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Hmmm, as you can guess, this page is pretty much dead. It could rightly be called an ex-page. But I'll leave it up so that other people's links to any of the files here don't break. Go on, shoo, shoo. Nothing for you to see here.

Andrew Griffin

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-Dark Reign 2
-Harn: Bloodline
-Anarchy Online

Frequently Asked Question files
Unofficial Total Annihilation Strategy FAQ
  Version 2.10
The Unofficial Strategy FAQ gives you detailed knowldege about Total Annihilation, from unit statistics to mission walkthroughs and general strategies. It is a must have for any serious Total Annihilation player.
Please note: This FAQ is no longer being updated.
Red Alert Single Player Mission Creation Guide
  Version 1.10
The bible for Red Alert mission creation. If you are a mission creator for Red Alert, you need this file. It covers every aspect of making a mission for RA in great detail, covering all sections in the mission files and telling you what they do. An additional section explains some of the more advanced features in creating interesing single player missions.
Please note: This FAQ is no longer being updated.

Source Code
Quake 2 .ini file handling source
  Version 1.1
Here is both C and C++ source for reading in, and using .ini giles. It is very easy to incorporate the C code into a Quake 2 mod (see a tutorial on Inside 3D that I wrote on how to do this), making it very easy to use an .ini file for your mod. Read the readme.txt file to see how to use it in a mod.
Quake 2 .pak file handling source
  Version 1.0 This package contains both .class files and .java files for reading in pak files and creating new pak files from scratch. It is a lot easier to understand and use in your own code than the file id released, but it probably of limited appeal to most people :)