Tuttle, Todd, Doolittle, Chapin

Tuttle, Todd, Doolittle

"Through the Music of the Ainur, Ilúvatar created the World and the beings who inhabit it, and only he fully knows its fate."

"I come to ferry you hence across the tide To endless night, fierce fires and shramming cold."

                                         - Dante, quoted by Kay Jamison
                                           in one of her books on manic depression
                                           Artwork "Valinor", of a scene
                                           in "Lord of the Rings"

The Puritans were the English branch of the Reformed movement, founded by John Calvin. Here is a statement of their core theology, from the Canons of Dort, one of their historical confessions of faith. A former minister at my Episcopal Church, who is a modern day proponent of this theology, argues that they put the kingship back in God! That is SERIOUSLY one way to put it. It was a medieval theology, well suited to the manic depressive temperament of the Tuttle family. God is a moody, capricious warlord who elects men for salvation or damnation based only on his good pleasure, His Great Name be Praised. Men's places were predefined and unchangeable, both in Heaven, and on Earth. People must all attend church regardless of their divine or this worldly place, and noone must have the affrontery to question the Lord's judgement, nor even to wonder at their own fates. But for those who could believe they were among the chosen, this quite mystical faith in a kinglike god who brings light from above to a miserable world, provided untold ecstasy. For people who need to think that the world is tightly divinely ordered, predestination is the ultimate in believing that God is in control.

"Election is the unchangeable purpose of God, whereby, before the foundation of the world, He has out of mere grace, according to the sovereign good pleasure of His own will, chosen from the whole human race, which had fallen through their own fault from their primitive state of uprightness into sin and destruction, a certain number of persons to redemption in Christ, whom He from eternity appointed the Mediator and Head of the elect and the foundation of salvation. This elect number, though by nature neither better nor more deserving than others, but with them involved in one common misery, God has decreed to give to Christ to be saved by Him, and effectually to call and draw them to His communion by His Word and Spirit; to bestow upon them true faith, justification, and sanctification; and having powerfully preserved them in the fellowship of His Son, finally to glorify them for the demonstration of His mercy, and for the praise of the riches of His glorious grace.

"This election was not founded upon foreseen faith and the obedience of faith, holiness, or any other good quality or disposition in man, as the prerequisite, cause, or condition on which it depended; but men are chosen to faith and to the obedience of faith, holiness, etc. The good pleasure of God is the sole cause of this gracious election.

"And as God Himself is most wise, unchangeable, omniscient, and omnipotent, so the election made by Him can neither be interrupted nor changed, recalled, or annulled; neither can the elect be cast away, nor their number diminished.

"The elect in due time, ... attain the assurance of this their eternal and unchangeable election...by observing in themselves with a spiritual joy and holy pleasure the infallible fruits of election pointed out in the Word of God, such as, a true faith in Christ, filial fear of God, a godly sorrow for sin, a hungering and thirsting after righteousness, etc.

"And herein is especially displayed the profound, the merciful, and at the same time the righteous discrimination between men equally involved in ruin; or that decree of election and reprobation, revealed in the Word of God, which, though men of perverse, impure, and unstable minds wrest it to their own destruction."

A note for young relations who read this page; Today many Christian denominations teach that God variously intends or elected to save everyone, and his saving grace is available to all. Worrying on this subject is a good way to end up with serious depression or in a state of despair.

In fact, this is central to the Salem witch trials. The psychological unworkability of Calvinist theology left the Puritan churches in a state of crisis. All over Massachusetts teenagers who had done everyday goofy things their church forbade frightened themselves into fits of thinking they'd been given over to Satan. Adults were required to convince their church elders that they were in some state of grace in order to be allowed to receive Communion. All over Massachusetts teh most devout members of the churches, often family members of clergy, found themselves unable in good conscience to feel certain assurance of the state of their relationship with God, adn refused to come to church.

In the Evangelical churches, core belief in predestination very much underlies the internal assurance one is supposed to feel that one is saved, if one is not in fact damned to hell, to paraphrase Billy Graham, and this still drives people to extreme anxiety and depression. When I was a teenager, I saved my sanity by withdrawing from Christianity for 20 years until I understood it better.

To best understand people who are attracted to it, it is critical to understand that this theology is the product of feudal societies that produced it. Judeo-Christian theology is at its heart covenental, based on the ancient southwest Asian notion that some god of life or Lord of the Covenant chose some group of people for his feudal property based on his good pleasure. They were bound to an agreement with him. As long as they kept teh agreement he gave life. If they broke the agreement they could incur dire consequences like death and destruction. However, they never chose to enter into a contractual relationship with this god. First, in the ancient feudal societies of southwestern Asia where Palestine is, the gods were viewed as kingly warlords, and people as feudal vassals did not choose the warlord god who took possession of them. Second, the ancient peoples of southwestern Asia thought that all things of this world including humanity are fundamentally corrupt and enlightenment must come from the realms above where the gods dwell and light exists.

The theology of Electon reflects a feudal world where everything has its preordained place. Some people are very high, some people are very low, and one's place was preordained and is eternally fixed, both on Earth and in Heaven. The theology of predestination also reflects teh eternal tendency of aristocracies to invent gods who emotionally resemble themselves; in this case, gods who emotionally exactly resemble warlords - moody, unstable, capricious, and cruel. In feudal societies, the head god is always a warlord with manic depression.

But the Judeo-Christian understanding of who God covenanted to save evolved. The modern Christian understanding is that Jesus as the Lord of Life inaugurated a new covenant that encomasses all of humanity. The most fundamental element of any theology of the Lord of the Covenant is that God saves people because it is his nature, not that God selects certain people for salvation and leaves others to be damned for reasons they have no control over.

Ancestors of mine who were very intense, feudal warlordlike in temperament, subject to anxiety and depression, and needed to worship a lordly majestic God who brings light from above to a miserable and divinely microordered world, and often subject to pathological fire and ice ecstatic states that could be channeled into religious mysticism, hung onto Calvinist theology and other feudal ways of thinking longer than people around them did.

When I discussed key features of my Dehaven family history with the leader of a bipolar support group, I learned that people with this condition are often drawn to Evangelical Christianity - because they get an emotional high from it. People with manic depression are high in the manic state, and often addicted to these highs.

Tolkien, who wrote the Lord of teh Rings trilogy, made exactly the same use of Roman Catholic mysticism, and as the artwork of a scene from his book above illustrates, this also comes through vividly in Tolkien's reconstruction of southwestern Asian metamythology. The scene above depicts ecstatic beauty, but it doesn't look like a place where one would actually want to be. The picture portrays a beauty composed of icy cold fire. It perfectly illustrates teh statement above from Dante's Inferno, that writers with manic depression often quote, often with similar artwork, to illustrate what clinical mania is like. Fire and ice is the hallmark quality of manic states. Tolkien almost certainly knew mania well. Tolkien had repeated bouts of deep depression or melancholy and obsessive anxiety, which is often true of bipolar disorder, his parents had questionable mental health, and did such typically bipolar things as abruptly running off to Africa to make alot of money that's not there, and many things that he said and wrote could not have been said or written by someone who did not know the inner world of bipolar disorder. Some of Tolkien's statements about the mystical nature of Holy Communion also suggest that he had experienced clinical mania. Those who have been there are never again the same.


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The Tuttle story is one of my qualifying stories for Rootsweb's International Black Sheep Society
After checking out the citations that people sent me, as much as I could get ahold of them, mostly TAG, and a couple of citations, I never did get ahold of the Prindle book, I found that documents such as wills establish that the Tuttles were of Northampton. My sources, as well as a summary of the disproven roots cited in older Tuttle genealogies in the United States, are below.

Ringstead Tuttles

This is the true Tuttle lineage. The material is a little confusing. Here is the version I put together;

First Generation

Thomas Totehyll, Of Woodford, co Northampton, Engl b 1506. assessed for subsidy there, 1544. Karen Price has him marrying Elizabeth Mason, source? He witnessed wills of Robert Crosse, 1524, Robert Pashles, 1538, Sir Silliam Longe, 1541, Elizabeth Whitbread, 1552, Richard Lyncoln, 1545. It seems to me that he must have had sufficient status to witness Sir William Longe's will; he is likely to have had some relationship by blood or marriage to all of these people. Probably father of:

Second Generation

Richard Tootill, of Woodford, co Northampton, born abat 1530, m Elizabeth _____. Wayne Barnes identifies her as Elizabeth Lyncoln. Source? Price has he d 1587/88 Woodford. Sam has he d 1589/90 in Peterborough. Jacobus cited his will for March 1589 as the date of his death. I infer there might have been more than one Richard Tootill. Jacobus has him supervised will of Richard Beare of Woodford, 3 Nov 1579, witness will of Elizabeth Lyncoln, 1556. Atleast we know there were Lyncolns around, and again, they were probably closely related to the Tuttle family. Children: (from his will) Symon, about 1560 Ringstead d 1630. Anthony d Petersborough age 23. Elizabeth d in her 30's, apptly unm. Ellen d in her 30's, apptly unm. (no marriage mentioned, only date death.) Mary d unm in Peterborough, age 27. Frances d age 21. Thomas ~1564 - bef 1640. In view of the dysfunctional family dynamics and serious mental illness of later family members, I question why so many daughters of this family failed to marry? This was very unusual in that time. Remember, Charlemagne refused to allow his daughters to marry because he was very possessive of them! This is also consistent with my own father's behavior. Such behavior real consistent with that of William of Connecticut. The shyness and poor self- esteem of even a mild mood disorder could also explain it, though in that time, problems of temperament did not often interfere with women marrying.

Third Generation

Thomas Tootill, d abt 1640 will dated 14 Jun 1639, proved 12 Dec 1640, he lived in Holcott and then in Woodford, both in County Northampton. He married Anne ____. The stuff I put about him on this page yesterday was a mistake; the people I named as his wife and children were Richard's (the father of Simon). His will names 3 sons and makes his second son, Robert, executor with his wife, Jacobus thinks because his son John was the John Tuttle of the Planter who was married to Joan Antrobus Lawrence and died in Carrickfergus, Ireland. Jacobus bases that on the fact that this John was teh right age to have been the John Tuttle, and on the mistaken belief, based on White's papers, that Simon had no son named John. Symon b Engl D Engl John bapt Holcot 4 Jun 1596 Robert b abt 1598 or bef 18 Mar 1598/99, Holcott, Northampton, bapt 18 Mar 1598/99 in HOlcott, d Engl Abigail bapt 24 Nov 1628 d young abt 1631 These baptisms and their place and dates all from Jacobus, who says that Thomas lived first in Holcott and then in Woodford, which would explain why his children were born in Holcott, though I don't have a source on how he knows this, and he appears to cite Dawes-Gates as his source on the children's baptisms. I don't know if these dates and the place are based on confusion with John who is actually the son of Simon, who was really baptized in Holcott, on 4 June 1596, according to Greene! That John also had no brother named Robert, who, it appears, was bapt in Holcot, too! Atleast, not named in Simon's will. One would think the baptismal record identified the parents. But I gather that neither Jacobus nor Greene have seen the baptismal record of this John christened in Holcot. Since it appears not many of the Tuttle family lived in Holcot, this supports John of the Planter was Thomas's son. Unless the confusion comes in at the point of which John Tuttle went to Hertfordshire and married Joan Antrobus Lawrence! Simon Totill or Towtills of Ringstead, co Northampton, b abt 1560, buried Ringstead, 6/15/1630, married abt 1592, Isabel Wells, b abt 1565, dau of John Wells of Ringstead, who mentioned her in his will, 1618. Symon mentioned in both his father's will and his father in law's', whose will also named all four Tuttle grandsons (or rather, four of five of them, he left out John). Simon Tuttle supervised will of Mathew Harris of Woodford in 1600. His widow accompanied her sons on the Planter in 1635, but probably didn't live long. See Simon Tuttle's will at Sam Casey's web site. Simon Tuttle was a very well -off man (though not on the same level of well off as my Noyes ancestors, who had advanced into the gentry), with much property and possibly a fair number of sheep. Gene Curtin mentions that the College of Arms was cited as the source for Simon's children by a family historian ordinarily skeptical of noble ancestry claims, from which he infers that Simon Totill had the right to bear a coat of arms. (A well off yeoman could qualify for a coat of arms.) The catalogue of his property from his will reads: land he gave his son Richard, with land, meadows, and commons, and the house and other buildings, where he and his wife live. land, meadows and commons which he bought from Thomas Holding and Edward Asin alias James and of William Sillyman. the dwelling house where Mr. Wrothfall now lives with all the houses that belong to it, and adjoining yard and orchard. John White lived there or held it too, at some point. the meadow which he purchased from Joane Bateman widow, apparently a large meadow, since he divied it up among his family. (William had inherited 20 pounds from his grandfather, John Welles.) a meadow he bought from Eusache Morton and Thomas Ekins. a bedstead adn furniture, a table in the hall with a frame, "framed stools", more than one chimney in his house, good brass pans, a great cubboard, more than two chairs some of them large, a chest by the bed. a malt mill sheep. Half a dozen of them to a specific family member, the others to be divided. one acre of "leyres" which he purchased from Mr. Carier. Could be something to do with the sheep. Atleast thirty-five pounds. Plus 2(xxs) to be given to the church, the poor, etc. John Wells' will indicates that he was atleast as well of, perhaps a bit wealthier, than Simon Tuttle. subsidy rolls indicate that John Wells or Weales, and Simon Totehill or Symon Tootwell, of Rinsteed, were assessed for pieces of armor or equipment and amounts of money, I forget what if anything that is supposed to signify. Children: Richard (see below) William (see below) John (named in Simon's will, possibly the individual below) Thomas (the Thomas I couldn't identify with William b abt 1609 who I didn't know where he went yesterday were Thomas teh son of Simon, and William Tuttle the emigrant - from Jacobus's version. William was not known to be born in 1607, not 1609, until his baptismal record was found at Ringstead. Simon of Burton Latimer, co Northampton, buried 14 Dec 1630 at Burton Latimer, m by license (why, significance?) Peterborough, dated, Mar 1616/17 Alice Jamse who was bapt at Burton Latimer 30 Jan 1591/2 and bur there Jan 1623/4, dau of Wm James. Simon m (2) Burton Latimer 26 Jun 1624, Katherine Brabooke, dau of Richard and Joan Brabooke of Burton Latimer.

Fourth Generation

Richard b abt 1593 or 1595 Ringstead d Boston, MA 5/8/1640 m Barnwell St Andrew, Co Northampton, 6/19/1622 Anne Taylor, b abt 1594. Churchwarden of Ringstead 1626, 1629. Anne his wife remarried bef 1648, Edward Holyoke. Previous marriage to Joan Grafton bef 1622. By his second wife: Simon (not on the list of baptisms, I don't know where he came from) Ann/ Hannah b Jan 20, 1622/3 bapt Ringstead, Aug 23 1623. Jacobus in 1952 said she m in England. In 1854 TAG Jacobus argues he hadn't checked on that yet, it is she and not Ann the daughter of William Tuttle who m John Pantry and Thomas Welles of Hartford (no relation to the Wells of Ringstead and Woodford). ISsue by atleast the Pantry; see Ann the daughter of William Tuttle. John b Feb 12 1624/5 Ringstead d 3/31/1687 Rumney Marsh, MA m Mary Holyoke, the dau of Edward and Prudence (Stockton) Holyoke. ? b 1627 d bef 1635 age 7 There is alot of confusion over this child and a second Jonathan, from baptismal records. John may or may not be the first Jonathan. There were five baptisms to this family, and one illegible name on the baptismal register. Atleast one child clearly died befroe the 1635 voyage because not on the ship's list. Rebecca b 1629 Ringstead Greene deduced that she, bapt Ringstead 27 May 1630, m Richard Shotswell, son of John, of Ipswich. John b ca 1596 bapt Holcot, 4 June 1596, according to Greene, who cites only Jacobus for his source on this baptismal record. The question becomes, which John was bapt at Holcot in 1596, and also, why would a child of Simon's have been baptized in Holcot? Jacobus cites Dawes GAtes lines on that record, and Greene cites Jacobus; neither has seen the baptismal record which surely would state whether the father of this John and also of Robert Tuttle christened two years later, was Thomas, or Simon. Greene thinks that John was the brother of William and Richard and not their first cousin, because Simon's will shows that, contrary to what White and the College of Arms said, Simon DID have a son named John, who he named in his will several times, and because, in a series of lawsuits over the ownership and purported theft of a mare and her colt, Simon the son of John, and John the son of Richard, referred to each other's parents as aunt and uncle, and Greene thinks these terms had the same meaning then that they do now. One strange thing I notice from the Ringstead records as presented in these articles is that of all the children of Simon, ONLY William was christened at Ringstead, and from what Greene shows, Simon appeared in the subsidy roles tehre only in 1604/5 though John Wells consistently appeared in them through 1618, though Simon was buried in Ringstead. But William appears to have been a younger son of Simon's, quite possibly his youngest. John settled in Ipswich, MA, and then in 1651 returned to England and settled in Carrickfergus, Ireland, and died there 12/30/1656. He left a will that named his sons and that was burned in a fire. Married in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, ca 1627, Joan (Antrobus) Lawrence, widow of Thomas Lawrence. she bapt 6/25/1592, St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Why did John marry in Hertfordshire? (This notion from Karen Price, Sam Behling, and Gene Curtin.) Her ancestry in Antrobus Pedigrees. Supposed to be also in Gene Curtin's pages - but that link doesn't work. Jacobus says he lived in Hertfordshire for some years, doesn't say why or how we know this, and that he met Joan there, and that her parents were Walter and Joan (Arnold) Antrobus. His wife wrote oddly both that John never was sick until the day he died, and that he died of "grife that he hath taken for his to sons hath brought upon him a lingring deseas lost his stomuch and pined away." (Records and Files 2:173). He was disappointed with them for not forwarding money they had collected for him. It is consistent with depression. His wife died after 1/29/1660. John (a mercer), came in 1635 on the Planter, w Joan his wife, JOhn, William, Maria Lawrence, Abigail, Simon and Sara Tuttell, their children. A merchant, had large dealings w London merchants. Their children married into the first families of the colony. (This from George Frederick Tuttle) From Jacobus, his Antrobus mother in law was on the ship, too. Most of these web pages have John, Richard, and William with their mother on the Planter, in 1635, to Massachusetts. Their youngest son, Simon, b bef 1/10/1630/1 St. Albans, Hertfordshire (Price) m 1659, Joan Burnham, 1663, Sarah Cogswell, and lived in Ipswich, d Jan 1692. Sarah b 1632 St. Albans d aft 4/18/? She m Richard Martin, Boston, Suffolk, 1 Feb 1653/4 (Any relation to Martins of Salem Village?) The following is actually William Tuttle, son of Simon, b 1607, as follows - from Jacobus. I previously had trouble placing who this was. More people than me think that this is two separate people, because peoples' web pages have a separate and distinct William b abt 1609 placed in various places on the family tree. Greene explains that before William Tuttles baptismal record was found that shows him born in 1607, he was thought to have been born in about 1609. The date and place of death makes it clear that this is the same William Tuttle as William the son of Simon. - William b abt 1609, d in New Haven, CT, 1673, m Elizaabeth b England abt 1609-12, d New Haven, 12/30/1684, aged 76 (gravestone). Settled in Boston, MA, where his wife joined the church 1636. He moved to New Haven in 1639, early enough to be an initial signer of the agreement that created it. William Tuttle b 24 Dec 1607 Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England, bapt Ringtead, Northamptonshire England 26 Dec 1607. d New Haven, CT Jun 1673. Married Elizabeth ____. Quite a number of these web sites identify her as Elizabeth Mathews, none of them say where they got it, I am suspicious because as you can see above, Elizabeth Mathews is the name of a woman who married the much earlier William Tuttle, sheriff and lord mayor in Devonshire, she daughter of a Welsh aristocrat. He d New Haven, CT, 30 Dec 1684. He had an estate rated for 450 (pounds, shillings?) well above average size, his name often appears in records as busied in small affairs of the town, on committees and boards of arbitration, but never elected to public office or ran for public office. Fined in 1646 for falling asleep on the watch. He went to Boston 1645, w first three children, in Boston to 1639, twomore children, to Davenport 1639, one of first signers of orignl compact that founded Conne4cticut. (Price has Elizabeth b 1645 Ringstead, Simon b 1641 New Haven, Simon, Benjamin and Mercy b 1647-50 New Haven. Nathaniel b 1651 Ringstead. William was much employed in public affairs. Titled "Mr." . Wealthy for his times. All of his sons and daughters married into the first families of the day. Elizabeth may have been related to Robert Hill or to his first wife; they tried to get custody of the youngest stepchild from the second wife after her husband died, and she didn't particularly seem to want the child. Pictures of Tuttle descendants from this couple, from George F Tuttle's Tuttle genealogy are on my Tuttle picture page ; they looked strikingly like Amzi Allen and a number of his immediate descendants. 1. John b 1631 m Catharine or Cattarina Lane 11/8/1653. , dau of John, of Milford, Hannah b 11/2/1655 m11/7/1672 Samuel Clark Samuel b 8/7/1673 m 11/15/1698 Mary Brown Daniel b 3/6/1674-5 John b 2/23/1676-7 living 1729 per will Joseph b 10/20/1678 m 11/27/1707 Marah parker Stephen b 12/24/1680 m 11/26/1702 Sarah Hill Nathan b 2/20/1682 m 5/27/1709 Phebe Lines she m (2) Joshua Tuttle Hannah b 4/6/1685 m 4/20/1709 Jonah TODD Phineas b 6/27/1687 m 5/9/1715 Abigail Bassett Abigail b 9/6/1689 Hester b 1/2/1692 m 1/8/1712 John Munson Timothyb 1/5/1694 m 1/31/1724 Elizabeth Potter Mehitable b 5/10/1698 m 12/16/1722 Thomas Down d 10/25/1723, three wks after birth of lst child. Mehitable b 10/4/1723 married Thomas Stevens? Living on dateof deeed, 1744-5. Her husband remarried. John b 9/15/1657 m 5/29/1689 Mary Burroughs Ephraim b 4/2/1690 John b 9/5/1692 Nathan b 1/20/1694 Mary b 12/26/1696 m Epharaiim, Looomis. Desire b NH 7/11/1697, m 4/20/1726 Daniel TODD, m 2 8/26/1730 John READ. Mary TODD b 3/7/1722 m 3/13/1741 Elias READ ofStamford Katharine TODD b 1723 d 1724 Daniel TODD b 3/5/1724 m 10/13/1748 Sybil Carrington Josiah READ John READ Ithiel READ Jonathan READ Samuel b 1/9/1659-60 m 6/1684 Sarah Newman m 2 Abaigail, dau of John and Mercy FROST and widow of Thos Barnes She had 15 children already. In 1736, her son Samuel presented a petition to the court to administer her estate, she had "fallen into discomposure of mind", was incapable, etc. Mary b 1/31/1684-5 m 10/1/1704 Ebenezer FROST Jemima b 12/6/1686 m 4/1707 Thomas Jacobs Stephen mRachel Mansfield Abigail b 4/4/169_ m 7/23/1717 Ddanl Atwater Martha b 3/18/___ m 2/15/1717 John Smith Joseiah b 4/5/1696 m6/11/1719 Deborah Barnes Sarah b 1/17/1698 m John Moulthrop Daniel b 8/23/1702 m 4/26/1726 Mary Mansfield Stephen b 1688 m Rachel Manasfield may have gone to N.H. Sarah b 1/22/1661-2 m 9/10/1685 John Humiston of NH John b 10/24/1686 m Hannah Ray Lydia b 4/1/1689 Sarah b 4/8/1693 m 5/26/1714 James Bradley James b 5/7/1696 m 1/7/1719 Sarah Atwater Daniel twin b 4/13/1664 m Hannah Sanford Daniel bp 1/6/1694 m Abigail Andrew bp 1/26/1695 m Ann Woodruff Hannah bp 6/27/1697 m 8/28/1727 Dnl Carrington Timothy b 12/1/1728 Dnl b 5/20/1730 Sybl b 1/8/1732 m Danl TODD Jerusha bp 9/1/1700 Mary twoin 4/13/1664 The last four their mother had bapt 3/23/1666 Elizabeth b 11/19/1666 m John READ Jr of Norwalk John READ b 1697 m Hannah Danl READ m Elizabeth Eleazer READ m Abigail Saml READ m Sarah William READ b 11161708 m Jacob Green Mary READ Elizabeth READ m 11/1719 Jacob Green Ezperience READ b 1707 m Jaems St John Mehitable READ Ann READ m 12/6/1738 Eliakim Waring David b 11/14/1668 m 11/24/1698 Mary READ Solomon b 8/26/1699 m David b 3/6/1701 m Mary b 11/24/17_4 m 2/6/1731 Richard Higginbotham had 4 children Nathan b 8/16/1707 m 5/1731 Ann Gilbert Katharine b 1/2/1709 Ann b 12/28/1713 Lydia b 7/11/1717 ONe of these girls married John Waring, b 1704 Susanna d 1683 James on jury in N.H. in 1703 Benj Tuttle of NH bapt Milford 1671, also son of John, no further mention of him. 2. Ann/ Hannah b 1633 nothing known of her Behling has her b 1633 d 1696 Tuttles in America has her with children d Hartford CT Her memorial stone with the Welles family. m John, Pantry 1649. "He was the largest and tallest man of his time in Hartford, of strong mind and estimable character. The following children, as well as marriages to John Pantry and to a Wells, are traditionally attributed to this Ann/ Hannah. But Greene argues that these two marriages and these children belong to Hannah the daughter of Richard Tuttle, William's brother. John PANTRYbp 3/17/1650m Abigail Mix hannah PANTRY b 8/1652 d unm 1672 Mary b prob aft 9/1/1653 Mary PANTRY b prob aft 9/1/1653 m Nathaniel Mix Rebecca Welles PANTRY b 5/1655 m 8/13/1680 Capt James Judson Thomas PANTRY b 10/1657 m 1689 Mary Blackleach Sarah PANTRY b 4/1659 m 11/7/1678 JohnBidwell, Jr Ichabod PANTRY b 11/1660 m 9/4/1684 Sarah Way Samuel PANTRY b 10/1662 m Ruth Judson, sis to James Judson Jontahan PANTRY b 9/1664 d 1690 Joseph PANTRY b 8/1667 d 1698 m Elizabeth Way Greene argues that this Ann married (1) Joshua Judson of Stratford and (2) John Hurd jr of Stratford and Woodbury, and had issue by both. I think it is traditionally believed that Hannah the daughter of Richard made these marriages. Greene argues that: Ann Tuttle married William Hurd around 1654-5, which is consistent with the age of Ann the daughter of William, who was baptized in 1633, and that this would make the births of her children end when she was around 40. In Woodbury land records, record of ___ Hurd in Woodbury, he calls Nathaniel Tuttle his uncle, and Nathaniel was the youngest son of William, and that in a listing of Tuttle's land, "Ebenezer Hurd" is referred to as Nathaniel Tuttle's cousin. Elizabeth Tuttle the wife of William called John Hurd their son, and atleast one of her children referred to Hurd's as brothers and sisters (meaning in-law). These arguments are pretty convincing. 3. Thomas b 1635 m Hannah Powell 5/25/1660 d 10/19.1710 a cooper, gauger and packer, juryman, constable, exused from training on account of gout 1689 (only 29 years old) Hannah b 2/24/1661 m Joshua Hotchkiss Hannah HOTCHKISS b abt 1686 m Ebenezer PECK Priscilla HOTCHKISS b 12/30/1688 m John Sperry Abraham HOTCHKISS b abt 1690 Abigail HOTCHKISS b 10/12/1695 m Danl Winston Mary b HOTCHKISS abt 1699 living 1732 Isaac HOTCKISS b 6/1701 Jacaob HOTCHKISS b 2/1704 Abigail b 1/17/1663 mary b 6/14/1665 d 8/12/1683 Thomas b 10/27/1667 m 6/28/1692 Mary Sanford She rem 12/23/1707 Danl JOHNSON I forgot to get his children John b 12/5/1669 m Hannah ____ Hannah b 7/3/1702 d bef 1739 unm Ruth b 10/24/1704 m 1/18/1737 Japhtet MANSFIELD JR Lydia b 3/15/1707 m John Mansfield Euncice b 4/1/1740 DAvid b 7/3/1742 m Eunice PECK (dau of Jeremiah) 1745 Rebecca b 5/1/7/1745 Dorothy b 3/22/1709 m2/9/1748 Wm PECK Ebenezer b 7/23/1711 d 12/22/1732 Moses b 6/25/1715 faithful and orthodox minister at Granville, MA He m in 1746, Martha EDWARDS, youngest of ll chldren of Rev. Timothy EDWARDS, (8) ofE>W., a 2d cousin of his father. "She is described in STiles' Windsor as a lady of remarkable powers of mind though somewhat eccentric". Martha b 1747 d 1837 unm Hannah b 1750 d 1831 Ruth b 1753 d unm 1805 ESther b Kent PA 1756, living Vernon Ct 1850, age 94, m bef Dec 1789 Amos Cady Esther b 4/9/1672 m 2/27/1694 Samuel Russell Caleb b 8/29/1674 m 3/1/1699 Mary Hotchkiss (2) Hannah (Butler) TODD "He was a plain good man whom I well knew, a man of intergrity, vry intimate with Gov Jones'son, they having married sisters, ...He was a zeaslous religionist and warmly captivated with characters distinguished for holiness and piety,...he would...have listened to the anecdotes and history of these pious and heroic suffereres with avidity and curoious and feeling attention. I doubt not he knew mroe about the subject than all his posterity..." Sarah b 11/1699 m 4/29/1725 Noah Wolcott Caleb b 12/1701 d 12/27/1725 Thomnas b 11/24/1705 m 1/1/1730 Silence Sperry James b 11/30/1707 m 5/13/1730 Abigail Potter Enos b 11/11/1711 m 12/16/1736 Deborah Payne Timothy b 2/21/1713 mary b 3/1715 m Timothy Ford Eliphalet b 12/2/1718 m Desire Bradley LEvi m __ Bradley Abraham b 2/16/1722 m 1/22/1741 Lydia Humiston Joshua b 1/31/1731 Stephen Joshua b 12/19/1675 m 2/26/1710 Mary Mix Martha b 5/23/1679 d 1/25/1690 4. Jonathan b 7/2/1637 m Rebecca Bel; d 5/2/1676 "Ebenezer Blakelee, John Humiston, Daniel and Thomas Barnes, Moses Brockett and later the Clarks, Todds and others settled near the center. All these families have intermarried with each other generation after generation and in many instances relationships are unusually complicated." Rebecca b 9/10/1664 m Isaac Deighton Issac DAYTON m Elizabeth TODD (dau of Eliz and Michael TODD) Rebecca b 1709 d 1711 Elizabeth DAYTON b 9/25/1711 m Danl DOOLITTLE ONe of their children, Oliver Doolittle, b 1742, m Lois, dau of BEnj and Hannah Munson Cook, sis to Phebe (abaove) Rebecca Dayton b 1713 m Ebenezer Glibert Israel DAYTON b 1715 m Dinah (Bishop) Clark Sarah b 7/27/1716 d 1769 m 1735 Benjamin English Hannah b 1718 m 1738 Stephen Jacogbgs Issac b 8/30/1720 Micael DAYTON b 6/4/1722 m 1/29/1746 Mehitable DOOLITTLE Deborah b 1724 m Nathan Masnfield Jonathan b 1727 m 1751 mary Galle (2) BEde Andrews Charity b 9/29/1730 m Jehiel TUTTLE Giles b 2/20/1731 m 1757 Mary Bishop Hezekiah Dayton Nathaniel DAYTON JOnathan DAYTON m 1720 Mgt Ramsay much propty on L.I. Mary DAyton m Reuben Johnson Charity Dayton m 12/14/1726 Capt Abner Johnson Sarah Dayton m Mathhew Bellamny of Cheshire CT mary b 2/7/1666 m Wm Fredericks Mary FREDERICKS b 7/22/1685 m John, eldest son of Abraham and Mary (Holt) Doolittle, b 8/13/1681 of Wallingford he m (2) Mary Lewis. See below Jonathan b 4/6/1669 joined ch 1694 d 1700 his siblings divided his property Simon b 3/11/1671 m Elizabeth Ebetrnetha Rebecca b 4/30/1698 Jonathan b 9/8/1701 m 12/8/1724 Mary Cooper Isaiah b 7/10/1704 m 1827 Susannah Doolittle of Wallingford, dau of his first cousin. Jonathan b 1728m Hannah Barnes Theophilus b 1729 d Wallingford 1787 Isaiah b 1731 dyoung David b 1733 d 1764 estate div among his brothers Elizabeth b 6/17/1736 m Titus TODD son of Benjamin and Mary Alling TODD, deacon of No Haven church. HIs will named daus Chloe Tuttle, she m Samuel TUTTLE Sarah b 1738 d 1760 unm Isaiah b 1742 d young Solomon b 8/20/1746 m 1767 Eunice TUTTLE Susanna b 1762m Jonathan Smith Rachel b 1764 Elizbeth Sarah b 1766 Joseph b 1770 Elizabeth b 11/8/1705 d 1725-6 her brothers Isaiah and David divided her property Deborah b 1/1/1709-10 DAvid b 4/25/1713 William b 5/25/1673 m Mary Ebernetha, her sister joined ch 1707 Aaron b 11/25/1698 m Mary Munson Moses m Mary b 8/1702 Ezekiel m 4/21/1729 m 2/28/1728 Susan Merriman dau of John and Elizabeth PECK Merriman Lois b 1729 d young Tistus b 1731 m Lois Atwater Rebecca b 1733 Lois b 1737-8 m1755 Benjamin TODD Reuben b 1739 m 1/20/1766 Joanna Tyler Mamre b 1741 Susanna b 1744 Jemima b 1746 m 1772 Seth BLAKESLEE Ezekisl b 1745 Lucy b 1761 Abel Susannah b 11/1/1708 m 2/28/1728 Elisha Parker Lydia b 2/22/1710-11 Jemima b 2/13/1712-3 m 5/17/1731 Ebenezer BLAKESLEE of no Haven Hannah b 11/10/1715 m 2/9/1736-7 Christopher TODD son of Dea Samuel and Susanna (TUTTLE) TODD b 1713 Susanna TODD b 1737 Oliver Todd b 1739 Samule Todd b 1741-2 m Abigail TUTTLE Dan Todd b 1743 m Lucy FROST Hannah Todd m Abel BRADLEY son of Moses BRADLEY Edmund TODD b 1748 m Hannah TUTTLE Mahitabel Toddd b 1751 Jossiah Todd b 1755 m __WHEELER William b 8/1/1718 m 1/26/1743-4 Abigail FREDERICKS Nathan b 1744 unm Joel b 1746 m 1772 Lydia BRADLEY Hannah b 1/22/1748 m Edmund TODD Abigail b 6/7/1749 m Samuel TODD William m PHebe BRADLEY patience b 1752 m Ebenzer BRADLEY Mary Ann b 1754 unm Sarah m Seth Plumb of Wallingford Matilda m Ephraim TODD Daniel b 4/30/1722 m Phebe Beach Zophar b 1743 m Hannah DOOLITTLE of Wallingford Prudence b 1745 m Capt Geideon TODD Dan b 1746 m Abigail Fresibe Benoni b 1749 went to Vermont, an ardent patriot Jabez b 1753 m 1773 Mary TODD Ichabod b 1757 accidentally killed Beri b 1761 m Charity Johnson Nathaniel b 2/25/1676 m Esther BLACKSLEE Joonathan b 3/1702 m 12/8/1726 Rebecca Gilbert Silence b 1703 m 1728 John Turner Moses b 5/8/1704 notnamed in will of his father, 1728 Nathaniel b 5/29/1714 m 1/16/1737 Mary TODD (2) Abigail Ingham His children incl: Abigail b 1740 m 1760 Joel BRADLEY mary m Abner TODD Enos m 4/23/1741 Mary TODD Esther m 11/10/1748 Benjamin DOOLITTLE Ezra b 1720 m Hannah TODD (2) Susannah Merriman 5. DAvid b 4/7/1639 d 1693 (Behling): Non Compos Mentis. died age 53. ** 6. Joseph b 11/22/1640 m Hannah Munson 5/2/1667 d 9/1690 My own direct ancestor Joseph Tuttle b 3/18/1668 m 11/10/1691, by GovTreat, Elizbeth Sanford Samuel Tuttle b 7/15/1670 a mason m Sarah Samuel b 1/9/1696 Sarah b 9/8/1699 m Benjamin Dorman Anna b 12/23/1700 Stephen b 9/5/1703 m Sarah, perhaps Stephen TUTTLE's widow. Jonah b 11/20/1705 Amos b 5/30/1708 m Sarah Mansfield STephen Tuttle b 5/20/1673 rem to Woodbridge, NJ Timothy b 10/16/1696 m Cecilia MOore Joseph b 9/2/1698 m 1720 Abigail Ogden Stephen m 1735, Sarah Stanley Samuel prob d young Joanna Tuttle b 12/30/1675m Ste;hen Pangborn, rem to Woodbridge NJ JOseph Pangborn Hannah Pangborn b 1714 m 6/16/1734 Ephraim TUTTLE Timothy Pangborn m 1742 Deborah Youngs Noah Pangborn Susanna Tuttle b 2/20/1679 m 9/16/1698 Samuel, s of Saml and Mary (BRADLEY) TODD,b 7/1/1672 rem to WAterbury CT deacon there. *** Lydia TODD b 7/28/1699 m Rev. BENJAMIN DOOLITTLE TO AMZI ALLEN Caleb Todd b 2/2/1700 m mary Ives Stephen TODD b 12/4/1702 m Lydia Ives Mehitable TODD b 1/29/1704 m 1726 Elihu Yale; he was a wealthy planter in N. Hav. a nephew of Gov Elihu Yale, college named for Christopher Todd b 1707 d 1712 Elizabeth Todd m Dea Samuel Sackett Christpher TODD b 4/27/1713 m Hannah TUTTLE (4) Samuel Todd b 3/6/1716 m Mercy Evans. Grad Yale U 1734. "Possessed a mind of more than ordinary strength" and great decsion of ___ His religious sentiments and feelings were strictly evangelical He warmly approved of the revival of 1740, and exerted himself to promote it. This got him dismissed from his first church, which became Episcopal. He would shake his large white wig at children who made mistakes in their (Calvinistic) Westminster Catechism. He went to study the Revival at Stockbridge, prob on advice of a close friend of Pres. Edwards. (I don't know if Rev. Jonathan Edwards or related to him.) He returned and established a prayer meeting, at which half his congregation rebelled and left. Susanna Todd b 12/8/1718 m Caleb HUMISTON She made a confession of faith, recounted the wickedness of her rebellion against God, and credited the role of counsels of Rev. Mr. Tiles and the death of an aunt in her conversion. In other words, she found Jesus and was Born Again - as all Puritan young people in New England were expected to do. When that happened they were finally admitted to the Church. This connected with her brother's record. 7. Sarah b 4/1642 m John Slauson 11/22/1663 d 11/17/1676 She was murdered by her brother, Benjamin, who chopped her head apart with an axe, during a quarrel. Possibly it was about their dead father's considerable property; he said "he was afraid whe would do to him what he had done to her", whatever that meant. Her children testified that he came into her house carrying an axe and repeatedly struck her head with it, saying something about "I will teach you to Scold" and something they couldn't understand. Before this time, Sarah was a flirt, repeatedly in trouble for making out. In 1660, William Tuttle Sarah's father complained against Sarah and Jacob Murline for kissing and making out on a storage chest. The law provided for a fine aganist anyone who drew the attentions of a maid or maid servant without the permission of her parents, master, or guardians. This was not often enforced; William Tuttle was one of the few who went to such lengths of thinking they owned their children! "Mr. Tuttle pleaded that Jacob had endeavored to steal away his daughter's affections." (SAm Behling) The governor reported that Sarah had flirted and made out with Jacob in his house at a wedding. The court fined either of them 20 shillings, characterized their behavior as sinful and evil and Sarah's as bold, ordered both of them to mend their ways, and ordered Jacob to stay away from virgins. It seems Sarah's mother had told her not to keep company with him. John Slauson b 9/9/1664 m Mary Sarah Slauson b 1667 m Ebenezer BISHOP Jonathan Slauson b 1670 m mary Waterbury Elizabeth Slauson b 1672 m Nathanniel POND 8. Elizabeth b 11/9/1645 m Richard Edwards 11/19/1667 d 1688 became ancestor of Puritan Revivalist Jonathan Edwards. Elizabeth had a premarital affair with her husband, and also with another man, such that there was doubt about who was the father of her first child. There was a lawsuit, and Elizabeth and Richard were fined for sleeping together before marriage, and Richard was found to be the father. In any case, there was trouble concerning Elizabeth caring for the child, and her father ended up raising it. Elizabeth for some reason refused to sleep with her husband for years, resulting in an at first unsuccessful bid to divorce her. For one thing, he wanted to marry Mary Talcott, who had been fined for fornication with him. At his second effort, Richard argued that he was afraid of Elizabeth. "It became clear that Elizabeth herself was, at times, not in her right mind, and often threatened to murder her husband while he was asleep." Richard was granted the divorce, married Mary Talcott, and had six children. Nothing further is known of Elizabeth. Mary Edwards b 1668 chil b in Hartford Timothy Edwards b 5/14/1669 m Esther Stoddard "of polished manners, particularly attentive to dress and propriety of exterior, never appearing in public but in the full dress of a clergyman". "for that period, remarkably liberal, and enlightened with regard to the education of his children, preparing not only his son, but each of his dauaghters also for college". a minister, well educated, taught classics and classical languages. Esther b 8/6/1695 m 1729 Profand Rev. Samuel Hopkins a woman of superior intellect Elizabeth b 4/14/1697 m Col Jabez Huntington Ann b 4/28/1699 m 1734 Capt John Ellsworth Mary b 2/11/1701 d unm 9/17/1776 sought in marriage but preferred to care for aged parents. Amiable disposition,, understanding, uncommon attainments.


b 10/5/1703 m 1727 Sarah Pierpoint
"In person he was tall, slender and slightly stooping, his face, very pale and somewhat wasted, wore an aspect of singular refinement and dignity; his manner calm and gentle; he spoke very little. He lamented his awkward address and unimposing presence "I have a constitution," he says,"in many respects peculiarly unhappy, attended with flaccid solids and vapid sizy and scarce fluids, and a low tide of spirits; often occasioning a childish weakness and contempatableness of speech, presence and demeanor and a disagreeable dullness and stiffness much unfitting me for conversation." In other words, the man had clinical depression. Edwards had a distinctly intuitive, emotion charged, mystical approach to religion and way of knowing and experiencing God. Struggling through his teenage years and young manhood with his sense of sinfulness and objections to the dark horror of the doctrine of predestination, according to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, "though he gradually worked through his intellectual objections, it was only with his conversion ...that he came to a 'delightul conviction' of divine sovereignty, to a 'new sense' of God's glory revealed in Scripture and in nature. This became the centre of Edwards' piety: a direct, intuitive apprehension of God in all his glory, a sight and taste of Christ's majesty and beauty far beyone all 'notional' understanding, immediately imparted to the soul by 'a divine and supernatural light.' This alone confers worth on man, and in this consists his salvation. What such a God does must be right; hence, Edwards' "cosmic optimism". The acceptance and affirmation of God as he is and does and the love of God simply because he is God became central motifs in all Edwards' preaching." Edwards described more about his own intensely emotion-driven mentality than the nature of free will when he wrote in "Freedom of Will, "The will...is not a separate, self-determining faculty with power to act contrary to the strongest motives, as he understood the Arminians (Calvinistic rebels against predestination) to teach. Rather, it is identical with feelings or preference, and a volition is simply the soul's 'prevailing inclination' in action; the will 'is as the greatest apparent good.' Men are free to do as they please, and God therefore rightly holds them morally responsible for the quality of their volitions as expressions of their desires and intentions." How does this make sense? Remember, Edwards believed in predestination. God decided at the beginning of time on a small number of people who would be saved, not according to any thing about those people, but only because it pleased God to do so. Peoples' emotional bent was not their own doing, but that of God. "...a saving knowledge of God and spiritual things is possible only to those who have received the gift of the 'new sense'. This grace is independent of human effort and is 'irresistible', for the perception of God's beauty and goodness that it confers is in its very nature a glad 'consent'. Neverthless, God decrees conversion and a holy life as well as ultimate felicity; and he has so constituted things that 'means of grace' (eg sermons, sacraments, even the fear of hell) are employed by the Spirit in conversion, though not as proper causes" of such. Thus the predestinarian preacher could appeal to the emotions and wills of men." If that looks like circular reasoning, well,the notion of predestination is hardly at all logical. From Kathryn VanSpanckeren, An Outline of American Literature: Early America and Colonial Period to 1776: "Edwards was molded by his extreme sense of duty and by the rigid Puritan environment, which conspired to make him defend strict and gloomy Calvinism from the forces of liberalism springing up around him. He is best known for his frightening, powerful sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God". "'If god should let you go, you would immediately sink, and sinfully descend, and plunge into the bottomless gulf... the God that holds you over the pit of hell, much as one holds a spider or some loathsome insect over the fire, abhors you, and is dreadfully provoked...he looks upon you as worthy of nothing else but to be cast into the bottomless gulf.'" This looks eerily like possibly more was wrong with Edwards than he was depressed and frankly admitted that the above was pretty much atleast one side of how he felt about himself. It is the style of someone with dysphoric hypomania, a mild form of mania. It goes on and on, the length, the anger and the wording are excessive, it is imaginatively elaborate, and it conveys excessive and cold irritability and anger, and it contains the fire and ice quality typical of mania. "Edwards's sermons had enormous impact, sending whole congregations into hysterical fits of weeping. In the long run, though, their grotesque harshness alienated people from the Calvinism that Edwards valiently defended. Edwards's dogmatic, medieval sermons no longer fit the experiences of relatively peaceful, prosperous 18th century colonists." Edwards was a key theologian and leader of "the Great Awakening". He criticized some of its excesses, but supported it wholeheartedly, often preached in its style, thought it was "a genuine work of God, which needed to be furthered and purified". The affairs of the Tuttle family during this period demonstrate some of the tensions of the transforming society. The slow death of medieval social organization is also exemplified by tensions over the creation of the town of Sudbury Massachusetts in the 1630's, and by the Salem witch trials in 1692, where the feudal way of life of the Salem villagers confronted the developing Capitalism around them. In the mid to late 18th century the Tuttle family were not changing as quickly as people around them. They had a natural affinity for the medieval social order. The Tuttles were an emotionally intense family with a feudal temperament and genetic tendency to mental illness, and they adhered to feudal ways of thinking and religious practices longer than did most people. Aee above where Samuel Todd, brother of my direct line ancestor Lydia Todd (her mother was a Tuttle), also had problems that resulted from the gap between his own theology and temperament, and that of the members of his congregations. Edwards' son, Jonathan Edwards, b 5/26/1745. a Congregationalist minister. "He was apparently austere and reserved, but really mild and affectionate, though constitutionally irritable. ...piercing eye and severe countenance, strongly lined with thought,distant in manner and with no small talk. In the pulpit too profound to be interesting or even under- stood by ordinary minds. A portion of his preaching was highly practical and sometimes irresistably impressive and even terrible. He looked but little at his auditory and seemed consequently to be dealing in abstractions. Nevertheless he was uttering great and profound thoughts, and those capaable of understanding admired his genius." Eunice, b 1705 m 1729 Rev Simon Backus Abigail b 12/25/1707 m 1737 Wm Metcalf Jerusha b 1710 d unm 1729 Hannah b 2/8/1713 m 1/15/1746 Seth Wetmore, Esq Lucy b 1715 d 1736 unm Martha b 1/5/1718 m Rev. Moses TUTTLE Abigail Edwards b 1671 m 1689 Benjamin Lathrop (2) Capt Thos Stoughton Elizabeth Edwards b 1675 m 3/14/1695 Jacob Deming (2) Hinckley Ann Edwrsds b 1678 m 1698 Jonathan Richardson (2) William Davenport Mabel Edwards b 12/13/1685 m 12/14/1699 Jonathan Bigelow Martha Edwards 9. Simon Tuttle b 1647 d 1719 m Abigail Beach. A founder of Wallingford,CT m Abigail Beach, dau of John Beach of Wallingford d 8/1722 had three children. Daniel Tuttle b 11/11/1680 m 1711 Ruth Howe Daniel b 1714 Jehiel b 1717 m 1742 Hannah Hull Phebe b 1719 m 1736 Samuel Miles Martha b 1720 d 1742 Lydia b 1722 m Benjamin Culver Eunice b 1725 d 1726 Eunice b 1726 m Gideon IVES AMbrose b 1728 m Esther IVES her sister Enos b 1732 mSarh Francis Mary b 1733 m Joseph Francis Lois b 1737 m Abel IVES Jr Abiah Timothy Tuttle b 12/7/1716 founder of Goshen, Ct. m Abigail ___ and Hannah Wedham. d 10/23/1760. His widow m Hon Silas Richmond. Mary b 12/1/1743 m __ Sedgwick broother of Gen. Sedgwick. Amos b 2/8/1745 m l Mary Parks 2 Rosabell Denslow killed 11/20/1800 Elisha b 11/24/1746 d Goshen 7/28/1825 his wife 12/11/1829 Ichabod m Elizabeth Matthews Noah Tuttle b 3/26/1752 m Ruth Beach\ Deliverance b 10/24/1752 d 10/8/1760\ Timothy b 6/10/1755 m Hannah Wadhams David b 12/26/1756 d 10/10/1760\ Hannah b 8/10/1758\ Thankful b 5/30/1759 m Philip Cook of Goshen Lois b 5/21/1760 Ichabod b 6/23/1748 m Elizabeth Mathews 2/20/1772 moved to Wyomnng\ Co, PA, a Colonel in Rev War, killed at battle of Wyoming 7/3/1778. His wife and three small children escaped in a boat back to Connecticut. THey had Calvin, m Ruth ann Miner, Luther b 4/8/1774, Ichabod, b 7/15/1776, went to New York, no further trace. 10. Benjamin b bef 10/29/1648 New Haven, CT d CT 6/13/1677 age 28. "Died"? Hmmm. I like the way genealogies omit information. He was tried, convicted, and executed for murdering his sister with an axe. He came into her house one evening, and, in front of her children sitting at the table, beat her on the head with an axe while saying something only partially intelligible about "I'll teach you to scold!" 11. Mercy b 1650 m 5/2/1667 Samuel Brown, sonof Francis and Mary EDWARDS Brown She was accused at age 14 of stealing and drinking liquor. She chopped her 17-year-old (?) son, Samuel Jr, to death with an axe as he lay in his bed. Her husband said she had seemed rational, but the day before, she said she would have the children buried in the barn, because "dreadful times are coming". He said she had "slept but little for two or three nights before". Joseph Brown, age 24, testifed that she had thrown scalding water at him and he thought her "much out of her head". Mercy's sister Simon Tuttle and his wife thought she had seemed distracted "that morning and before". Mary Moss testified that "Mercy came to their house a little before the sad accident and wished Mr. Moss to look after her husband". Neighbors testified they had come to her house for fire and when she came out with it, she went down the hill towards the swamp seeming distracted. In jail, she seemed distracted, seemed much grieved at having given offense to someone who knew nothing of it. Those who took her to New Haven for trial testified that she seemed "shaken in her understanding". Though her attorney pleaded insanity, the jury found her guilty, and the judge sentenced her to die. It wasn't a popular verdict, the town felt she should be exonerated on the basis of insanity. But confusion resulting over the removal of the governor from his office allowed Mercy to escape execution. Abigail Brown b 3/11/1669 d 1670 Sarah Brown b 8/88/1672 m 4/24/1690 Joseph DOOLITTLE Rachel Brown b 4/24/1677 m 1699 John Brocket Francis Brown b 10/7/1679 m 4/11/1705 Hannah ALLING Gideon Brown b 7/12/1685 d bef 1691 Samuel Brown b 10/29/1689 d 6/20/1691 12. Nathaniel b 1652. d Aug 20, 1721, Woodbury m Aug 10, 1682 New Haven, CT, Sarah Howe Mary bp 7/1/1683 not named in father's will Ephraim b 7/8/1684 m 1706 Dinah Wheeler Temperance bap 1685 d 11/10/1745 Hezekiah b abat 1686 m 4/11/1711 martha Huthwitt Isaac bp 2/3/1687 m Sarh Hall (2) Prudence Wheeler (3) Mary Warner (4) Ann Bronson Ann d 7/22/1753 Aaron Another. Back to top


Todd Scottish word for fox. All Todds originally came from Scotland. Nine distinct and seemingly unrelated Todd families in America. Three from Scotland; the New York Toddds, the Suffield, Ct Tods, and (probably) the Philadelphia Tods. Three came from North Ireland, the Maryland todds, the New Hampshire Todds, and the Pennsylvania Todds; Three form England, the Massachusetts Todds, the New Haven, Connecticut Todds, and the Virginia todds. Of the last three the first two came from the Republican or Puritan Party, and the last from the royalist or Church of England party. The Virginia Todds were of the highest social rank. The Irish Todds originally named O'Shaughagh, Irish for fox, complelled the Irish to assume English names, the famialy changed its name, the Leinster branch tok name Fox and the northern, Todd, or Wolfson, corrupted into Wilson. A portion of the Irish Todds are of Irish origin, all others are Scotch. Abraham LIncoln's Todd wife was of Scotch-Irish stock via Pennsylvania. Some of the English Todds changed their name to Fox, so the Todds and the Foxes belong to the same stock and have alwys borne the same arms. The Todds settled first in Yorkshire, John Todde high sheriff of York in 1390. Sir William tod high sheriff in 1477, Lord mayor ten years later. Rev Robert Todd, a dissenting minister of Leeds. "During the great plague 'he preached repeatedly and impressively on Hezekiah's boil.'" Sir Wm Todd High Sheriff of York under Charles I in 1625. In this country three distinct famlies of Yorkshire Todds. Thomas Todd settled in Virginia, whence his descendants spread into Kentucky. Second family from John Todd, came to Charleston MA in 1637, two yrs later settled Rowley, MA. Known only he came from Yorkshire. Found in MA, Vt, and the West. Third family from Christopher Todd, one of original settlers of the New Haven colony in Connecticut in 1639. from Pontefract, Yorkshire. William Todd m Isabel Rogerson in old parish church in Pontrefract, West Riding, Yorkshire. (church register). 9/24/1592. Had: William bapt 6/29/1593 John bapt 10/18/1594 John Warde and Isabell Bruster m 7/22/1593 Katherine Ward bapt 11/29/1596 William Todde m Katherine Ward 5/22/1614 They had: Mary bapt 10/15/1614 Christopher bapt 1/12/1617 William Todd buried5/8/1617. John who became a prominent citizen in Rowley, MA, having first been to Charleston, MA, was brother to Christopher's father William, and m Alice Clayton o f Bradford, York Co, England, had John, m in 1643, Sussanna Hunt, b Bradford, Co of Yourk, 1621. Their son William Todd m Katharine Ward. William "'was killed in sort of a duel'" when Christopher was an infant. Christopher married Grace Middlebrook,sailed with Davenport Company; they were wealthy merchants. Mr. Davenport apparently an eminent Puritan minister. Formed Winnipiac; New Haven colony. BEcame a farmer, miller and baker. Seems at first one of the less prominent colonists. Signed General Agreeement modestly with his mark. His seat in the meeting house was in a regular seat, not a dignified one. Soon he bought a grist mill. He steadily acquired land. He died April 1686 at age 69,. Had: John bapt 12/2/1642. inherited his father's land. m 1 11/26/1668 Sarah, dau of Mathhhew Gilbert (one of the seven pillars of the church in New Haven) he d 4/1672 m 2 8/20/1677 Sarah, dau of James and Mirriam (WHeeler) Blakeman and gd of Rev Adam Blakeman, she b 4/25/1658, d 12/16/1688. 8. Sarah (1) b 8/27/1670 d 9/1670 9. Sarah (2) b 5/13/1678 d 10/19/1678 10. John b 5/11/1679 d 9/21/1723 m 2/9/1708-9 Hannah Butler, dau of John Butler of Braford Ct it is confusing if her second husband ws Caleb Powell or Caleb Tuttle. 37. John b 11/13/1709 38. Joseph b 11/1/1711 39. Thankful, b 7/18/1717 11. Jonathan b 2/20/1680 42. Amos b 5/15/1715 d 8/14/1733 being drowned at Dragon (Fair Haven) 43. Sarah b 1718 d 1719 44. Ephraim b 3/7/1719-20 d 6/9/1724 45. Timothy b 3/3/1722-23 12. Sarah b 1682 d 1682 13. Mary b 9/26/1683 d8/8/1706 14. Joseph d 3/7/1709 15. Josiah m 2/28/1715-6 Elizabeth, dau of Mathew Gilbert, 2 Abigail dau of William and Mary Fredericks who d 8/26/1760 46. Elizabeth (1) b 3/30/1720-1 m Jonathan Goodsell Eliabeth Goodsell b 7/11/1739 m Jacob BRADLEY Jonathan Goodsell b 2/21/1741 Josiah b 3/27/1742 Josiah Goodsell b 12/1743 Sarah Goodsell b 10/24/1745 m timothy BRADLEY John Goodsell b 1747 Josiah Goodsell b 1/22/1750 Samuel Goodsell b 3/10/1756 47. Mary b 3/27/1720-1 d 12/1742 m 1/16/1737 Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel and Esther (BLAKESLEE) TUTTLE b 5/29/1714 Uri TUTTLE b 9/8/1737 d 6/18/1822 m 12/5/1764 Thankful Ives b 3/14/1747 Abagail TUTTLE b 8/31/1740 d 1828 m 1/10/1760 Joel BRADLEY of Hamden CT who d 9/18/1801 aged 62. Nathaniel TUTTLE b 11/26/1742 d 2/20/1802 m 8/24/1768 Elizabeth Bassett who d 8/4/1819. Mary TUTTLE b 11/26/1742d 10/8/1834 m Abner TODD # 104 48. Deborah b 3/17/1721 m Jesse, son of Moses BLAKESLEE b 3/30/1710 Sarah BLAKESLEE b 9/20/1742 m Enos TODD, #81. Job BLAKESLEE b 5/28/1744 Chloe BLAKESLEE b 5/19/1745 m ___ Bull had one son d young Delaware Josiah BLAKESLEE b 1/1/ 1746 went to Mobile, ALa d there Obed BLAKESLEE b 12/5/1748 Dinah BLAKESLEE b 8/14/1750 m William Bassett moved to Watertown Jesse BLAKESLEE b 6/30/1753 49. Sarah b 1/30/1725 m 11/10/1743 Isaac DOOLITTLE Sarah DOOLITTLE b 7/21/1832 m Jeremiah Parmalee b 1744 d 3/24/1788 Abigail DOOLITTLE b 12/14/1749 d 10/24/1794 m 2/13/1777 John son of Daniel and Mehitabel BROWN Trowbridge b 6/1/1748 Mary b 1752 d 1760 Thankful DOOLITTLE b 1/21/1754 d 2/14/1827 m 2/13/1777 John son of Danile and Mehitabel (BROWN) Trowbridge b 6/1/1748 d 9/7/1791 John Todd DOOLITTLE b 5/20/1756 Isaac DOOLITTLE b 1759 d 1821 m 1780 Desire Bellamy William Fredericks DOOLITTLE b 4/14/1761 Elizabeth Doolittle b 3/16/1765 m ____ Collins Mary 50. John b 8/17/1728 16. Daughter b and d 12/16/1688. Samuel bapt 4/20/1645 inherited the grist mill 17. Samuel b 7/1/1672 d 12/1741 m 1 9/16/1698 Susannah dau of Jodeph and Hannah (Munson) TUTTLE, b 2/20/1679, d 10/10/1737. m 2 widow Esther (Morse) Maltby, b 5/19/1679. *** 51. Lydia b 7/28/1699 d 1/16/1792 m 10/24/1717 Rev. Benjamin DOOLITTLE son of John and Mary (PECK) DOOLITTLE b 7/10/1695 d 1/9/1748 He grad Yale 1716, pastor of church in Northfield MA 1718. Also a doctor (SEE BELOW) 52. Caleb b 2/2/1700 53. Stephen b 12/4/1702 54. Mehitabel, b 1/29/1704 m 5/26/1726 Elihu Yale, a wealthy planter who d 1748, aged 52. No children. 555. Christopher, b 1707, d 1712. 56, Elizbeth, 57. Christopher b 4/27/1713 d 1/13/1785 m 2/9/1736 Hannah TUTTLE dau of William and Mary (Abernethy) TUTTLE b 11/10/1715 d 3/8/ 1782. One of first settlers of North Haven, CT 138. Susannah b 2/19/1737-8 139. Oliver b 10/2/1739 140. Samuel b 1/4/1741 141. Dan b 3/20/1743 142. Hannah b 11/16/1746 143. Edmund b 1/6/1748 144. Mehitabel b 11/6/1751 145. Josiah b 10/28/1753 146. Abigail b 10/22/1755 58. Samuel b 3/6/1716-7 d 6/10/1789 m 8/31/1739 Mercy, dau of Rev. Peter Evans, of Northfield (MA?) Grad from Yale in 1734. First minister at Waterbury, CT, pastor at Plymoth 1766, Lanesborough, organized First Church at Adams, MA and remained there until 1788, moved to Orford NH, died there. "He possessed a mind of more than ordinary strength, and great decision of character. His religious sentiments and feelings were strictly evangelical. The revivals of 1740, he warmly approved and exerted himself to promote." This got him dismissed from Northbury; that church became Episcopalian. "I shall not forget how he used to shake his large white wig when any of my good mothers little flock made a mistake in the old Westminster Catechism." 59. Susannah b 12/7/1718 d 9/2/1806 m 11/1/1738 Caleb son of John and Sarah (TUTTLE) Humiston b 2/10/1715 d 3/6/1776 Jesse HUMISTON b 12/12/1739 d infant Sarah HUMISTON b 12/9/1742 d 7/27/1822 m 5/17/1734 Deacon Stephen Bronson of Waterbury, CT Hannah HMISTON b 6/25/1745 d 12/6/1786 m 12/25/1766 ___ Lord 2 Abigail DICKINSON Susannah HUMISTON b 6/19/1747 m ____HUngerford Jesse HUMISTON b 12/4/1749 d 2/23/1837 m Abigail BLAKESLEE Mehitable HUMISTON b 1/1/1752 m Isaac Finn Content HUMISTON b 8/3/1754 d 2/3/1773 unm Phebe HUMISTON b 12/5/1756 d 10/5/1844 m 3/29/1774 Jesse, son of Thomas and Sarah (HUMISTON) Turner b 10/7/1746 d 4/19/____ Anne HUMISTON b 7/24/1759 m Samuel Sutliff Martha HUMISTON b 12/20/1762 m 1781 Daniel Potter 18. Joseph b 2/4/1673 d 1673 19. Mary b 2/11/1674 m Nathaniel son of James and Sarah (Street) Heaton b 11/19/1664 Sarah Heaton b 1695 d 1707 Samuel Heaton b 1699 d 1700 Mary Heaton b 1701 d 1707 Nathaniel Heaton b 3/19/1704 m 10/13/1726 Phebe Cooper who d 1740 James Heaton b 2/16/1706 m 10/29/1730 Hannah PECK Samuel Heaton b 12/9/1709 d 1736 Sarah Heaton b 6/14/1712 20. Sarah b 2/3/1676 d 11/1/1683 d 4/1739 t 21. Joseph b 1/29/1678 d 3/22/1678 22. Hannah b 2/17/1679m 6/2/1701 Seth, brother of above, b 3/25/1676, d 4/8/1741 Abigail Heaton b 1/4/1702 m 2/25/1724-5 m Daniel Barnes Daniel Heaton b 10/13/1704 Thankful Heaton b 1/21/1706 m 1/28/1728 Ephraim Sanford Lydia Heaton b 1/1/1711 SEth Heaton b 10/29/1714 m 12/19/1739 Sarah Morris Hannah Heaton b 7/3/1719 James Heaton b 4/3/1722 m Sarah Basset 23. Jonah b 12/16/1684 d 8/29/1730 m 4/20/1709 Hannah, dau of Samuel and Hannah (TUTTLE) Clark, b 4/6/1685 60. Abraham b 2/18/1709-10. 24. Daniel b 3/14/1686 d 7/29/1724 m 4/20/1721 Desire, dau of John and Mary (Burroughs) TUTTLE bapt 7/11/1697 She m 2 8/26/1730 John, son of Thomas and Mary (Olmstead) Read of Norwalk, b 8/7/1701 61. Mary b 3/7/1721-22 62. Katherine b 12/22/1723 d 4/4/ 1724 63. Daniel b 3/5/1724-25. m 10/3/1748 Sybil dau of Daniel and Hannah (TUTTLE) Carrington 25. Abigail, b 1/27/1689 d 11/19/1731 m 5/28/1712 Sergt John Gilbert d 7/8/1713 John Gilbert b 9/1/1713 26. Mercy, b 11/25/1692 27. James b 6/10/1696 m 1 12/6/1721 Lydia Sherman b 12/20/1699 64. Ebenezer b 8/24/1722 65. James b 4/7/1725 66. Lydia b 7/6/1727 67. Lois b 11/10/1729 d 1813 m 8/2/1748 James, son of Joseph and Sarah (HOTCHKISS) Turner, b 5/13/1727. Lois Turner b 10/12/1749 m _____ IVES Bethuel Turner b 12/27/1751 Mary Turner b 4/7/1754 m 3/19/1770 Hezekiah TUTTLE, son of Jude and Lydian (Atwater) TUTTLE, b 5/20/1749 Dorcas Turner b 9/30/1756 m _____ THorp Edward Turner d 1797 m Chole____ 68. Eunice b 12.6.1732 d 6/1/1804 m 10/27/1745 Samuel Brocket b 11/23/1716. Matilda Brockett b 2/14/1746 m Mr. Eaton Samuel Brockett b 6/26/1748 unm Jesse b 5/7/1758 unm Peninah b 2/9/1759 m Thaddeus TODD#298 Lois or Chloe bapt 11/23/1766 m Mr. Bull Mercy bapt 9/16/1647 m John Bassett Mercy Bassett b 12/15/1676 Hannah Bassett b 10/3/1679 Sarah Bassett b 6/3/1682 Lydia Bassett b 8/10/1685 Abigail Bassett b 3/15/1687 John Bassett b 7/11/1691 Joseph Bassett b 4/19/1694 Rebecca BAssett b 3/14/1695 Joseph b 12/14/1697 Grace bapt 12/15/1650 m 3/2/1668-9 Richard Mattock. When about 13 years of age, she was called before the court and sentenced to be whipt for some improprieties of conduct." "'She seems to have been mentally unsound.'" Soon after her marriage she was deserted by her husband. Her fatehr, in his will, provided for her as one being 'incompetent to take care of herself or any estate.'" Michael b 6/15/1653 m Elizabeth, dau of Elizeazer and Sarah (Buckley) Brown, who m 2 1715 Lt Samuel Street, son of Rev. Samuel Street. Seh m 3 Capt John Merriman. Children by first marriage; 28. Elizbeth, b 2/12/1690 m 12/29/1708 Isaac Dayton, who m 1, Rebecca, dau of Jonathan TUTTLE Rebecca Dayton b 5/1/1709 d 1711 Elizabeth Dayton b 9/25/1711 m Daniel, son of Daniel and Hannah (CORNWALL) DOOLITTLE Rebecca Dayton b 4/12/1713 m Ebenezer Gilbert Isreal Dayton b 3/12/1715 m Dinah Bishop widow of Moses Clark Sarah Dayton b 7/16/1716 m Benjamin English, who were the ancestors of ex-governor James E English of Connecticut. Hannah Dayton b 8/4/1718 m Stephen, son of Thomas and Jemima (TUTTLE) Jacobs Isaac Dayton b 8/30/1720 Michael Dayton b 6/4/1722 Deborah Dayton b 8/8/1724 Jonathan Dayton b 1/31/1726 Charity Dayton b 9/29/1730 Giles Dayton b 2/20/1731 moved to Blanford, MA 29. Benjaim b 11/19/1693 m 1/7/1718 Lydia ALLING 69. Eunice b 12/6/1723 70. Benjamin b 4/10/1730 d 11/1755 m by Isaiah TUTTLE, justice of the Peace, 9/3/1755, Lois, dau of Ezekiel and Susannah (Merriman) TUTTLE b 2/14/1737. m 2 12/9/1756 James, son of Caleb and Lydia (Benham) Atwater. Lived in Hillsdale, Columbia County, NY 71. Titus b 7/16/1730 d 6/28/1806 m 4/17/1750 Elizabeth dau of Deacon Isaih and Susannah (DOOLLITTLE) TUTTLE of North Haven, CT b 6/7/1736. A deach in North Haven church. 72. Lydia b 4/1/1732 m Samuel MIX 73. Patience b 6/24/1734 m _____ Bishop 74. Jesse b 1/1/1738 (75 really missing) 76. Eleanor, b 9/10/1738 m David Bishop 77. Chloe, b 7/27/1741 30. Gershom, b 10/12/1695 d 11/1748 m Hannah, dau of Japhet and Hannah (BRADLEY) Mansfield, b 1/6/1704 d 1773 Shrewd and capable, acquired considerable property. 78. David b 3/29/1722 79. Asa b 3/24/1723 d 7/5/1779 m 4/19/1748 Mary, dau of Joshua and Mary (BRADLEY) TUTTLE and widow of Ebenezer Clark b 2/11/1711, had m 1 11/1/1733, Ebenezer, son of Samuel ALLING. 80. Gershom, b abt 1725 81. Enos b 1729 b 1729 d 6/17/1803 m 1/24/1758 Sarah dau of Jesse and Deborah (TODD #48) BLAKESLEE b 9/20/1742 82. Hannah b d 101760 m Capt Ezra, son of Nathaniel and Esther (BLAKESLEE) TUTTLE b 1720 d 6/11/1793. He m 2 Susannah Merriman, she m 2 Oliver BLAKESLEE. One of her children, Phebe TUTTLE, b 6/2/1758, m Benjamin J. TODD #181. 83. Mary b 5//8/1732 84. Elizabeth b 9/29/1736 85. Mabel, b 1736 d 9/12/1783 m Titus Mansfield b 11/5/1734 d 1808 lived Mansfield Farms, Hamden, CT Of their children: Hannah Mansfield, b 2/12/1761, m Daniel son of Sarah (HUMISTON) TUTTLE, b 10/4/1765 d 5/7/1833 Mabel Mansfield b 1774, d 9/12/1857,m Joel, son of Hezekiah and Lydia (Frost) TODD #294. 86. Phebe 31. Srah b 11/2/1698 m 12/21/1719 Daniel GILBERT b 11/15/1697 d 1753 DAniel Gilbert b 11/12/1720 Matthew GIlbert b 2/21/1721-2 m Bethiah TODD (no 125) dau Caleb and Mary (Ives) Todd Solomon b 2/10/1723 Sarah b 7/29/1727 32. Michael b 1/26/1700 d 9.10/1744 Mary, dau of Abraham adn Elizabeth (Glover) Dickerman b 1703 m 2 9/14/1745 Capt John Hubbard. 87. Michael b 8/10/1729 88, Eli b 10/26/1731 grad Yale, 1751. 89. Charles b 4/13/1734 d 1735 90. Mary b 1737 d 1742 33. Hannah b 2/20/1702 m 1/3/1722 Nathan, son of Samuel ALLING, b 3/8/1696 d 10/24/1774 Hamden, CT DAvid ALLING b 2/2/1724 d 4/22/1794 Samuel ALLING b 1/3/1726 m 6/17/1752 Mary Leek Hannah ALLING b 10/4/1727 m 1/25/1750 Ezekiel Hotchkiss nathan ALLING b 10/14/1729 d 6/2/1812 at Mt. Carmel CT Zadoc ALLING b 11/27/1731 d abt 1787 Amos ALLING b 2/14/1734 Benjamin ALLING b 5/1/1736 m 3/7/1764, Lydia TUTTLE Moses ALLING b 12/4/1741 Sarahb 10/20/1745 m Daniel Rexford 34. Gideon, b 5/6/1705 m 12/17/1728 Thankful Ives of Wallingford CT 91. Rhoda b 1/1/1729 m Ebenezer Wolcott 92. Sarah b 2/22/1731-2 93. Isaac b 5/18/1734 94. Gideon b 11/3/1737 95. Charles b 4/10/1740 96. Caleb b 7/3/1742 35. Eleazer, b 10/12/1707 m 1 Thankful ____ 10/12/1707, who was b 1706, d 12/21/1747. m 2 Mehitbel _____ b 1704 d 10/23/1753 97. Sybil b 1/23/1734 98. Miriam b 11/27/1736 m 3/10/1756 John Cooper 99. Seth b 2/16/1738-9 100. Ann b 8/16/1742 d 1/30/1810 unm 101 Ruth b 9/14/1744 m ______ Cooper 36. Ithamar, b 10/25/1712. m Hannah ______ 102. Ithamer 103. Srah b 12/12/1736 104. Abner b 11/4/1738 105. Hannah b 8/11/1740 m Jotham BLAKESLEE 106. Joel b 5/24/1742 107. Job b 8/5/1744 m 4/17/1766, Martha, dau of Enos and Mary (TODD) TUTTLE b 1/1/1745. 108. Thomas Mary b 2/18/1655 m Issac, son of Capt Nathaniel Turner. She d 5/1/1676. His father, Capt Nathaniel Turner, the right arm of the New Haven Colony" and lost inthe "Phantom Ship". Isaac b 7/3/1669 m Abigail ___ d 2/10/1749 Nathaniel b 7/3/1669, m 4/25/1705 Ruth Buckingham of Milford Joseph b 11/13/1672 d 10/11/1759 m 2/3/1708-9 Sarah Hotchkiss Mary b 1674 d 1683


Doolittle is Norman; one of members of William the Conqueror's expedition named Du Litell or de Dolieta. of Dolieta, a place on the Norman coast. Abraham Dowlittell to New England abt 1640. \\Radulphus de Dolieta, grant to Monks of St Michaels Avranche, Farnce, 1085-87. Rudulph de Doleta accompanied the Conqueror.\\William, son of Alan Dolatel or Dolitel, m8d. patent 7, Edward I year 1279. William, son of Alan Dolatel or Dolitel. m8d patent 7, Edw I 1279. Robert Dolittel for some offense granted royal pardon "by reason of his services in Scotland" Gulfird 1/20 Calendar of Patent Rollls 31, Edwrd I Year 1303. Tjp,as Dolittle of Kethermisnster Worcestershire, 1578, Worcester Wills, part II, Vol Vi. Long list of Dolitill's, Dolitle's in Worcestershire. William Doolittle and his wife Jane at Kidderminster, Worcestershire, 1630. Their son Thomas bapt there 10/20 1630. Anthony Doolittle a glover lived Kidderminster Worcestershire abt 1630. married and atleast three sons. "an honest and relgious citizen" Rev. Thomas Doolittle, M.A., a very prominent Nonconformist tutor and divine, third son of Anthoy, above, b Kidderminster 1632. He began to stydy for law. "but scrupled at copying writins on the Sabath, and returned home to his father, complainng of the wound it had made in his spirit, and added that he could no more think of returning to the place or of applying himself to anything else as teh business of his life, but serving Christ in his Work fo the gospel. He studied at Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. Went to University 1649 at 17. Master of ARts at Cambridge. WEnt to London, noticed for his earnest and affectioante presaching, and chosen pasor of St Alphage, London Wall. "married a very prdent and pious gentlewoman". Became a Nonconformist, left his parrish w his wife and three small children. Opened a boarding school at Moorefield. Returned to Lodon. Then escaped from arrest in the middle of the night. Took out a license on his meeting house 1672.In 1673 the license recaled, he moved to Wimbleton, with some of the pupils of the academy he started in London. He was driven all over the place, but managed to turn out several other preachers and teachers of merit. His son, Samuel Doolittle, a minister at Reading. Abraham Doolittle, b 1619 or 1620. place unknown. Storng evidence ties him to the above family, which then lived in parts of Worcestershire. Married Joane Allen (Alling) the daughter of James Allen, a prosperpous citizen of Kempeston, county of Bedford, England. Cast his lot early with the Puritans. Age 21, shortly after marriage, came w his bride to New World fleeing Charles I. "A large portion of the planters were descned from ten landed genetry of England and frequently could trace their ancewstry in a noble line from the time of William the Conqueror. The educated class, headed by the minister, formed their real aristocracy." "But little info is to be had of the exodus of many of them from England, asin the eye of teh government and the Estabished Church the Puritans were 'relgious outlaws' unwrothy of mention. The well-to-do, fearing consfiscation, were glad thus quietly to embark, taking their accumulations, whithout attracting the governmetn's attentions. " Abraham Doolittle was in Boston as early as 1640. Mvoed to New Haven before 1642. In 1644 he bbecame the chief exectuive office of the colony at age 25. Served 7 years as depty to bGeneral Assembly at Hartford, long time as town selectman. Joane's father d Kempston ENgland 1657. She died after 20 years of married life. He m 2 Abigail Moss, b 4/10/1642, cau of John Moss of New Haven, a merchant. Then he moved to Wallingford, helped found it. Abraham had a brother, John, also in Boston as early as 1640, to Lynn, then Rumney Marsh, in Boston, near Chelsea. A man of education and skilled as a surveyor, prominent and respected in his comunity. THOUGHT to be Abraham's brother. Children lst marriage 2. Sarah m Wm Abernethy Elizabeth b 12/15/1773 m Simon Tuttle son of Jonathan and Rebecca Bell Tuttle b 3/11/1671, owned land near New Haven. Rebecca, Jonathan, Isaiah b 7/10/1704 m Susanah Doolittle, Elizeth, Deborah, DAvid. William Abernathy b 7/1675 d 2/1727 m MARY DAUGHhter of Eleazer and Mry Peck of Wallingford Settled Wallingford. Mary, Jemima, Sarah b 12/15/1704, m Thomas Doolittle, Ann, John, Caleb (father of Wm Abernathy, esteemed physician in Harwinton, grandfather to General Russell Catlin Abernathy, of Torringford, etc. Susannah, Joseph, Damarus. Sarah Abernathy b 10/10/1677 m Tomas Wilthire and settled on the west side of the river in Wallingford. Mary Abernathy b 3/27/1679 m Wm Tuttle, bro of Simn, who married ehr sister. He was b 1673, d 1727. Aaron, Moses, Mary, Ezekiah, Abel Susannah, Lydia, Jemima, Hannah, William, Daniel m Phoebe Beach and had son Zophar, who m Hannah Doolittle, dau of John). Samuel Abernathy b 2/1683 m Elizbeth Peck 11/21/1711 d 3/14/1725 ch Abraham, Samuel, Jesse. Daniel Abernathy b 9/30/168, d 10/31/1723. Susan Abernathy b 7/18/1689 m Geo Merriman 6/28/1713 b 7/14/1668 sonof Jon and Hannah Lines M. He m 2 Rth ___. Nathan d y; Nathan 2d, Lois, Susannah, Daniel, Molly, Sarah. 3. Abraham b 2/12/1649 New Haven, CT educated in grammar school, meaning was well educated, led to study of classics of Latin, Greek and Hebrew Family moved to Wallingford before he ws 20. m Mercy Holt, dau of William and Sar Holt. d prob 1688, left four yount children. He m Ruth Lathrop of New London, , 2/12/1689 (sister of John and Joseph Lathrop) lived a few years, no children. m 3 Elizabeth Thorp. Abraham Doolittle had great trouble with weakness and infirmity in his chidren, excused from taes. He d Wallingford 11/10/1732, first marriage: John b 8/13/1681 m Mary, dau of William and Mary (TUTTLE) Fredericks She b 7/22/1685. m 2/28/1705. Lived on west river in Wallingford remote from town. He a farmer. Sgt. Susannah b 2/24/1706 m Isaiah TUTTLE Eunice b 5/30/1709 John b 2/6/1712 Phoebe b 11/26/17113 d 1747 Frederick T b 10/22/1715 d 9/2/1746 OBed b 10/2/1717 d 11/4/1746 aged 29. nathan b 7/22/1720 d 8/15/1728 Mary b 1723 d 1724\ Mary b 10/25/1725 m enos DOOLITTLE Keziah b 1728 d 1746 Patience b 7/17/1732 m Squire John PECK son of Samuel and Mary Peck 11/16/1752 at Cheshire, Ct. He b 11/5/1727. Patience d 9/14/1753. John m Jerusha Hall 1755, d 1799. His bro Saml PECK m Susannah Doolittle dau of Theophilus. See above Abraham b 3/27/1684\ m Mary Lewis. Settled Cheshire. Hezekiah, twin b 5/25/1711 Joseiah twin b 5/25/1711 Zeblon b 10/31/1712 d 1713 Ambrose b 11/23/1719 Charles d 1784 Cheshire. Zebulon m and had a family mary b 3/23/1726 m Benajamin Johnson at Wallingford 4/11/1751 Abraham b 8/29/1728 Delibeverance b 11/9/1730 Sarah b 2/5/1686 Susannah b 4/15/1688 third marriage Thorp b 2/15/1697 prob d young Samuel b 3/14/1698 Joseph b 1700 d 1726 Elizabeth m Geo Armastrong 1/31/1734 Thomas b 5/17/1705 m Sarah Abernathy 5/27/1730 dau of Wm and Mary PEK Abernathy of Wallingford, b 12/15/1704. Her gm Sarah DOOLITTLE. Anen b 12/20/1730 Samuel b 12/29/1731 d 1732 Jemima b 1732 d 1764 Esther b 8/30/1734 res Cheshire 1783, may never havve married. Thomas b 3/5/1736. Lydia b 6/26/1710 m John Joyce (Royce?) 11/28/1734 4. Eliazbeth b 4/12/1652 m Dr. John Brockett He was b England, educated Oxford, a surveyor. He was elderst son and heir of Sir John Brockett, of Brockett's Hall and Manor, Co Hertfrodshire, Baronet. Also a physican and a farmer. Large medical library for his times. Lived at North Haven, CT. mary Brockett b 2/18/1675 John Brockett b 10/23/1676] Elizabeth Brockett b 4/23/1680 Moses Brockett b 4/23/1680 Abigail Brockett b 3/31/1683 5. Mary b 2/22/1653 d young\ 6. John b 6/14/1655\ m Mary dauof John and Mary Moss Peck of Wallingford She b New Haven 3/4/1666. Her gf was WM PECK, a merchant from London, who early settled at New Haven, b 1601, d age 90. Her ancestors number many prominent people. Mary MOSS,her mother, dau of JOHN MOSS of New Haven, and sister of Abigail,, first wife of Abrahm Doolittle. John ws a farmer and settled at Wallingford. Mary d 9/1/1710, and John m 1/29/1717, Grace Blakesley, widow of John (s of Samuel)Blakeslyey/ John Doolittle named as an early proprietor of Wallingford. date of death unknown. Ester b 1/24/1683 Samuel b 2/4/1685 m Mahettable ___ lived at r near Wallingford m 2 Mary ____ Had Mary, b 1712 m John Tylor Mndwell b 6/11/1715 m David MOSS Phineas (2) Samuel b 12/9/1721 Abel b 5/5/1724 Mehitable b 9/28/1726 m Micalel Dayton Benjamin b 1/17/1730 Thankful m Timothy TUTTLE She d 1728. He m 1729 Mary, wid o fStephen Rose, and dau of Joseph PECK, and Mary Humston, and Mrs SArah Atwater Humiston, d Chshire, 4/15/1756. One of her children, Mary, m Miles Hall of Derby, son of John and Hannah Prindle. (The Prindle connection) Rachel Tuttle b 4/10/1707 m 6/25/1730 nathaniel Tyler. Ebenezer Tuttle b 5/18/1708 m Esther Hotckiss, Hannah Pangborn, and Thamkful Preston. Mary Tuttle b 10/3/1712 m Miles Hall of Derby, 1729, he son of John and Hannah (Prindle) Hall. Gershom, married, ahd children, went to Bristol. Timothy Tuttle b 12/4/1716 moved to Goshen m Hananh Wadmans, widow Richmind. Abigail Tuttle b 4/11/1719 m john Gaylord of Cheshire S ***Benjamin b 7/10/1695, set Northfield, MA He graduated from Yale in 1716, age 21, prepared for ministery. Northfield MA. Also a regularly educated physician and surgeion. m New Haven 10/14/1717, Lydia TODD, oldest child of Samuel TODD and Susannah TUTTLE of North Hven, CT. Christopher TODD, an original proprietor of New Haven, her grandfather. She wes b 7/28/1699, m 2 10/26/1763 Lt Jonathan Belding of Hatfield. His first wife ws Hepzibah DICKINSON. In her 80th year Lydia m 3 Japhet CHAPIN (also my ancestor) of Chicopee, MA,"a leading man in church and town affairs." He was 82. Her daughter Lucy, wife of Simeon Chapin, son of the bridgroom (and my ancestors). Oliver b 10/2/1719 d 1746, may have been married to Thankful Taylor. Lydia b 8/24/1720 m Lt John Evans Charles b 7/31/1722 capt lt colonel lost in siege against Louisberg at Cape Bretton. Euice b 7/24/1724 m Samuel AShley Susanna b 6/13/1726 m SEth Field Lucius b 5/16/1728 Chloe b 5/4/1730 m Moses Evans Lucy b 1732 d young Thankful b 1/20/1734 m Abner Willard Amzi b 11/15/1737 ** Lucy b 7/15/1741 m Simeon Chapin Son d young. Eunice d 10/30/1732, prob unm Mary d 10/21/1710 Thomas, prob. (? m Hannah Fenn 3/5/1733 moved to Watertown CT Had children.) John m Lydia DIBBLE John b 7/26/1725 Rebecca b 3/1727 Keziah b 1/31/1729 Susannah b 3/30/1735 7. Abigail bapt 5/22/1659 d young 2nd marriage; (Abigail Moss) ** Samuel b 7/7/1665 m Mary, dau of Sergt John and Martha (Peck) Cornwell of Middletown, CT. she b 11/20/166, d 11/16/1742. Lived at Wallingford until 1691, then to Middletwon. He died Middletown 9/25/1714. Jonathan b 8/21/1689 m Rebecca Ranny moved to Middletown. Samuel b 8/31/1691 Lt m Jane Wheeler 8/14/1714 moved to Middletown Mary b 11/24/1693 m Solomon Goff Abraham b 9/21/1695 Abigail b 4/10/1697 m Wm Mark martha b 4/6/1698 m Daniel Hall son of Thomas and Grace Hall Abraham Hall b 1722 m Mary Prindle John Hall b 1724 m Elaizbeth Prindle. Hannah Hall b 1725 m Benajah Tyler Danl Hall b 6/1/1727 set in Meriden\ Martha Hall b 6/14/1729 Sml Hall b 1731 m Measure Ives Mary Hall b 1733 Abigail Hall b 1739 Hannah b 10/29/1700 m Stephen Turner Thankful b 6/3/1702 prob m John s of David and Sarah Rockwell Hall b 5/9/1678 Wallingford. Joseph b 6/20/1704 Nathaniel b 1/15/1706 Esther b 7/16/17009 Joseph b 2/12/1667 Capt. Very little known of his first wife, her c's, or wehn she died. He m 2 Elizabeth dau of Joseph and Elizabaeth French Holt o Wallingford 10/25/1720. lst marriage; Lydia b 1701 m Ephraim Cook Sarah prob who m Abel Parmele 2nd marr; Isaac b 8/13/1721 Joseph b 10/17/1724 Enos b 3/2/1727 m Mary Doolittle son of John and Mercy Doolittle 1747. Lived in Wallingford. Had Keziah, KAtherine, John, (d young) Patience, b 5/4/1756, m John Doolittle son of Daniel Doolittle and HAnnah Cornwall, her cousin. Elizabeth b 1/3/1731 d 1731 Elizabeth b 9/15/1732 m Benjamin Doolittle son of John and Mary Peck Doolittle. Abigial b 2/26/1669 m Wm Fredericks whose first wife ws Mary Tuttle. Their dau Mary m John Doolittle son of Abraham. (Her first cousin) Mary, Deborah, Sarah b 1/30/1735-8 m Isaac Doolittle son of Capt Joseph, her first cousin, John. Ezenezer b 7/6/1672 m Hannah Hall. Located in Wallingford that became Cheshire. She dau of Capt Samuel and Hannah (Walker) Hall) Hannah b 1699 m Joseph Atawather Ebenezer b 4/15/1700 Moses b 1702 Sarah b 1704 m Abrahma Hall Caleb b 2/3/1706 Joshua b 3/2/1709 Zadoc b 3/29/1711 mary b 3/4/1674 d bef 1690 supposed to have m John son of Capt Nathl Mrriemanof W who m Hannah Lines and fater Mary's death m Elzabeth Peck in 1690. Mary must have married at age 16 and d w/o children Daniel b 12/29/1675 m Hannah Cornwall, sister of his brother Samuel's wife and dau f John and Martha (Peck) cornwall of Middletown, b 9/5/1677 (John b 4/1640 m 6/8/1665, Martha, dau of DEA PAUL PECK of Hartford, he ws son of Wm, who was of Wm PECK, who was of Roxbury, MA, 1634, of hartford, CT, 1639, and rep from Middletown, 1654-64.) They settled at Middletown but returned to Wallingford. Hannah d 6/10/1736. Dnl m Mary Andrews 2/17/1737. Danl d Wallinford 5/11/1755 age 80. Hannah C b 1/27/1699 m John Williams d bef 1755 m Jonah Blackeslee and live in Weasthersfield, NY Elizabeth b 10/15/1700 m Saml Blakeslee their son Joseph, b 1732 at Wallingford, m Lois ives, ch John W m and had Silas, m Esther Buell Doolittle (?) Martha b 4/16/1703 m Thophilus Fenn Daniel b 2/3/1706 Joseph b 7/3/1707 Abigail b 5/6/1712 m Aaron Parker 2/7/1737 Dianh b 10/4/`7`5 d 9/14/1719 Ezra b 7/24/1718 Nathan b 11/26/1737 d 1773 Smallpox. Theophilus b 7/28/1678 a farmer at Wallingford. m Thankful Hall. dauof David and Sarah Rockwell Hall of Wallingford, she b 12/29/1679 Thankful b 5/18/1700 m Timothy Page Sarah b 6/1/1703 m Isaac TUTTLE of Wallingford She d bef 1729, when he married again. He was m three times. Sarah had no children. Henry b 1704 d 1733 ate 29 David, prob Theophilus b 6/20/1709 Solomon b 8/17/1713 Benjamin b 4/19/1723 m 11/10/1723 Esther, dau of Nathaniel TUTTLE and Esther Blakeslee. 11/1011749 Titus b 6/8/1749 Eizabeth 8/1/1752 m Phineas PECK Esther b 5/20/1754 Benjam, prob Euice b 10/4/1758 Sarah b 7/20/1761 Abigail b 10/10/1763 Samuel, prob.

Tuttle Sources and Links

Here are my Tuttle sources. The following Tuttle pages are very well done; particularly Sam Casey's. Sam Casey's web page. At the bottom of this very long, exhaustive Tuttle genealogy are links to the will of Simon Tuttle the father of William Tuttle, and to the stories of the nearly half of William's children who were seriously mentally ill. Sidenstick/Price Family Page Karen Price, gkprice@dcnet.com or donet.com. Wayne R. Barnes' genealogy page valway@tdl.com Gene Curtin's page dcurtin1@aol.com This one has family pictures, too. There were more FTM and aol pages on the Tuttles - but they weren't loading on my computer last night, and I think something was wrong with AOL! These pages differ in the placement of certain Tuttles in the family, especially John who married Joan Antrobus Lawrence, went to Boston and died in Carrickfergus, Ireland, and in the identities of the Elizabeth's who the Tuttles married. For some reason, most Tuttle men married Elizabeth's. The placement of John Tuttle is controversial; two principal recent writers on the Tuttles, Jacobus and Greene, disagree, and the evidence slightly favors David Greene. Print sources: Jacobus. Hale, House, and Related Families. 1952. pp 770-2. His work is based mostly on a manuscript, written about 1910, of family history by the late Alain C. White, and taken to England, where the English lines, which include the ancestry of William Tuttle, were approved by the College of Arms. Also material in assorted genealogies of other families, partic Dawes-Gates, vol. 1 TAG vol 8: 1881, 2052. "Families from Ancient New Haven" : Tuttle. TAG vol 20: 112. Holman. "John Tuttle of Ipswich, MA in Irish Records", a short piece on the will of John Tuttle who died in Carrickfergus. TAG vol 30: 7-10. Jacobus. article on Tuttle, Pantry, Judson and Hurd lines in which Jacobus argues that the marriages of Hannah the daughter of Richard Tuttle and Anne the daughter of William Tuttle are wrongly identified and purports to straighten them out. TAG vol 54: 167 Greene, David. "Origin of John Tuttle of Ipswich". Contains the wills of Simon Tootill and John Welles. TAG vol 56: 143. Greene, David. "Children of Richard Tuttle of Boston", baptismal records of a number of key Tuttles including that of William Tuttle, from Ringstead. TAG vol 59: 211. Greene, David. "Tuttles Revisited". Contains corrections, and more of Simon's will, including some connections that pertain to John Tuttle's identity! I didn't copy these articles - working from the notes I made on a printout of my page.

Devonshire Tuttles

This is an old an inaccurate version of the Tuttle family history. I include it for completeness. Tothills of Devon (forward in George Frederick Tuttle's Tuttles in America) This turns out to be a different Tuttle family. George Frederick Tuttle thought it was the family of William and Elizabeth Tuttle of Connecticut. William Totyl, first known of branch. Pedigree from Meyrick's Heraldic Visitations of Wales, Vol 1, p 183, dated 10/24/1591, receivedfrom RychardTottyll. William Totyl, Esq, of Devonshire, bailiff in 1528, 1548,high sheriff of Devon in 1549, Lord Mayor of Exeter 1552. Exeter was then political capital ofthe Westofengland, second only to London in importance. 10,000 people in time of Charles I. Captal of Devonshire. He is supposed to have had 36 children "probably not all by the same wife". He was probably a man of considerable estate. His wife in the pedigree is Elizabeth Mathew of Vorganwg, mother of Geoffrey, John, Robert, Richard, maybe others. Daughter of Geoffrey Mathew of Glamorganshire, which some Welsh genealogists have traced back to Gwathwed, Prince of Cardigan and Gwent, while others think it from Yorkelyne. Burke in Landed Gentry says the anme was of considerable distinction in Corwall and Devon at an early date. Of this oline was SirDavid Mathew of Llandaff, "Great Standard Bearer". others who took a leading part under his maternal relations, Sir Richard and Sir Bevil Granville, in the civil war in the west of England, George Mathew, high sheriff of Glamorganshire, 1592, who married, 1620, Elizabeth, Visoutess Thurbes, mother of James, Duke of Ormond. Of the supposed 36 children of William Tothill, 12 are known, order not certain. 1. Joan, m John HUlse son of Richard and Joan (Whitlegh) Hulse Arthur Grenville, d 1653,m Dorothy, dau of Richard Boyle, Lord Archbishop of Tuam. m (2) Henry Turner, Sergt -major under Lord Inchinquin in Ireland. Sir Nicholas Tothill Richard, m Jane Forescue, dau of John and gr dau of Sir Louis Fortescue, one of the Barons of the Exchequer temp. Hen VIIII Other knights and high sheriffs, dean of a college, etc. 2. Richard Hokeley 2, Grace 3. Geoffrey,m Joan Dillon Alderman of Exeter Recorder 1563 ARms granted 1563 purchased estate at peamore form the Crown. George Tuthill, Esq, prob desc from Jeffery, Bailiff 1662, 1664 Lord Mayor of Exeter, 1668, 1677. Alderman of Exeter 1687, 1688, when he played a firm, spirited and decisive role in admitting William of Orange and his men to Exeter, near where the king had landed, and in attracting gentlemen of Devon and Somerset to William's cause. He subs met with heavy losses at sea;he was a merchant, and when William learned of it he awarded him a pension. 4. John had Elizabaeth, William, father of William of the Middle TEmple, Esq, who m Grace, dau and co-heiress of Henry Tothill, Esq, son of Geoffrey. Also Hales or Hulse, Thomas %. Alice, m William Parsons 6. Juliana, m Richard de Burnbury had Grace, Mary, Thomas * , Elizabeth, Joan. 7. Amy,m ____ Hill 8. Elizabeth, m Thomas Stukeley of Pulam 9. Richard m Joan Grafton oneof the justices of the peace of Castle Gwys (Wiston) in Pembrokshire) and London, was a printer and stationer of London, printed 78 books, cheifly on law. His children incl Ais, Mary, Susan, William, James, Richard, John, Elizabeth, Judith, Ann. William, an eminent lawyer, clerk in Chancery and compiler of Chancery reports, among earliest ever published; Tothill's Reports. Bought an estate, Queen Elizabeth occasionally stayed there. His daughter, Joan Tothill, m Sir Frances Drake, who helped lead Spanish Armada. William m Katharine, dau of John Denham, knight and a powerful baron and figure at court. He is said tohave had 33 children, but may be confused with his grandfather on that. Note on "When Mr. Hooker left the ministry he sojouned in the house of Mr. Drake, not far from London, a gentleman of great note, wose worthy consort being vested with such distress of soul, etc." from Burder's memoirs of Eminsently Pious Women. 10. Robert 11. Daughter, m Thomas Walker (2) Thomas Cranston 12. Katharine,m William Kingsley of London, Gent. He bought manor of rose Hall in Herts Co 1593, buried 1611. (2) Nicholas Drake, cousin of Frances Drake. William Kingsley, prof of Divinity and Archdeacon of Canterbury. Ann Kingsley mJohn Boys of Hoad Coast, Esq, sonof John Boys and Mary, dau of Martin Fotherby, Bishop of Salisbury. The family, before the emigration ws one if te principal ones of Devonshire, members of which during several generations occupied the highest offices, being Lord Mayors of Exeter (then second only to London in importance) and High Sheriffs of Devonshire.

Derivation of name Tuttle

(from speech by William H Tuthill at family meeting of descenddants of John Tuthill, sNew-Suffolk, LI, 8/28/1867.) Ththill or Tuthill a placae name found in various localities in England. Tot or Tut is the name of a rivulet, gives name to many places, thus Tottenhill and Tutbury in Staffordshire, Tutwell in Warwickshire, Tottington in Norfolk, etc. Another interpretation, Toteham and totenham are from the SAxon Deodholm and Deodanholm; Deod mean both populus and publicus, the Gothic Thiods meaning populus, whence a king called Thioda, or publius, ancient German word Thiota has same meaning as modern word Diet. British Tut or Tute, and the Irish Tuat. Tothills occur in many parts of Egland, in the several forms of tot, Tut Toot, Tote, etc. One of them Tuthill, near Thetford, in Norfolk Co, been called so since the battle betw King Edward the Martyr and the Danes in 871, supposed to have been raised by the Danes over the bodies of their countrymen slain in the battle. Tothill Fields, London, origin in an ancient lease, of a close, called the Toothill, otherise the Beacon Field. A place of same name near Cornarvon Castle, also called the Beacon Hill. Probably the close called the Toothill was the highest spot near Westminster, so suitable for a beacon. An O'Toole or O'Tothill family or sept in Ireland held out against the English invaders. A warlike tribe. Many chiefs and bishops of that area of this clan. OTuathail or OToole. Common lions on their coats of arms suggest common ancestry of the IRish family and some British and Welsh ones. , particularly the Totyls of Wales, the Tothills of Devonshire, the Totehills of Yorkshire, the Tuthills of Cambridgeshre, and Norfolkshire, Back to top home page for Readyhough section Contact me at tiggernut24@yahoo.com