Complexity represents not only the rules complexity, but also the difficulity to bring the game into play.
Low: This game is suited for beginners (players and GMs).
Medium: This game is suited for new players, but the GM should have already played some game sessions.
High: This game is suited for experienced players.
Very High: This game is only recommanded to experienced players that know well the game theme also.

This represents the quantity of official game supplements released by the editor.
Are not taking into consideration articles or adventures published in magazines, fanzines or on the Net, novels, game props like character sheets, dices or figurines.
*: between 1 and 5 supplements
**: between 6 and 15
***: between 16 and 30
****: more than 30

Net Links:
This represents the quantity of informations, rules extensions... available on Internet. The higher the number of stars, the higher is the number of web sites dedicated for this game.

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