Third LP

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Caroliner Rainbow Open Wound Chorale
"Rise of the Common Woodpile"

- Hazel Wet Lap
- Child Heart o' Dirt Pump
- Beetown
- Empty Halo
- Burdensome Blood
- Rise of the Common Woodpile
- Gut
- Re-Corrupting Checkerfield
- Climbing Jacob's Ladder Through the Fireplace
- Sullivan's Lower Trunk
- Brittleback
- Victory Arm Fence
c. 1987 (CARO 03)
LP reviewed in CMJ, Sept 91.
Reviewed in Reflex 25
Reviewed in The Nose, 11th issue.

Packaging: Efficiently packaged in manilla envelope with graphics and paint added.

All Caroliner records have hand made covers and lyric sheets. Your cover may vary.

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