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tha Saturn (and DJ) in 1997

Here's a picture of me with my car... now I look like a teenager! Ever notice how they all have picutres of them and thier cars? Call it trying to reclaim my youth... chuckle... I'm just kidding; they only have a picture if they are bragging about thier stereo... Those pictures will come someday, when I actually have money to get one...
But as far as the Saturn goes, I couldn't be happier. On October 10th, 1999 I was pulling into a gas station in Sedgwick, CO. Just as I was pulling in, my odometer turned to 100,000 miles. I was thinking to myself that it was pretty cool that I have never had it fixed by a mechanic. In fact, the only parts other than regular maintenence items I have had to replace on the car is a battery, coolant temperature sensor and an alternator. All in all about $100 total. Not bad.
The doors really are dent resistant, but I found out that if you hit 'em hard enough in the top side it does compress and break the glass. Grrr. Don't kick your Saturn in the wrong place, I guess.

More about Me:

Name: Dustin J. Eshelman, but my friends all know me as DJ.
Occupation: Graduate of Hastings College, BA in Psychology and Religion. Graduated in January of 1999. As of 10.11.1999 no occupation (prayer call!)
Marital Status: Don't make me laugh. In other words, God has not shown me my wife yet. And lately I think it will take an act of God to do so.
DJ and Adam Burns in TrainingHobbies: Music-both listening and making. I play guitar (duh), bass and drums; as well as sing. I also produce other groups' music. I am currently working on my fourth and fifth CD. Notice where this is listed: Hobbies. This means it takes a back seat to a lot of things. It means I use a recordable CD-ROM drive to record and distribute CDs. Yeah, I'm not big time. But how many CDs have you produced? That's what I thought. Another hobby is messing with computers, which is also how I produce the music. I'm too poor to have a studio, so I let the computer do it! In the very near future, it is extremely likely that I will begin a career in Computers (not Psychology) Photography- I love to get out there with my Canon EOS (the non-rebellious one, the one made for control freaks like me) and shoot. I'll post some samples here soon. I generally like to use TMAX 100 film, and Kodak or Ilford papers, and for color, Kodak Royal Gold 25 and have a good shop like Robert Waxman's print for me (in color). Basically if I can't get it to look good as at least a 11x14, I figure why bother. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry, I usually don't either! I generally will use either Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop to work with the photos or some of my graphic designs. Poetry- I look at it as going hand in hand with my music-writing as therapy. I've been through a lot of experiences, as we all have, and poetry helps me to talk about it in a meaningful way.
Activities: I keep pretty busy. In school, I was a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the National Men's music fraternity at Hastings College. I was the Alumni Secretary, as well as the Social Chair. They do a great deal of service in the community, and I usually like to stay involved in that a lot when I can. Another thing that took up a great deal of my time was being a member of the Board of Directors and a DJ for KFKX Radio. I have been News Director and Promotions Director, Webmaster and DJ'ed the Hell is For Wimps Show.
There was also the Peer Ministry group, Sons' Reflections, Bible Study, Resident Assistant in my Dormatory, that was a blast... huh... right.
One of the things I'm most proud of was leading a little thing called Synergy, an agressive GenX worship service.
But for now, Music takes up most of my time, finishing up my band's CD, "An Hour in the Life Of..." The band's name was originally Local Crew, but we've latched onto the title LGLP (Love God Love People). In addition, I am still working on a solo project (four years and counting) tenatively called "Simple Songs to a Complex Savior."

As I've moved back to Colorado, I'm still waiting for getting involved in a church. But you know I will.

Vital Stats: Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Dec. 5th, 1975 (do the math to find out why people at HC call me "old man"), educated at the fine institution of Florence High School, near Penrose, Colorado. Finished my education to date at Hastings College, Hastings, NE. Currently live in a van down by the river.
Goals for the Future: As far as a career, I am thinking of working in computers. I am very interested in youth ministry. Down the road I may consider the ministry full time. I want to live a simple life serving God with a wife and kids. Is that too much to ask? For now, I have noticed that sometimes you do more good when you are not getting paid to minister. Maybe it's just me... I guess I remember that Christ was a carpenter by trade.

Resevoir Dogs?<-- Resevoir Deej-a few of da boyz playing laser tag...

More about this Page:

Until I build my own network working out of my home, I expect that this page will continue it's five year tradition of being slow to update (I'm averaging about 8 months) and outdated in three days. Deal with it.

What to expect down the road:

 yeah, we bad!