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Photos of John Gorka or people we think look like John Gorka.

Note: This page is ALSO currently under construction. We have many photos to add.
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"I saw a stranger with your hair,
I saw another with your eyes
I heard an angel with your voice
By the way, how is my heart?"

Rogue's Gallery of John Gorka Look-alikes.

Please send in photographs you have taken of John at concerts, folk festivals, etc. Even if you took it years ago, please, share it with us. Or, if you don't have any pictures of John, the next time you run across an image in a magazine or on the web and you think, hey, that "looks like" John Gorka, send that our way too. We don't promise to put them all up, only the best ones! Below are Susan and Bryn's choices.

This photo was submitted by Mike Smith who swears he saw Mr. Gorka rowing recently with his wife enthusiastically cheering him on. We aren't so sure. We don't think Mr. Gorka has time to work out that much! But he does bear a strong resemblance...


O.K., admittedly, this page is just plain dumb so PLEASE send us something more suitable!

Here is another great photo that Bryn found. We like to call it "Zeus or Gorka" ...you be the judge.  We can get sillier.  Really.

So send us your photos if you don't want us to keep embarrassing ourselves.

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