Because there was no way to hide my notebook, I did not take notes during this show. You will have to rely on my memory which is scary. I am sleep deprived and I came home to find out a very young member of my family had died in a car crash. My mind is a little numb right now. But let me crawl inside myself and dig around for you all and see if I cannot accurately describe this show for you. Bear with me. Let me start at the beginning and see what I can do. Here we go.

We arrive at the venue a little after 7 pm; we arrive early so we can walk, talk, take pictures and be the first in line. We are outside taking notes and collecting things and Steve walks outside. I call him to the car and we visit. He tells us we are hard core and really early. Well, yeah. We are. We are mighty little fans! But it isn't all about getting to the place at 10, because he will be on at 10:30. It isn't about, if we go early, we might get to see Steve.  It is about the whole experience. Making friends, sharing stories, working the crowd, and having fun. He is just the golden coin that caused all the other to happen.

He liked everything we had written on the car in shoe polish. He thanked us. (Steve is a very thankful man. And he is good about telling you. Mom, you have done good with your boy.)

We give him his Twinkie pants and I am so glad we did. Because now we know. The train wreck that is the Twinkie thread can be forever  stopped and put to rest. He was gracious about the gift. When he pulled it out he sort of smiled, (maybe it was winced?) and shook his head. He Thanked us (!!) and said,  "But to be perfectly honest with you, I am not going to lie. That was one of the most disturbing things I have read in my life."

Now, he did not shame me. He did not need to. He probably knew I would take care of that later my own self. But the message is clear. Steve does not appreciate it. He does not like it. And to be frank, I would never get over the disappointment in myself if all the new fans he is getting read about it, catch the sick fever (as we all did) and it becomes what he is known for.  If he gets Twinkies at every show, it will make me sick. It will also not be appreciated by him. It wasn't my intention for it to become what it did. It became it even so. So let us give something back to Steve and just drop it. It isn't funny. I hope it is clear how very much this needs to go away.

True to Steve, though, he did not embarrass us about it but talked a little while longer. I asked him if he has a Dustmites Tattoo on his arm and he shows me it isn't a Dustmite, it is a smiley face put there long before there was such a thing as a dustmite. Now you now.

He went back inside and the lighting guy came out. He took pictures of Fish's car and we asked who he was. He told us "the lighting guy." No name, just that.  He was very nice. He even has us in a couple of shots.

Moving on. As the line began to form we girls mingled through the crowds asking people who they were here to see, The mints or Steve? It was 50-50. One man said that he isn't a fan of either really, but a fan of Paul Ford's-therefore he was here to see Steve. We told him he would not be disappointed.

Sound checks ran behind and the doors opened 45 mins late. The place became quite full, quite fast. We girls mingled around, gathering new friends and stirring excitement. (Why doesn't the street team pay me again? I am very faithful to the cause) Steve came on about 10:30ish. Time is a blur right now, so I am not sure.

The crowd was really playful as Steve and the gang set up their things. When they left the stage to get dressed a girl behind me bet me they would come out dressed as B.C. I told her no, spacesuits. I won but she will never pay up. I am sure of it.

He comes out with some really neat glasses on. He said, "Who gave these to me?" He said they were cool and struck a pose. (see pictures) He was playful and really felt how receptive the crowd was. The show was the same set as the night before, and I am sure it will be until they can get a day off and work on the video. The slideshow with Paul sent everyone into fits. The funniest part was when The Lighting Guy (as he told us was his official title and name) points to himself and says "ME? Rock and roll is about me?" and begins to freak out. Good stuff.  Well, that and Steve running as "Steve" from B.C. Man, I love me a doof. When Paul's mite roars out ROCCCCCCK....the screen says "!!!." Reasonably prepared! Hee!

The show begins. We were, of course, right up front. I will try to convey what that is like. You get a flavor the people in the back don't get. You see so clearly everything he digs up from his soul to deliver to you on a golden shiny platter. He does not just sing. He really gives it his everything. He crawls inside each song and wears it as skin. That is why on the first night, with all the difficulties, it was still a good show.
Houston's show was much smoother. The video was elevated so you could see it better. You were not having to look around him to see it, the quality was crisp. I don't know if that was due to the lighting of this venue, something they did or what, but it was really good video.

I am proud to announce that my eyes were actually able to go to the screen more and see him juggle fire. I also was standing right in front of Jason and he rocked out. He is good. Really, really good. If you see him, approach him. He is very nice and easy to talk to. At the end of SFD he broke his drum stick. I was watching him when he did. He just kept playing one handed and did a smash up (really) job. I am so impressed.

The show was not perfect. The band had a hard time a couple times keeping themselves together. Steve was able to make a joke and blow it off. Really, I am not sure most of the people knew. Truly. There were some other glitches but it did not take away from the experience at all. Steve wants it to be perfect, and one day it will be,  just give it time. Til then it is also nice to see the show progress. Friday's show was much better then Thursday's.

I must now speak of the mints. The mints have their style. Listening to them I hear it is not Steve's style. They do a faboo job of letting Steve be Steve. His album is such a polished studio album I was concerned how it would come across live. I should have not feared. It translates VERY well. Jason does justice on the drums and the mints make it happen for Steve. How wonderful to be able to play with a group you liked so well, and are as talented as they are.

Steve made a comment about the Unified Field Theory and it absolutely geeked out the physics students behind us. The went totally apart with glee and rapture. Silly kids. Nice to see these things get appreciation. Steve fans are smart.

He took a drink from his beer and it must have warmed because when he put it down it spilled out the top. Steve quickly moves it and says, "Man that isn't funny. We spilt a beer on a computer last night." Bummer.

When the album lists Steve as playing the thinking chair, he means he honest to goodness plays the thinking chair. On >1 the whole video is him playing it. Typical Steve. Hang the mic on the chair, put on his ears, turn on the video and drum your little heart out. Nice. Sweeter still because the song is about (I am assuming) he and his sisters growing up. And he plays the thinking chair. Awwwww. Really, nice touch.

The cellist needs a hug. I don't know his name, but watch him when he sings the Dustmites part in SFD. He is such a good mite. He seems to really enjoy it and the crowd went nuts both times he did it. Note to him: wear the bowl, ok? Every time. It is becoming. 

True to my belief you must share the Steve love, lil Kris was called and the phone was handed to me to hold out for her to hear. After a couple songs Steve stops and says, "I really must do something, who is on the phone?" Fish yells, "Lil Kris." He says "give me the phone." He then tells her hi. He tells her to say hello to Houston and she does. He held the phone to the mic but she didn't come across. He then tells everyone to say hi to Kris. We all yell hello. He then tells her good-bye and hands the phone to me. I will say right here that one of my fondest memories is when Manilow did that very same thing at a concert, asked for a request and then sang it for her into the phone. Those things make a concert really memorable. Nice to see he can roll with the punches.

Steve sang so hard he was sweating. Sweating isn't the right term. We were all in very grave danger of drowning in it. He apologizes and asks for a towel from the back. I reach into my purse and pull out the shirt that was bought for Kris. (which BTW, is good that I did because they never did bring him a towel) I yelled "Here Steve!" and tossed it to him. He said "awww...she gave me her shirt. I can't use this, I will ruin it." I told him go right ahead, it wasn't mine. He wiped his face, head and neck with it and told me he would get me a new one because he ruined this one. I don't think so Steve. And so you know, Steve is natural on stage. No make up. Not that you had wondered, just sayin. Proof is on the shirt.  And also just so you know, I did almost have to have a knockdown, drag-out with a big man who about had a kitten when I stepped up on the stage to get the shirt at the end of the show. This is the conversation that ensued:

Mean Man: WHOA! What is going on here?
Sweet Me: That's my shirt ::Points::
MM: Shirt?
SM: yes, can I have it?
MM: What?
SM: ...Now trying to lean over and grab it..."MY SHIRT??"
MM: Whoa! What's going on here?
SM: That's my shirt!! :::::points::::
MM: Shirt?
SM: YES!!!! My shirt, give it to me. :::pointing quite insistantly now:::
MM: Shirt? Where?
SM: RIGHT THERE!!! ::::really trying to just bend over enough to grab it::::
MM: WHOA!! What's going...... 
At which time one of the mints who had been watching this walks over, snatches it up and hands it to me. "Here you go"
SM: Beaming at him--THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
And for the record, Kris thanks you too. Steve signed it with a heart and his name on the tag. Nice for her.

My favorite moment (besides that story) was when spot lights lit Steve up from behind and they shown all around him giving him a very Jesus-like hue. Yeah, Steve. Do that. Fish was in such awe I had to scream at her to take a picture. She got one. It is enough. See picture page.

Another part I really like is on SFD when he sings "smaller than a tear," he pinches his fingers together to show you how little. Sweet touch. Again, see pictures.

The crowd was very diverse. Many young, many my age, several older. All were unable to just stand still. Lots singing along. (Note to you all,  just because you know the words, doesn't mean you should try to sing so blasted loud that everyone around you can hear you, and maybe, just maybe, you can get Steve's attention. It isn't about you. It is about Steve. Give him that.)

Here is another piece of advice passed on to you. Steve is interested in knowing who we are. He really cares. He will give you the time, and be gracious to you. Tell him who you are. When meeting him, don't paw at him. If you are intuitive, you will sense he has a boundary set up. Don't cross it.  He doesn't want to be groped. Be respectful. Don't go blowing it for the rest of us. Because have no doubt, if you do cross the line, he will let you know about it and why do that to yourself? Why do that to him? Just sayin'.

When the show ended I took Happy mom (who drove 5 hours to see him and arrived for the last two songs only) to the merchandise table. We bought her the cd and then Steve came out to sign things.  He of course was kind and thankful for us all and signed all we had. We took several pictures and then left to work the crowd some more. A group of us went into the parking lot and laughed til it hurt, told stories and enjoyed the love together. We took some pictures, grabbed some body parts and laughed some more. Steve and company began packing the van and besides making one comment about "where are your people to do that for you?" we left him alone. The man deserves to not be afraid it will be "fan attack" every time he sees one of us. Besides, the "Steve" part was over and it was time for more Unifying Steve theory love. The friendships will last a lifetime. We finally packed it in and drove away. Leaving behind the venue but not the experience of it all. It was a wonderful time. Steve, you are doing a really good job. See you in Seattle.


Shalagh Knight



Steve Setting Up

Queen Jewel, Miss Fish and Shalagh


Shalagh and Joel

Mint Marian

Shalagh's Shirt

Taking Notes

Mr. Vest...Mr. Vest...


Steve and MissFish