Martina's Family
One Big Happy Family

Parents: Daryl Schiff married Jeanne (Delano) Schiff. They have four children, two daughters and two sons.

Sister: Gina (Schiff) is married to Terry and they four children, three boys and a girl. She recently graduated from Nursing School and the whole family, including Martina, John and the girls, celebrated in Kansas on Mother's Day. Gina is older than Martina.

Brother: Steve is married to Jean they have two children and one granddaughter, as well as twin grandchildren on the way, a boy and a girl. Steve is older than Gina.

Brother: Marty is married and has four children. He is currently a member of Martina's band.

Husband & Children: Martina (Schiff) married John McBride and they had to two daughters, Delaney Catherine and Emma Justine
John, Martina's Husband And Partner In Life

In Wichita, Kansas during one of Martin's family band tours, she met John McBride, who's a sound manager. They fell in love and got married in May 1988. In 1990 the they moved to Nashville and John landed a job as Garth Brooks' production manager and to be able to travel with him, Martina took a job selling T-shirts on Garth's tour. John is also a fan of The Beatles. Martina describes his sense of humor as "warped." John is curently Martina's sound manager and has his own studio called Blackbird.

Martina On Working with John "Including John in my career has been the most natural thing in the world," says Martina, "because he's not only very knowledgeable, he's also very supportive. We're really true companions and true friends, so we really care about each other and what's going on in our lives. I think sometimes people grow apart because they don't understand each other, but we lead the same life."
Delaney And Emma, Martina's Children

Delaney Katherine McBride was born December 22, 1994. Emma Justine McBride was born March 29, 1998.

"We found out I was pregnant with Delaney in a dressing room in Sweden. I was on tour with Garth. John and I had been married six years and were definitely ready. But as ready as we were, we sat in total disbelief staring at the test. I'll never forget the feeling I had that night as I walked out onstage, like I had a little secret.

We announced it in a fun way; at Fan Fair in 1994. I called John out onstage and he told the crowd. Someone snapped a picture of the exact moment. We were so happy.

Delaney has brought so much joy to our lives and I always tell her that the most important thing I do is being her mommy. She has a flair for drama and is sweet, compassionate and wise." Martina

How Delaney Got Her Name...

I asked her about how she got the name for her daughter Delany. I explained that my daughter's middle name is DeLanea and was ( she's 19)
and i was wonderin how she came up with it.
Her reply was that she saw Delany in a book and that she really liked it cause it was unusual and also her mothers maden name was Delano.

"We found out we were pregnant in Sioux St. Marie right before a show. I told John and then we told Delaney together. The three of us hugged and danced around in a circle. Emma is a sweet, funny child who is very even tempered.

I was riding in the car the other day listening to the demo of Blessed that another woman sang, and Emma was in the backseat. And it gets to the part where she says, "I get to hear my children laughing down the hall through the bedroom door." And Emma goes, "We ain't her children!" - Martina

"We have a blast on the road and they have been everywhere! I'm grateful that I can take them both with me everywhere we go." Martina