Cadence and Audibles

    Once the Quarterback walks up behind the Center, he is now the nerve center of the offense.  He must scan the defense for information about coverage, potential blitzes, and any other important information.  Some of these areas will be discussed later in their own sections, because they are worthy of individual attention.  But for now, we will concentrate on the Cadence and Audibles.

Learning Level: PRIMARY

1.  He begins his cadence with the word "Move!" upon which several things may happen.  In the case of a shift, the players will move to their new locations.  If there is no shift, the TE(s) will assume a three-point stance, if applicable.

2.  Next, the Quarterback will call a color and number, once to the left side of the formation and once to the right.  In most circumstances, this means absolutely nothing.  For example, he might call "Blue 16, Blue 16!"  However, if the Quarterback calls the predesignated hot color (i.e., "Red!"), one of two things happen: the numbers following the color specify one of several audibles; or the Quarterback can simply call a play out loud.

3.  Finally, the Quarterback calls "Set!" followed by "Hut!"  Running plays go on different snap counts as determined by their series:
    10s - on three ("Hut-hut, hut!")
    20s - on two ("Hut, hut!")
    30s - on one ("Hut!")
    40s - on two
    50s - on one
    and so on...odd series are on one, even series on two, with exception to the teens (on three).  Furthermore, the play-action passes off of these runs also go on the same snap count.  All other passing plays go on one.

Here are some examples, followed by the appropriate reaction ("red" being the hot color).  All of these plays should be assumed to be passing plays, going on one:
    "Move, Blue 24, Blue 24, Set, Hut!" - run the play called in the huddle
    "Move, Blue 16, Blue 16, Check, Check, Red 11, Red 11, Set, Hut!" - run audible "11"
    "Move, Blue 32, Blue 32, Check, Check, Green 18, Green 18, Set, Hut!" - run the play called in the huddle
    "Move, Black 12, Black 12, Check, Check, Rip 919, Rip 919, Set, Hut"! - run Rip 919

Learning Level: ADVANCED

(coming soon)

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