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The Starman's Realm

Basically I enjoy helping people find answers to their questions. To learn something new, to grow and even to find meaning in their life. Feel free to send me an email with your comments or questions using this online form.

This is a quick Index to most of the pages at the Starman's Realm website.

I've added a Site Map here describing all the new directories, but check the descriptions below... they might be quicker. Or, for something much different, here's my own personal: Home Page.

Here's a new:   LINKS Page I've just started; annotated Internet Links which I've found very helpful or of personal interest.

Groups of Pages that are somewhat related:

Free Programs, Useful Tools
  < tool/FreeTools.html >
  My Review of the PFE32 File Editor     < tool/pfe/PFE32.htm >
  Hex (Binary) Editors     < tool/HexEds.htm >
  OAF (Open Any File) - in Notepad (or link to an editor of your choice by
  following the instructions); now even more useful since you can use The GUN (Grown Up Notepad) to open large binary files in Win 95/98. I've tried to make OAF99 work with Windows XP, but it just doesn't seem possible! Sorry!

  < tool/OAF/OAF99.htm >

What is a Computer Virus?   < avt/viruses.html >
  The Anti-Virus Test File, < asm/eicar/eicar.html >
What to do about Virus Warnings or Suspected Hoaxes Emailed to You   < avt/warning.html >

Computers and Programming
  Power Users Series   < tool/PowerUser.html >

  All about HEXADECIMAL   < asm/hexawhat.html >
  The 16 Windows Colors Table   < RGB/16WinColorT.html >

  A Detailed Analysis of EICAR.COM - An x86 Assembly Language Tutorial   Learn how to use MS-DEBUG !   < asm/eicar/eicarcom.html >

  An Examination of the Standard Master Boot Record (MBR) with a DEMO program you can download (run under DEBUG). Comments on every Assembly instruction and more!!
  < asm/mbr/MBR_in_detail.htm >

  FIRE.COM -- An MS-DEBUG and Assembly Language Exercise for Everyone! FULLY detailed explanations on creating a .COM program from bare Hex bytes. Includes Assembly listings of the program.   < asm/fire/Fire.html >

C/C++ Programming under Win2000/XP/2003)

      Using Borland's Free C++ 5.5 Compiler/Linker

Learning about Boot Records, FATs and Directories and How to use DISKEDIT.EXE (Now includes some info about WinME and WinXP Startup Disks as well.)

< DOS/bd98/bd98NDE.html >

An Introduction to Learning Linux Console Commands using "tomsrtbt" Boot Disk
< Linux/linux.html >

The Starman's PERL Pages

  < perl/perl.html >


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