, J W  Kirk, Richard Geoffrey  Knight, W Lamb, Ronald  Larner, Thomas Latham, Stanley Lawson, R Lindley, A Lindley, John Douglas Livingstone, Keith B  Lloyd, Roger Ernest Long, A MacDonald, E Macintosh, ,Reginald  Maddox, Charles Mansell, Stanley Maslen, R Mason, B McConnell, Patrick McMahon, A J  Mead, Michael Lawrence Mead, Thomas Rippon Mennim, D Miller, Victor Leonard  Mills, G. Moore, Arthur C W  Moore, C Moore, Victor Morgan, Alan John  Morgan, William Ernest Morris, M Moss, Edward K Mott, J Moulson, R Munns, Edward Mycroft, Alleyn Robert  Myring, William Risdon Nicholls, J Norman, L Norris, Percy O’Bourn, E Oram, R Oswin, Royston Ivor  Painter, Albert  Palmer, Thomas Park, J Paterson, R A  Patrick, Eric Peakall, George Pearson, Charles Francis  Pettigrew ,Thomas Arthur Phillips ,R Pickerill, James Pickin, E Pollington, John Henry Powell, W Powell, John Purdy, Frank Quinn, Les  Radley, T Raeburn, George Rawe, W Rawson, Cyril Anthony Rees, Michael John  Reynell, S Reynolds, W Ritson, J  Robertson, W J  Robinson, Norman William Salisbury, John Samuels, Len  Saxton, A Sharpe, G Shimmin, H Shuttleworth, Harry  Simmons, Clifford Henry  Smale, Frederick Richard Smart, James David Smith, John Smith, Douglas Arthur Smithers, T J F  Smyth, J Snelgrove, John Snowden, Reginald Southern, R Spelman, Edward Spight, G Stubbs, Percy Edward Suffolk, Robert Taylor, Jeffery Taylor, E Taylor, D B  Telford, A Thomas, F Thompson, Michael Tito , Thomas Tomney, J V  Tucker, Ernest Tumbridge, William Turner, William Turton, Kenneth George Virgo, Clifford Jack Wakeford, T Walker, Percy Herbert Warren, A Waterton, J Webb, Gerald D Wells, J Wholey, H Wilcox, Leslie Herbert Wintle, Richard Hawthorne Wolskell, Wilfred Woodfine, J Wright

Book Acknowledgements:

Bob Anderson, Bill Andrews, Les Arnold, Peter Boden, Peter Bracewell, Geoff Brewer, Laurie Brown, Crombie Cordiner, Fred Critchley MC, Doug David, Ginger Gadd, Fred Glasspool, Ray Gordon, Dickie Hall, Jack Hilton, Stan Hinsley, John Hodges, Ronnie Holden DSO MC, Gordon Horsewood, Harry Hurt, Jim Hutton, Ossie Joyce, Ernie Leatham, Taffy Leyshon, Mrs Ingrid Link (Sidney Link's widow), Brian Marchant, Paul Nutkins, John Oakley, Brian Powell, John Powell, Jim Proctor, George Rathke, Cyril Rees MM, Jack Richardson, Cyril Smith, Bob Taylor, Viv Taylor, Bill Thompson, Charlie Thomson, Tom Tomney MM, Berry Veale DSO MC, Tommy Wolf and Jack Woods, David Fletcher, Jess and Barry Greenwood, widow and son of Trevor Greenwood, John Roberts, Peter Johnson, Jonathan Falconer, Les Arnold, John Powell, Colleen Jones, George Forty, Henk Bredevolt, Ray Gordon, Shirley Beale,

Book dedication: -

To all who served in 9th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment: 'May God send us to war in such company together again, when need is' Lord Howard of Effingham on the sailors of the English fleet that fought the Armada, 1588

Kay's Comments: -

" The book concludes with the words "..and all this stupidity with be outlawed" and it is not hard to understand why when I was typing the names printed underneath the photographs invariably one or other of those quoted were killed in action. Why do we refuse to learn from our history?" Kay with tears in her eyes 12th August 2005

Lest we forget.

Condition. Used and has been well read. Ex Library Book with jacket protected.

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