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Received March 2004

Enjoy your Visit

Welcome to the Master's Gallery 2

Although this area is restricted you will find all the
paintings in good taste. I did feel though that Viewer
Discretion was reserved for those who appreciate fine
works of art.

These Web-set packages are unique, one-of-a-kind designs
that have never been offered as linkware; they are
"Purchaseware" only. Upon purchase, we will personalize
the set to your specifications, and remove the set from
our available packages. Purchase of a set entitles the
buyer the exclusive use of the design, however.....
Designs by Denis retains the copyright.

Prices for these personalized packages vary and are rated
by how much additional work is required before delivery.
Please e-mail us for purchasing details at
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J. Denis Mailloux ( Contemporary )

A New Day

Touched by Love

Trials of Change

Tears must Fall

Remorse & Regret

Custom pages can be created from scanned
photographs, images or paintings. Contact
me at themastergallery@yahoo.ca for more info.


Designs by Denis 2004