A PEZJester Exclusive!

PEZRays are X-Rays of PEZ in various poses. The X-Rays are then framed in a clear acrylic "sandwich" that has a suction cup attached so you can hang it in the window. They are really quite cool.

The various shots that I have available are:
  • Psychedelic Eye (front and side view on one film)
  • 50's Space gun
  • Candy Shooter
  • 80's Space gun (see photo)
  • Full Body Space Trooper (see photo)
  • Skeleton with Grim Reaper Body Part
  • Nurse and Doctor
  • The "History" of the spring showing all patents and variations from early regular to new leaf spring.
  • Eerie Spectres - four of the six heads. Spooky!
  • C-trucks (top and side view on one film)
  • Thor
  • Power PEZ
  • Kooky Zoo collection including Ringmaster and Clown w/collar plus lion, pony, cow

    and just added...

  • American Make A Face on card
  • The cost is only $15 for one of these very unique shots. The price includes the clear hanger frame. Shipping is an additional $3 for up to three PEZRays. Order more than three and the shipping is on me!
    So, if you want to get some of these, click on the e-mail address below and send me a note telling me which shots you are interested in. I will write you back to confirm the availability of the that shot (remember they are limited) and to give you my address. Thanks for dropping by.

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