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Profile: Dave Cash: One of Britain's most experienced broadcasters, Dave began his radio career on the pirate ships in the North Sea where he presented the "Kenny and Cash Show" with Kenny Everett.  Back on dry land he worked for Radio 1 then Capital Radio in London.  Dave's mid-Atlantic drawl stems from spending his childhood in Vancouver, although he was actually born in England!  As well as his radio work he's presented TV programmes, written books and screenplays and he also had his own top 10 hit "Groovy Baby"!

Whereabouts: After 30 years away from the BBC, he's on BBC Radio Kent 10pm-1am Sundays (96.7 104.2 97.6FM).  As well as his shows on BBC Radio Kent, Dave also presents a weekly country music show on digital radio station Primetime Radio, run by SAGA Radio.

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