Markle Mill

An interesting park located on the north side of Terre Haute, on Otter Creek where Park Avenue crosses. Built by Major Abraham Markle in 1816 after the war of 1812. Abraham Markle did more for establishing the city of Terre Haute than is realized. I believe I should have read more about him in my Indiana History. A website by Ronald Andrews gives a better than great history of Major Markle, the Mill, and the impact on founding and settling the city of Terre Haute, and Indiana.  I recommend you visit him at'smill

I will include some photographs of the park as it stands today. A great little park. There is so much history here.

Sign at the entrance to the park. It just doesn't say it all. The Major was quite a colorful person.

Some of the stone foundation and the basement of the Mill left after the fire

The Dam across Otter Creek. Not always this much water going across.

Some of the Park

The Markle House. The house was not built by Maj Markle, but by his son, Frederick in 1848. My family was interested in its purchase in the early 1950's. I remember touring the building, but not really much about it. It was supposed to be a hub on the Underground Railroad,  At that time there were rumors about a foutune in jewels or silver or something being hidden on the property. There was also supposed to be a tunnel from the basement of the mansion to the mill for the purpose of use during foul weather and for the Underground Railroad. The area between the mill and US 41 along Park Avenue was reputedly first settled by former slaves given release by the Underground Railroad at Markle's Mill. Ron Andrews tells you more about it on his web site.

Markle Mill Dam at high water. At times the dam is not even visible.