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    June 19th 2000

    A few new pics for you today. The first ones come from CEE. Please visit her site here .

    1~ 2~ 3~ 4~ 5~ 6

    I have a variety of other pictures for you. The first picture is of Tia, Tamera and Tahj with the Harlem Globetroppers. The next few are from various premieres and the last few are just some small scans from magazines.

    1~ 2~ 3~ 4~ 5~ 6~ 7~ 8~ 9~ 10~ 11

    June 13th 2000

    As promised I now have a scan of the Cable Guide UK article. Click here to see it. Big Thank You to Jennifer for supplying this scan! :-)
    I will be writing up the article within the next few days and it will be placed on the article page for those of you who cant read it off this pic. Watch this space!

    June 7th 2000

    Two new pics have been added. You can view them by clicking on the links below or by visiting "images/misc".

    Image 1 ~ Image 2

    Tia and Tamera also appear in the UK Cable Guide. It features pictures and articles from their visit to London (nickelodeon studios) and Paris. These pictures and the articles coming soon!

    One last note, I have had numerous people e-mailing me thinking I am Tia and Tamera. Please note I am not Tia and/or Tamera Mowry and in no way am i associated with them, this is just a fan page. All your comments and suggestions are welcomed though so please e-mail.

    May 18thth 2000

    The Tia and Tamera Encyclopeadia now has a new look and new info and updates. Use the menu left to navigate and check out about Tia and Tameras film projects by clicking on the links on the right hand side. Also check out the EXCLUSIVE information on Tameras solo movie including pics.

    Tia and Tamera are also in a magazine over here in England which was taken from there Nickelodeon appearance, look out for it.

    New features coming soon such as sound clips and pictures from Tia and Tameras visit to the Nickelodeon studios, London, England.
    Tia and Tameras Film Info:
    Hollywood Horror
    Sweet Sixteen


    Tameras solo project revealed. Click below for exclusive info and pics.
    Something To Sing About

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