Welcome to my SimAnt page.... This page gives information, tips and cheats on Maxis' wonderful game, SimAnt.

A Little History:
SimAnt was released in 1991 with very little commercial success.  It was released on a number of platforms, with IBM PC and Super Nintendo being my personal favorites. Interestingly, the SNES version introduced a number of new play styles and an unique soundtrack.  Today, all versions exist as a artifact from a bygone era overshadowed by the immense success of SimCity and The Sims.  For a more general overview, check out the article for SimAnt in the Wikipedia.

In a Nutshell:
To put it simply, SimAnt is very much like Command and Conquer or Warcraft. You build a nest, or base. You defend this nest with all your ants, your units. You guard a queen, or the construction facility, that builds your units. When your queen dies you have essentially lost the game. When you attack, units die. Despite these similarities, there are many differences in the game. First, in SimAnt, the other ants aren't the only threat, there's humans, dogs, lawnmowers, and rain.  Second, these are ants you are controlling with, you have to feed them, make sure that they are doing their jobs, and most important, if they are feeding the Queen and helping the babies.

Now What:
Either go dust off the disks or go find your own copy.  How do I find such a unique game today, you ask?  Well you can either look on ebay or go searching through the local computer shop's bargain bin.  Maxis seems to re-release it as a classic every once and a while.  If there's no luck there, shoot me an email, and I'll see what I can do for you.

Another line.
Here's a table showing the stuff you'll find walking around in the game...
Worker This is the basic ant of the colony shown here as the yellow ant. The worker, is the worker of the colony hence the name. This ant can pick up almost anything; rocks, eggs, and food. When you are in experimental mode these are the only ants you can place. They can be set to dig, forage, or nurse the babies.
Soldier This is the main fighter. The large jaws on the front of this ant help it crush red ants. They can carry rocks and food but not eggs. They require more food than a worker. They also guard against attacks from the red ants. Many of these ants together can decimate a group red ants. Most of the time they just forage for food and guard the nest.
A breeder The breeder is the most useless ant besides the fact that it is necessary for the process of breeding. They cannot carry anything or dig so they are not worth being yellow ant. Breeders serve no purpose in a quick game, so don't make them. And boy are they easy to kill as red ants.
Queenie The queen is the most important ant in the whole entire game. This is the ant that pumps out all the babies. Usually you don't turn into the queen unless you want to move her out of the way of water or an attack.
Spidy Man The "Bored saver". Are you getting bored with SimAnt well here is you chance for fun. Some people don't know you can turn into the "yellow spider". Now you know. The options you get with the spider: Hunt or chase. When the red ant count gets too high, I just change into the spider and pick of a few hundred red ants.
Mr. Catipillar! Crawling food. If you are short of food just send 30 ants to surround it and instantly you have the length of the caterpillar in food. It usually doesn't last long when it is killed, so look for other sources of food. The caterpillar walks horizontally along the map so watch for it... The is always one on the map at any time.

The Battle Odds Chart
I have put together a few tips and hints to help you in mastering SimAnt.  I've put them together in a list.  First I'll start with the strategies.
  • When the red ant are coming to close to your nest, change to the spider and eat them!
  • Also if the red ants are a continuing problem put rocks up around the outside of your hole to block their path.
  • To easily get rid of the red queen early, quickly run over to the red hole and cover it with rock. Some times the ants in the nest will dig another hole so stand ready to drop another rock on.
  • When playing a full game make sure to surround the red ants territory so they cannot get away. I have included a map of the ant world to show as an example.
The ant map
  • Try to take over the house very quickly so the humans leave.
  • When starting a new game dig to the bottom of the black nest map after it rains. If you dig around enough you might find what looks like a hole in the background. If you click on it with you mouse your ant will go though it. You will end up in the red nest! Run up to their nest as a soldier and take food or kill the queen but be quick because when it rains the hole goes away.
  • Most importantly, have fun because it's not every day that you get to squish ants!


I guess this is what you have been waiting for...
Type these in while you are playing.
Code Description
erad Starve yourself.
fred It automatically makes you win the game.
hole Puts holes all over the sides of the map.
jeff Start a colony on every patch on the world map.
jenn Unlimited health for the black colony.
joke Read a joke. There is only one joke.
just Get 10 queens.
mick Put spider in reverse.
rand Restores yellow ant's health to 100%.
QEEN (remember it is capitals) Add a red queen.
qeen Add a black queen.
susi Unlimited health for the yellow ant.
will Never lose a fight against a red ant. This is very useful for taking out the red queen.
These codes should work for both platforms (MAC and IBM).
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