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THE PRICE: Talk Was Not Cheep:
Until recently, IBM VoiceType 3.0 [aka: Simply Speaking] for Windows 95 was priced at $699.00. While upgrades for previous users of VoiceType, including OS/2 and Windows 3.x, listed at $99.00. Both the standalone version and upgrade, were shipped with a microphone at no additional cost. In addition, IBM VoiceType 3.0 for Windows 95 is available in Spanish, French, German, Italian and U.K. English.

The product was good. The technology was comparable. The price was very competative, and sales were brisk. All was well until the technology changed, with "natural speech" on the horizon.

IBM Voice Type Version 3.0:

Simply Speaking

List Price Was $699.95
List Price Now $49.95


IBM VoiceType Dictation 3.0 Minimum Systems Requirements:
  • IBM-compatible personal computer with a 90MHz Pentium(R) processor and a 256KB L2 cache or faster processor.
  • Sound Blaster-compatible or Mwave sound card
  • 16mb Ram Memory (includes operating system)
  • An additional 25MB hard disk space for a specialty vocabulary
  • 30mb hard disk space required at all times
  • Operating System requirements ... MS Windows 95 or IBM OS2 Warp4

    IBM Voice Type Dictation 3.0, dictate the way you work
    Now you can use VoiceType Dictation to create text in your favorite applications! You simply dictate directly into a program like Microsoft(R) Word. Using VoiceType Dictation with other applications couldn't be easier. A quick dictation window pops up automatically to let you know if an application is not speech-aware.

    The program gives you a wide variety of ways to dictate text and integrate your applications, including VoiceType Dictation's own speech-aware word processor, called VoicePad. You can also create your own dictation shortcuts [called macros] for often- used text or your return address, for example.

    VoiceType Dictation comes with a large 22,000-word base vocabulary, to which you can add another 42,000 words of your own! If you like, you can choose to add your client name-and-address database, product names or other business-specific data to your personal vocabulary.

    IBM Voice Type Dictation 3.0 Command And Control:
    VoiceType Dictation's VoiceCenter is the hub from which you can easily control your computer with voice commands. Move around your desktop. Start or switch applications. Save or print a file. All by speaking in your normal voice. Take advantage of the multitasking abilities of Windows 95 and OS2 Warp4. Just use your own voice to switch between and control your favorite applications.

    The control component of VoiceType Dictation works with "Continuous Speech Commands and Macros. Words run together as you would normally talk, while the dictation component works with "Discrete Speech", or isolated, speech. A slightly more distinct way of speaking that leaves a one-tenth of a second gap between each word.

    As you work with the VoiceCenter, the talk area displays what the computer heard you say, or a polite 'pardon me?' if it didn't understand you. The 'what can I say' window will help you out if you're not sure of an exact command. You can also create custom voice commands or speed up often-repeated actions by combining them under a single command. Of course, if you wish, you can still use your keyboard and mouse, too.

    VoiceType Dictation also lets you create your own templates for filling in forms quickly and easily with faster turnaround and fewer mistakes. With VoiceType Dictation and a notebook computer, architects, police and other professionals can quickly fill out forms in the field, simply by speaking. Doctors' offices can enter patient information and progress notes. Others can use VoiceType Dictation as a productivity aid for sophisticated data- center operations.

    IBM VoiceType Dictation 3.0 System Highlights:

  • Dictate text directly into your favorite applications
    [such as Microsoft Word]
  • Control your computer simply by telling it what to do
  • Save time and money. Letters and reports can be ready when you need them. even after hours, or while traveling.
  • Get your work done fast. The program can take your dictation more efficiently and more quickly than most people can type, with 'second-to-none' accuracy Concentrate on what you're doing; not how you're doing it.
  • With VoiceType Dictation 3.0, your hands and your eyes are free for other tasks
  • Voice Type 3.0 has a large 22,000-word base vocabulary, plus a customizable 42,000-word personal vocabulary
  • Work without breaking your train of thought or looking at the screen, thanks to delayed correction capability
  • Play back what you've dictated for easy editing and proofing
  • Declare speaker independence! Based on customer tests, VoiceType Dictation 3.0 is more than 90% accurate for most people right out of the box.
  • Be on speaking terms with your computer right away. The program runs with standard Sound Blaster [compatible] or Mwave sound card implementations.

  • Features & Benefits

    Features Benefits

    IBM's superior trigram technology
    • Offers second-to-none accuracy
    • Assures more than 90% accuracy for most people right out of the box
    • Accepts dictation faster than most people can type -- 70 to 100 wpm
    Dictate directly into speech-aware applications
    • Lets you dictate directly programs like Microsoft Word
    • Provides a pop-up dictation window for applications that are not speech-enabled
    • Comes with its own speech-aware word processor
    • Lets you dictate directly into most applications using VoiceType Direct
    • Saves time and increases productivity
    • Provides a perfect solution for people unable or unwilling to use a keyboard
    • Includes a 22,000-word base dictionary, plus a customizable 42,000-word personal vocabulary
    Command and control
    • Lets you use voice commands to easily control your computer Features continuous speech capability
    • Continues to learn from you as you use it
    • Requires no enrollment in most cases
    • Can be used by more than one person
    Hands-free, eyes-free operation
    • Enables users in technical, production and office environments to operation dictate text, produce reports or fill in forms with their hands and eyes free
    Delayed and delegated correction
    • Lets you relax and keep your mind on your dictation with no correction obtrusive breaks in your train of thought
    • Allows you or someone else to make corrections whenever you like -- now or later
    • Features audio playback for easy proofing and editing
    • Lets you concentrate on what you need to do, not how to do it
    No hardware to install
    • Uses your standard Sound Blaster-compatible or Mwave sound card
    Macro capability
    • Allows you to perform a sequence of actions with a single voice command
    • Boosts your productivity with dictation shortcuts, such as generic text or your return address
    • Lets you create your own templates for filling out forms quickly and easily with faster turnaround and fewer mistakes
    Specialist vocabularies
    • Provide industry-specific solutions for radiology, emergency (Optional) medicine, journalism and legal
    Multiple language
    • Is currently available in six languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, U.S. English and U.K. English
    Value priced
    • Comes with everything you need -- including a high-quality headset microphone -- at a very pleasing price
    Family of products
    • Features IBM's proven VoiceType technology, reflecting more than 20 years of research and development
    • Includes versions for OS/2, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 for use with 486 and lower-end Pentium processors
      * Processor speed and memory will affect performance.

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